GT Closed Down II SWAT Returns

Mammoth – The Golden Troops have officially shut down and along with that, SWAT has returned from the death.

Table of Contents:

  1. GT Officially Shut Down
  2. SWAT Returns

1. GT Officially Shut Down

The Golden Troops were here for many years on and off, as different generations started and had an ending point. GT have started to fall as some of their leaders may have either retired, or became inactive. Here are some pics of their recent events:

ET tactic shown in this pic.

EL tactic shown in this pic.

Jerry, GT Leader has written a post called “Our Legacy Lives On” and here is the same exact post right below:

Yes. You did not read the title wrong. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. GT is officially closed. I know it’s a shock. And it’s come a bit earlier than I would’ve liked. But we have to do this. We have to.

Ever since GT was created and born from the merge between CPST and GW, our strength was unbelievable  For a bunch of rookie leaders, we did amazing for our first generation. Unfortunately, things began to unravel near the end of it. So we closed that chapter.

In our second generation, we were equally amazing as our first try of being the best. Things went great for a while, we won wars, we beat armies. If we were evil, we could have wrecked chaos in this small community of ours. However, leaders retired. Our strength diminished. So we ended it there.

Our third generation, not the best. But we still were impressively large. CPAC recognized us. People recognized us. I know little of what my fellow leaders felt, but I was proud. We carried GT for two years now, and we haven’t lost our magical touch. We were still golden.

Our fourth, fifth, sixth generations weren’t the best. We broke through the Top 5, maybe Top 3 at times. But we never lasted as long. We weren’t that fearsome army. We couldn’t threaten others, we didn’t have the power we had years before. Truthfully, this was a time period of testing. Many see me as an honest, calm and caring leader. Mostly right. But I am far from honest. You’ll learn more about that later.

But our last few generations were just leader tests. I put in people who I thought had potential to lead GT into a new golden age. There were new people every week. But something disturbing exposed itself to me. And it scared me.

So I closed GT for a few months. I evaluated my tests. The results were disappointing. Do you know what scared me? Not many of you may see it. But I did. What was it? The decline of potential leaders in this community. I realized this. So I tried my best to teach LITs who had the greatest chance. Some rose to the occasion. Most crashed and burned. Sure anyone can recruit from a tracker chat. You may keep your army active and loyal. But the intelligence has been falling. And it’s been falling at an alarming rate. As the original leaders began to retire, the sizes began to fall. So I acted fast. I knew we only had one generation left. But I still haven’t found leaders that could actually lead GT.

Planning a snowball effect takes practice. It has only worked a few times before. Realizing that it worked wonders in our third generation, I tried it again. This time it would be more detailed. More smarter. More stronger. Knowing that the list of leaders was small, I reached out to the only leaders I knew were capable of doing anything. There was Ganger. Our grand father, Riotors. A pair of new faces appeared in this chapter. Pain and Beast. And of course there was myself.

We did great. Our first event was crashed. But we brushed it off. In our second event, we reached 30 or so. But something was off. I just didn’t see it yet. I was over joyed. My tests, my evaluations. Everything was coming together. But something was changing. I was changing. I was becoming the exact thing I promised myself never to become. I was becoming power-hungry.

I was ashamed. Not at GT. But at myself. It took the defacement of GT and the firing of my close friends to make me realize this. So I straightened myself. GT was becoming into something that it wasn’t meant to be. I fired the instigators. GT took a hit. But at last, I knew what to do. GT may have unleashed Hell at times. We may have started flame wars. But we have always done this as a family. And that is what GT is all about. Being together is something that we loved. We got to know each other and we cared for one another. Being large was just a bonus.

And so, our seventh generation was amazing. We weren’t able to actually get Number 1. But we did achieve something even better. And that was to recreate our family. The family that had fun beating IW in it’s first real war. The family that rebelled against itself. The family that came back together. And at our height, we did something that we were only able to do once before.

So beautiful. Many armies may rave at how they reached 70+ on CP. But this is even better. When everyone is friends with everyone, when the leaders actually talk to their soldiers, when everything is just united, this achievement gets even sweeter. No one has done this, not like GT. And that is something I am proud of. GT is the pinnacle of my career. And that is something I can boast about.

But all good things must come to an end. We know that the best. Seven Generations. From April 2010 to February 2013. And with these final words, I can gladly say:

~GT Unleashed Hell~

~Rest in Peace Golden Troops

-No one is allowed to re-create GT. This is the final generation. Please respect our decision to forever close GT.

Also, Jerry has a request to the following two armies, the Nachos and SWAT. His request can be seen here in which he has posted on the GT Site:

  • Nachos: 
    • Please keep the OA going. The OA could be one of the strongest alliances out there, if you know how to run it correctly. Use it to your advantage. 
    • We are handing Tundra over to you guys. Keep it safe, for WW. 
    • Treat our troops with respect, it’s the right thing to do.
  • SWAT:
    • We are giving our servers (except Tundra) to SWAT. 
    • Treat our troops with respect. 
    • Ganger, show everyone SWAT’s true strength.

To both armies:

Be smart. Cheat if you must. Most importantly, stay alive. 

So basically, GT give all servers to SWAT except Tundra, which will be given to the Nachos instead. Also, he wanted to Nachos to continue on with the Orange Alliance, which was originally formed by the Golden Troops. It sounds like most of their troops will go to SWAT or the Nachos, as he claims he wants them to treat them fairly. The last things he wants for Nachos and SWAT to do is to be smart and most importantly for them to stay alive.

There are many questions that can’t be answered right now, but I ask all of your opinion:

  1. Will GT ever return in the future once again even thought Jerry states that they will never be created?
  2. How will SWAT and Nachos benefit what GT has done for them from Jerry’s Request?

As the GT dies, another army begin to return from the death similar to their history, SWAT.

1. SWAT Returns 

SWAT are beginning to return, as they have shut down a while ago. It sounds like SWAT will have a good start, as they get servers and troops from GT. I begin here with my interview with Spi, SWAT Leader:

Spi = Blue

Red = Me

May I interview you?

Go ahead.

As SWAT have finally returned, how do you expect them to do in this generation?

I expect SWAT to do far better than the generation we had last time.

Do you expect to die again as they have done in previous generations?

I honestly don’t know or care, but I am hoping that we live for a long time. 

As SWAT have a benefit from Jerry’s Request in GT, do you expect that to be useful to give your army a boost as they start out?

I don’t expect that to be a boost, half of GT was SWAT anyways. 

How do you expect SWAT to be in their first week?

Sizes of 20-25 with okay or better tactics. 

You sound really confident and I wish you all the best for your army.

These are SWAT’s goals ahead of them for the future:

  • Reach 25+ first week of return.
  • Have one of the biggest nations.
  • Reach 30+ second week of return on weekends.
  • Retain a constant in-flow of recruits coming into the army.
  • Retain the number one army spot.
  • Hold the number one army spot for a full month.
  • Average 35+ on CP at all events.
  • Have a stabilized army, full of active and loyal troops.
  • Keep all owners in SWAT only, and all mods in SWAT and 1 other army only.

As the Golden Troops have now died, what will happen to SWAT now as they get servers and troops from GT? Comment on YOUR opinion!

6 Responses

  1. I think we all saw this coming


  2. RIP Golden Troops, The last generation.


  3. I wonder if people didnt know about this, like if it was a secret, idk because i knew.


  4. R.I.P Golden Troops Welcome Speical Weapons And Tactics


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