CPAC Spring Bloomer Round 1 – RESULTS [Day2]

Pretzels vs. Light Troops

This had to be one of the closest battles of this tourney. The Pretzels had an advantage at the first 15 minutes, however the Light Troops got their edge at the end of the 15 minutes. In the last minutes, the Pretzels managed to pull away with bigger sizes and tactics.

SWAT vs. Hot Sauce Army

The S.W.A.T returned and replaced the dead Shadow Troops to battle the Hot Sauce Army. SWAT was the favourites for this battle, and indeed won with an amazing size of 30. The Hot Sauce Army only got around 8 – 10 people on Club Penguin. SWAT had a total of 25 points, while the HSA had 3.

Pirates vs. Metal Warriors

The Metal Warriors were unable to attend this battle due it clashing with a SMAC tourney. Lenco then came unto Pirates chat and surrendered the battle.

Dark Warriors vs. CP Ice

The Dark Warriors were the favourites for this battle, and of course, they won. The CP Ice had about 6 or 7 on Club Penguin while the Dark Warriors maxed 25+. This also goes to show the Dark Warriors does not depend on SaW to get big sizes.

Round 2 will be announced on Monday with the updated bracket.

Just wanted to show everyone how much of a noob this kid is.

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  1. swats back baby


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