News: To Live and Die in CP Armies; LT – DW Conflict

ICE BOX — Following yesterday’s events, two prominent superpowers aim their sights toward each other

To Live and Die in CP Armies

Following rumors of the DW going to war with ACP,  LT Leader Ioioluk has quietly declared war on the Dark Warriors.

The war’s origins are speculated to come from an alleged DW-aided proxy war against the Light Troops. LT Leader Ioioluk claims he knew of the malevolence, and that he anticipated the Dark Warriors making the first move (although LT declared the war, this refers to DW’s alleged aid of the Pretzels.) With DW responding to the declaration of war and scheduling an  invasion of the LT capitol Ice Box, Ioioluk promises revenge against the Dark Warriors for supplying the Light Troops’ enemies with soldiers, claiming they lost against the Pretzels in a CPAC Tournament battle due to help from DW on the Pretzels’ side.

The Dark Warriors have not yet made an official comment on the war.

The DW and LT were suspected members of the Black Alliance; their status is currently unknown but the Black Alliance officially denies either of their involvement in the alliance.

Ioioluk encouraging his troops against the Dark Warriors

Unk’s quiet response to the war


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  1. “hasbro-is-making-us-wait-too-long-for-mlp-fim-season-4/”


  2. I know right?


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