Top Ten Armies: 24/02/13

In a busy week for CP Armies, the sizes were not at there best as many armies had a bad week compared to the past weeks this month. There are also some new armies in the “close to top ten section” while one army makes a huge jump from the bottom five to the top five. This is a must not miss top ten, with many changes included.

Top Ten Armies: 24/02/13


1. Nachos [+1][89.34]

2. Ice Warriors [+5][84.32]

3. Dark Warriors [-3][83.46]

4. Pirates [+2][82.98]

5T. Army of CP [-1][74.38]

5T. Light Troops [-1][74.38]

7. Hot Sauce Army [+1][62.74]

8. Army Republic [+1][55.17]

9. Pretzels [+1][50.06]

10. Doritos [+3][44.49]


Close to the Top Ten:

11. Tacos [NEW!]

12. Water Vikings [NEW!]

13. CP Empire [-2] 

14. Metal Warriors [NEW!]

15. Underground Mafia Army [-1]


1. Nachos: The Nachos had a fantastic week, which included raiding an ACP event with sizes of 25+ on Down Under. They raided the event with allies Light Troops and Doritos and said that it was only “for fun”. They also drew with the Dark Warriors in a midweek practice battle, which was during USA times. The Nachos were on the losing side on the Clash of the Unforgiven II, but they were the biggest on their team and proved to be a valuable asset with sizes of 25-30+ and they had fantastic sizes to challenge the ACP, AR and DW. There are no wars or events scheduled for the coming week, but some rumors are spreading out that a war will arrive soon for the Nachos.

Size: 25-30 // Tactics: A

2. Ice Warriors: The IW suddenly had a sharp improvement and reached sizes of nearly 30 in the Spring Bloomer tournament against the new top ten army, the Doritos. As well as a fantastic event against the DCP, they had a good USA training session with sizes of 20-25 and they had fantastic tactics to go along with the good size. In both events they made complex formations which looked great and were executed with perfection. The IW, like the Nachos, also have no wars or events for the week ahead and look like they will be trying to catch the Nachos and take first spot away from them by recruiting to gain size.

Size: 23-30 // Tactics: A


3. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors were not far of the armies above them and were slightly more consistent with their sizes, but the sizes often ranged around 20-25 and they fell just short of both the IW and Nachos. They beat the Pretzels in a Practice Battle and later in the week had a PB with the bigger Nachos. That Practice Battle ended in a drew as both armies had sizes of 20-25 and were evenly matched in a close encounter  They are looking ahead to a war with the Light Troops, who have declined slightly since reaching first in the top ten a few weeks ago. During the week they also declared war on the Army of CP but later decided to pull out of that decision as the majority of the leaders in the Dark Warriors did not agree.

Size: 22-27 // Tactics: B

4. Pirates: The Pirates had a fantastic week, with several events with sizes of around 20-25 and one amazing event which maxed at 30. They, again, declared war on the ACP but they claimed it was invalid as Ace Fireken (Pirates Leader at the time of a treaty agreement) said they all invasions within 3 months are to be ignored. However, Waterkid (Current Pirates leader) said that the other leader at the time, Max, did not agree to the treaty and that does not make it valid. The Pirates were one of the biggest armies in the Clash of the Unforgiven II, with sizes of around 25 at the very start of it. This week also included a raid of ACP’s event on Down Under when they said sizes of 20+.

Size: 20-30 // Tactics: B


5. TiedArmy of CP and Light Troops.

Army of CP: The ACP did not have a fantastic week, which included an event on Saturday which was raided by the Light Troops, Doritos, Nachos and Pirates. However, they still managed to get 25 on CP and they had pretty good tactics to match the good size. Their best UK event was when they had a defense of Migrator against the Pirates, in which they had sizes of just under 20. The ACP also had their best USA event for the month as they maxed 20 and had fantastic tactics. Swimmerboy01, ACP Head General (2ic), made a post asking the troops if they wanted a USA leader as the USA events have been very poor this year and so far the poll suggests that the answer is yes.

Size: 20-25 // Tactics: B

Light Troops: The LT did also not have a fantastic week and are once again tied with the ACP. They raided the Army of CP’s event on Down Under yesterday and had sizes of 15+ with good tactics. Their best event came during the week when they maxed 25 at a recruiting session and this was the reason that they are in the top five alongside the ACP this week. They also awarded the Medal of Honor to 1a3t and Cooln2. Ioioluk said they were “two special former soldiers” and that they were very loyal to the Light Troops. The DW declared war on the Light Troops today and Ioio seems confident that the LT can win the war.

Size: 20-25 // Tactics: B

7. Hot Sauce Army: In beating the Army Republic during the past week, the HSA managed to move up the top ten list into 7th with sizes of 15-20+. The biggest and best event for the HSA was in the defense of their capital, Half Pipe, as they had around 20. On another “Capital Battle” they took Toboggan from the AR with sizes of around 15. After this battle, Monster (HSA leader) retired from CP armies and the day after Dudex (HSA Leader) also retired while they agreed to end the war with the Army Republic. The new leadership is PhantomBearsboy10, Stugotz and Freezie. Their first event together as leaders ended with sizes of around 15 and good tactics. They look like they can survive without Dudex and Monster for now.

Size: 15-20+ // Tactics: B

8. Army Republic: They again had a poor week compared to standards we have seen from them before and they lost a few battles against the HSA, but a few results were not decided and both armies claimed a number of victories in this war. However, the AR managed sizes of 13-18 throughout the week and had decent tactics to go along with it. Their only good event from the week came in an unscheduled recruiting session in which they had sizes that topped at 20 and averaged at around 15. The AR are trying to rebuild and have a recruiting session scheduled later today.

Size: 13-18 // Tactics: B


9. Pretzels: Compared to recent Pretzels week, this one was a fantastic one as the middle of the week was the main reason that they managed 9th on the top ten. Although their event today against the Light Troops does not count towards this top ten, their great week was shown as they beat the LT with sizes of around 15 and that will go to the next top ten. Throughout the week they constantly had 15 on CP and their best event (apart from the training session in which they maxed 18) was in the SMAC tournament as they had sizes of again around 15 and beat Chaos. They seem to slowly be rising each week and this is one of the best they have had for a while as they climb slightly higher in the top ten.

Size: 15-18 // Tactics: B


10. Doritos: They are back in the top ten once again after sizes of around 15+. Their best event came when they raided Down Under and the ACP as they maxed at 15 and had good tactics. The DCP said that the raid was not against the ACP and it meant no harm to any armies as it was only just a bit of fun, as stated by the Nachos and other armies involved in the raid of Down Under. The DCP lost to the Ice Warriors in the Spring Bloomer tournament and they did not put up much of a fight against the large IW who had sizes of nearly 30 while the DCP barely managed above 10.

Size: 10-15 // Tactics: A


There were some interesting placements in this weeks top ten and CPAC wants to know what YOUR top ten would be and YOUR opinion on how the top ten went for CPAC this week.  I would like to add, I made the top ten this week as Bluesockwa had to go somewhere and he said that I could do it so I hope I did well for you. Comment what YOU think.

-Kingfunks4 Former CPAC Head

62 Responses



  2. who cares about tactics


  3. …… I swear CPAC’s not looking at half our events.


  4. Tacos had more then Doritos in that event cough cough. We had 17.


  5. WV should take Doritos spot. We had more events this week with about the same sizes, if not, better sizes.




  7. how does ar get 8th and pcp get 9th if ar had the same tactics but 2 less penguins?


  8. not that i care but curious


  9. Like the whole size and tactic grades, good additions to the top 10 lists


  10. Biiased


  11. How are the Spartans not CLOSE to the Top 10? Look:


  12. I’d like to ask how heroes didn’t get even in the top 15 when we lost got the same size as Doritos constantly for the whole week. I’m not angry, I’m just wondering.


  13. Never complained about top ten, but this top ten sucks


  14. I never read the top 10 I just look at the top of it where the ranks are and I disagree with some of it.


  15. FYI Swat is back. Check for our pics for the top ten next week.


  16. Pics that funks missed and our sizes are huge also Ar won the war tenically


  17. Great top ten! Pirates for Top 3 next week!


  18. Just to update you there is a new army which is mine which is called, The mage warriors of cp at this link:


  19. Please remove DW from this very biased top 10

    IW got 15-20 all week, with one 30 event

    DW got 20-25 all week with two 30 events. Ask Puckley, we had 30 at the Ice Berg against Nachos.

    Also, we got 30 at the Clash Of Unforgiven.


    • I don’t beleive you can count, sir. IW had 30 at two events, and 23 at a US recruiting event. If you’re going to butthurt complain, please get your facts straight 😉
      And im not trying to be rude or anything, Im just stating some things that you said wrongly of. Sorry if I hurt your feelings or anything.


  20. How is UMA close to the Top 10? Spartans were ranked higher then them on SMAC! Really?


  21. Just wanna say: WW ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  22. Good job LT


  23. Nacho FTW (WARY)


  24. […] not in the best position to get involved in a war at that time. Not to mention, in February, we were not very highly ranked on CPAC’s Top 10. Next time you use this pathetic excuse against us AR Leaders, you need to get your facts […]


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