The First Ever Club Penguin Army Election

Thomas More, a prominent English lawyer, social philosopher, author, and statesmen, published the novel Utopia in 1516, at the helm of the renaissance. The term would go on to be the prominent focus of such books like 1984, by George Orwell, and The Giver, by Lois Lowry. It describes a perfect society in which the economy, political system, and culture all work together in unfaltering harmony. Now, why am I talking to you about this? Because the CP Army Council is returning. And this time, there are going to be elections.

In an ideal society, perhaps there would have been one of these bodies existing since the initial forming of Club Penguin Armies. Or, perhaps you could argue that the beauty of this community is that each army is basically a sovereign state. Furthermore, you could also argue that armies would be better off as two main factions under two different ruling bodies, much like Lower and Upper Egypt.

But, heck, the council failed the first time. For a few reasons.

  1. Let’s face it, there is no better head of the council than Boomer. He is probably the most respected politician in the world of armies. But, Boomer is gone. That is the first step here. He doesn’t want to interfere with the council and thus, we’re not going to ask him to.
  2. Armies had the option — rather, they decided they had the option, to secede from the council for any reason. Some armies seceeded for intelligent reasons — others, not as much.
  3. The council imposed a rule when some 4 or more armies were commonly voting against it. This cannot be. There must be a larger minimum for a law to pass.
  4. The council tried to impose laws too strictly and too fast. Granted, reform was desperately needed. But this did eventually lead to the succession of many armies.
  5. Perhaps the council doesn’t need to pass laws at all. Perhaps the council could act less like a government and more like the United Nations, serving as a forum where prominent army leaders can meet and dicuss things.

Of course, this is probably all irrelevant because I will not be orchestrating this election in any way, I am simply spewing ideas. This will be the most important of the elections, if this does succeed and more elections happen after it. This results in the decision as to whether the council will serve as a government or a forum.

Now, you might ask, why is CPAC involved in all this? Well, that will be explained below, along with the rules of the election.

The First Ever Club Penguin Army Election Preliminary Rules

1. As many people as wishing to contend for the position can comment on this post, filling out a form with the following credentials.


Former Army Ranks/Affiliations:

Any Other Comments:

2. After these people have commented, a group that will remain anonymous will narrow the applicants down to somewhere between 5 and 10 people. Results will be given on Wednesday, February 27th, as to who will be running.

3. Candidates may not be leader of a Top Ten Army, or 2ic/3ic/any other owner rank in a Top 5 army. Retired leaders and non-army affiliated persons are permitted to run.

4. Candidates can use as many “staff” members as suits them, (i.e. a Campaign Manager) may make campaign sites, and may campaign for the position.

5. There will be one public forum debate hosting by CPA Central held on a date that will be disclosed later. In this debate, the moderator will ask the candidates questions, and, following that, there will be a short window for anyone on the chat to ask questions.

6. Following this, there will be a poll on the CPA Central site, where the people may elect the President of the CP Army Council. Whoever finishes second will be elected to Vice President, and the rest of the ranks will be appointed by the President.

7. These rules can be amended or supplemented at any time by the Election Chair.

Bluesockwa2 will be moderating the debate, and for all intents and purposes will be running the election, though he is not running in it. He will also be maintaining an election site which can be found here.

This election will probably go through with a few hitches, or perhaps even fail horribly, but, heck, it can’t go any worse than the council’s first go around did. Hopefully this will bring much-needed reform, however reform that can respond to the times and the era, and not come too quickly nor too slowly. Keep in mind, the first step to solving any problem is recognizing there is one. I encourage you all to keep an open mind as we experiment in the twisting, winding, and always interesting world that is an election in Club Penguin Armies. Except, this time, it will be on a much greater scale. For CPAC, I’m Bluesockwa1.


CPA Central CEO

120 Responses

  1. Let me clarify, this is for people who WANT TO RUN IN THE ELECTION not to vote for them. Voting will come later.


  2. Name: Pie1530
    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations: Former Council Head, Nacho Leader a few years ago.
    Any Other Comments:

    I think I have some good ideas that will make the council more successful than it was the first time around. In order for the council to be a success, we need leaders to cooperate with us. I also think my experience in armies (been around for 4 years) will be helpful because I’ve seen laws and rules that have been good and bad in the past.


  3. Name: Waterkid100
    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations: I’m a very experienced guy, trust me.
    Any Other Comments:


  4. Name: Bluesockwa1

    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations: CPAC CEO, Former Council Head, UMA Leader (x3), GT Leader, RPF Leader (x2), Pretzels Leader, RT 2ic, ST LIT, AR 3ic, CPASC Head

    Any Other Comments: I have been head of the council before, and while the council may have taken a fall during that time, it was majorly because of the succession of certain armies. With that knowledge in mind, I am fully willing and capable of reforming the CP Army Council, and will be open to selling this as an organization open to all sides of armies, not just one, as some candidates wish to do.


  5. Matthew 94
    IW Major Steel Troopers Creator Spartans 4ic CCP 3ic SW 3ic SWAT 4ic and more I forgot…

    ill be a great President and get all the army news and give it to CPAC to post about and it will be nice to br President. So ill get the news bring it to the Authors and let them write the stuff. ill Be nice too. So vote me


  6. Waterkid can’t run morons, he’s the leader of the Pirates. He sucks anyways, he’d ruin Club Penguin armies. Remember kids, a vote for Water is a vote for dictatorship.


  7. You may think that adding Waterkid100 in to the counsel is a mistake, but for there to be a counsel you need different point of views on different subjects. For if it was the same point of view, nothing will be done and it would fail.


  8. Name: Ioioluk
    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations: Small,medium and large army legend
    Any Other Comments: I have great plans for the CP Army Council, I am fair and just to all armies, and I believe with my experience I will be able to run the council very well.


    • 3. Candidates may not be leader of a Top Ten Army, or 2ic/3ic/any other owner rank in a Top 5 army. Retired leaders and non-army affiliated persons are permitted to run.


  9. Name:Fluffyboy3
    Former Army Ranks/Affiations: Pretzles former leader WW leader many more
    Other comments: None


  10. Name: Kingfunks4
    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations: Former CPAC head, ACP leader,Former CPAE head, CPWN top ten maker, SMAC reporter, PW leader, DCP leader, UMA leader, SWAT LIT, Pretzels Leader, WV Leader. Others but I don;t think its necessary to list more.
    Other Comments: As shown in the past, I CAN make decisions against ACP and will not be biased if given the position as Council Head. I am well balanced and can judge fairly. I also thought if water/ioio apply I can apply.


  11. Ik this isnt voting, but I want Ioio for it.


  12. Name: Shadowclub6

    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations: SWAT Leader/Legend, AR Leader/Legend, DW Leader/Legend, HSA Legend, “best advisor SWAT has ever had,” and known for my good posting skills.

    Any Other Comments: I’m on a pretty good portion of my time although I am retired, so I could attend meetings and what not.


  13. No one’s going to listen to the council anyway. And those that say they will need to stop bs’ing, as soon as it does anything people don’;t like, armies won’t listen, and will leave. Just leave things how they are.


  14. Name: Disney2011(ExtremeCP2013 as xat name)
    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations: Major in ACP, former Brigader General in AR, Head General in DCP, Corporal in IW, and Master Sergeant in DW
    Any Other Comments: Good luck to whoever wins! CPAC is the best!


  15. Name: Superoo13

    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations: Former Pirates 2ic, ACPTR Director, ACP General, CPAC Reporter, SMAC Site and Events Organiser and Nochos Leader! *wary*

    Any Other Comments: I dislike people who decide to change army rules just so their former armies can win. I also dislike Arsenal and that ball-boy from the Swansea vs Chelsea Capital One Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg match who Hazard rightful kicked in the ribcage because he was being an arse.


    • Lol, Chelsea lost today and they tied with a Czech Republic team. Arsenal is also way better than Chelsea.


      • Whoever said I liked Chelsea? And from my point, you support Arsenal.
        a) Last time Chelsea played Arsenal, they won 2-1
        b) Rewind to last year and I believe your Arsenal lost 2-1 at Craven Cottage thanks to a last minute Zamora header from the former Fulham striker


        • Look at Arsenal’s history and compare it to Chelsea’s. My main club is Bayern Munich so I really don’t care what you say about Arsenal. Bayern will murder Chelsea and that’s a fact. We play like men, you don’t.


          • Chelsea beat Bayern in the CL final from what I remember lelel


            • Yea, but where is Chelsea now? Exactly. Chelsea got lucky last year. Robben is garbage for missing that penalty and the goal to tie it up was lucky. Chelsea played 10 man defense which is pathetic. Chelsea is 3rd in their league while Bayern is 1st. We have been undefeated in 2013 so far while Chelsea just lost yesterday. Plus, Bayern has 4 Champions League cups while Chelsea has 1 not to mention we won 3 back to back in 1974, 1975, and 1976. Bayern Munich is setting records every game they play while Chelsea is sitting their losing to Swansea in the Capitol One Cup I believe. Lol yuh


  16. Name: Madhav 2

    Former: SMAC reporter

    Any other comments: I’m known for my posting skills. 😀


  17. Name: Greenoiscool/Carter
    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations: Night Warriors Main Leader, Doritos Main Leader, Matterhorn Federation Main Leader, IW Highest Mod, and a bit more, but I don’t want to go that far into details.
    Any Other Comments: I’m known for resolving conflicts and my ability to post 24/7 😀


  18. Name: Wenny

    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations: Cpst Leader, Gt Leader, Pretzels Leader and CPAC reporter

    Any other comments: I’ve been in armies for 4 years, I’ve created a Top 5 army and lead two other Top 5 armies as well as reported for CPAC. I am highly experienced and extremely active, I feel like I’m good for this job.


  19. Name: Weatherboy1
    Former/affiliations: Cp army Council, ACP, LT, Nachos, BA, Blizzard Warriors, and CPAC reporter.
    Comments: I’ve been in CP armies for over 2 years, if needed I can back this up with photos of me being in battles over 2 years ago which makes me relatively knowledgeably of CP army culture, history and respects. I believe in fixing Cp armies back to the golden Ages, even if we won’t get there fully, we can be set down the golden path.


  20. Name: Vetsd

    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations: Shadow Troops Leader/Legend, Parkas Creator, SWAT Leader, ACP Field General, Warriors 3ic, UMA Leader, Clones Leader, Pretzels 3ic, RPF 2ic, FGR 4ic.

    Any Other Comments: I’m a well-respected member of the CP Army Community. I am also in retirement and not planning to come out of it any time soon (I will be returning some day), so I will be non-biased as possible. I’ve been in many armies, small/medium, strong or weak, and I have become to learn what is best for these armies. As a member of the committee, I would do the best possible job forward to put forth the growth of CP armies, instead of personal gain, and would encourage and convince the other members to do so too.

    ( If you don’t believe this is me then just reply telling me to log in )


    • I was also a CPAC Reporter/Philosopher, along with a SMAC Reporter/Philosopher, and people have seen that I can make a decent post, if that means anything.


  21. Oh god, this again?


  22. Name: Shad

    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations: Joined Shadow Troops in 2007(Legend/Former Leader), Golds LiT, Golden Troops(Former Leader),Pretzels(Former Leader),Fort Ghost Recon(2x Hall of Fame),Universal Marines(Creator/Leader),Doritos(LiT),UMA (Leader),Watex Warriors(3ic),Club Penguin Rangers(Leader),Rebel Penguin Federation(3ic),Black Rebels(creator/Leader),SWAT(4ic),Night Warriors(4ic),Pirates(2ic),Sun Troops(2ic),Elites(2ic),Vikings(3ic/Advisor),Yellow Thunder(2ic),Black Panthers(4ic)

    Any Other Comments:


  23. Name: Snivy/Kooldude247
    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations:
    Former: LT Leader (twice), IW Mod, ShT 4ic, UMA 4ic, Platinum Warriors and CP Ice creator (which were 14th and 12th in the Top Ten, respectively), CP Chaos 2ic, CP Green Team Leader (when they were 8th in the Top Ten, not in the other crappy generations).
    Any Other Comments: There is a little miscellaneous information I should cover.
    I was the second SMAC Head after Grant42 and before Splasher and Pungy.
    I was a Head Reporter (Associate Producer equivalent) at CPAC.


  24. Name: Mrgpv

    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations:
    Underground Mafias Army: Leader
    Ninjas: Leader
    Golden Troops: Leader
    Doritos: Leader In Training
    Nachos: Moderator Rank

    CPAE: Head of Site
    CPAC: Reporter/Page Maintainer
    SMAC: Head Reporter

    Any Other Comments: I think that re-making the council is a great idea, and I want to help in any ways possible. I would like to run, but I don’t have to be president. I would work with anyone, I don’t care who. I just want to help strengthen the Club Penguin Army Community.

    The armies I am in, are the Underground Mafia Army(2ic rank) and in the Nachos of Club Penguin(Moderator rank), and I am in no news sites. Please contact me at ACP chat if you have any questions, or by email, which you can see from my comment.


  25. Name: TanMan626

    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations: Nacho Leader, NW owner(During golden era), Ninja Mod(During golden era)

    Any Other Comments:
    I feel like this is something I’d be good at because I am a retired legend in armies, I know what I’m doing, and I still somewhat play a small role in armies so this position would be a good fit for me.


  26. I may not run in this election, but I will be controlling all decisions made by this council.

    Because I am

    the darkest shadow of your soul. That part that you desperately want to keep hidden out of shame. I have total control over your thoughts, decisions, beliefs. I am beyond perceivable reality.

    I can corner, torture, emasculate you. You can’t pinpoint the source of your pain, so you eliminate your soul.

    You are dead.

    I consume your soul and move on to the next helpless victim.

    You live in dread,

    falling as I rip apart your flesh, scraping the remains of your scrotum.


  27. How about we let everyone take over and see how much chaos happens. Then we all divide and start a Civil War. Would be interesting, unless your too squeamish to see your army die.


  28. Name zafeer15
    Former Army ranks/ affiliations Rpf highest mod head warlord dw master sergeant Ar sergeant major tg lieutenant mw highest mod
    Nachos corporal vp mimers 4ic



  29. Name: Rex
    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations: LT 4ic, Pretzels Leader/Advisor, UMA Leader/3ic, ACP member rank (when I was a mindless noob.) All retired.
    Any Other Comments: I want to represent the minority that aren’t really influential in CP Armies, but have great ideas that can help, and also make CP Armies a better place.


  30. Name: Redd Kool

    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations: I’ve led GD alone to the bottom of the Top Ten, and have helped it go. I was HoS of CPAE when it was still good a few years ago. I’ve been SMAC’s Head Reporter, worked at CPAC when it was less bad, and have been in a variety of Major and Small armies, though at varying times in my career and with varying ranks (3ic being highest without counting GD).

    Any Other Comments: I’ve been in armies and know what I’m doing. Also, the fact that I opposed the old Council for its stupidity should help if you’re truly trying to make it better than the last. After all, if everyone running an organization thinks what it’s doing is perfect, it probably isn’t. You need that guy to say “No, that’s stupid. No here’s why.”


  31. Name: Pikachu (Michael Jackson Lover)
    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations:
    Highest Member of CPPA, SWAT and LT. 4ic of Lizards, Dark Defenders, Dark Mafia. 2ic of Phoenix.

    Head of Site of CP Tactical Army News. Head Reporter of Small Medium Army Central and CP Warfare News. Former Reporter of CPA Central.
    Any Other Comments:

    I’ve been in this army scene for quite some while but keep myself to myself. The reason why I wish to be elected is that I worry about the future generations, in a sense about what we’re teaching them. We all are using such words and our behavior is unacceptable towards the standard of behaving in in front of the youth. Another reason is because armies today are getting really way off the hook, somewhat power hungry.



  32. Name: tails
    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations: acp and dw main leader
    Any Other Comments: give me owner kingfunks!!


  33. Name: Domfantastic

    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations: SWAT UK leader ACP General, Pretzels Leader, Doritos Leader, Dark Defenders Creator {Reached 8th in CPAC] UCCP Leader and SWAT 2ic in the current gen.

    Any Other Comments:
    Ok so, many of you know me and I’ve been in CP Warfare since 2008 (when i was a rogue) and I started coming on xat in 2009. I would love to be elected President of the council as I see it as a really important job, in which I think I would flourish. Nowadays CP armies are merely a shade on what they used to be and this needs to be addressed. In the past Armies were all about fun but nowadays they are filled with hate. Ive seen waterkid say lots of times “Armies are about war and without war they are boring” I totally agree with this statement but I believe Armies can be improved, and I want to make a BIG difference in this community.

    Thanks- Dom


  34. I have no intention of running but I’d love to manage someone’s campaign. Let me know on xat if you need one.


  35. I have no intentions of running myself, but if anyone needs a campaign manager just PC me on chat.


  36. What chat


  37. Name: Cul
    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations: SWAT Recreator, DCP Leader, UMA Leader, CPPA US Leader, Shadow Troops Leader, LT 2ic, DW 2ic, Nachos 3ic, Small and Medium Army Legend,
    Any Other Comments im pro ok


  38. Name: Flipper7706
    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations: ACP Leader, Leader of the Year 2011, GT Creator/Leader, GW Creator/Leader and Nacho 3ic for like 2 hours.
    Any Other Comments: I guess I’d like a shot at this as many who know me know I talk sense and although I’m usually relaxed and one of the first to break the ACP rules and moan at them, I’m sensible and logical when I need to be.


  39. Name: Cowboysfan13
    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations: NW Creator
    Any Other Comments: N/A


  40. Name: Antant98

    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations: ACP Leader, AR 2ic, Abyss Benders Leader, ACPTR Leader [2x], ACPRR Creator/Leader, ACPSIS 2ic, and CPAC Reporter.

    Any Other Comments: I have been in CP Armies since 2010 and I know how the CP Army Community works. I am not any legend like Boomer, Oagal, Commando, etc. I have a plan to make the council successful and that is my number one priority when I get elected for President. I know it has not been successful recently, but I do promise not to let it fall again. We must go step by step in order to make CP Armies successful and I have a plan to do so. I have been studying history in school, in fact I have been in advanced classes for it, and I am really good with it, especially in politics/government. I have many plans for the council and I know it will be successful this time. With the council being successful, then we can have a better CP Army Community. I may not be like Boomer, who ran the last council really well, but I am a totally different person who is determined to make the council really successful as it has been before in the past.


  41. So, no 1ic-3ic? Great idea! Don’t let anyone experienced run! That is not what a Council needs. They need a panel of people. None with more power than the others, no head. An arbitrator if they can’t agree. An odd number of people. Anyone can run for these seats regardless of rank. If they are controled by an individual, they will be called bias. At best people will leave the Council. At worst, a new World War. By not letting any leaders run, your leaving only “the new kids on the block” with something to prove to run.


  42. Name: ExtremeCP2013(xat) and Disney2011(CP)
    Former Army Ranks/Affiliations: Master Sergeant, Brigader General, Major, Corporal, and Head General
    Any Other Comments: Nope 🙂


  43. Name: CrackHead V

    Former army ranks/affiliation: The ones with the most crack

    Any other comments: Ads still owes me crack.


  44. just pick someone and move a long with life


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