Literature Truth [The Cask of Amontillado]

“In Pace Requiescat, Fortunato!”

As the dying breaths of Philosophy stumble upon the open gates of your very mind, they gasp the final words of remembrance. “In Pace Requiescat.” For all of you literature fans, the simple phrase “In Pace Requiescat” were made famous by Edgar Allan Poe’s Cask of Amontillado, perhaps one of the greatest short stories ever written. Click here to read it.

The Journalism Approach to aspects of life affect just about anything we could do in aspects of Mental and Physical approaches. World Trade did the same, affecting Cultural advantages and finally eradicating all Geography around the world by introducing new plants and foods into regions unable to produce them before. In response to Satire, a respected Republican once stated “if you cannot make fun of yourselves, you have no reason to live.” In response to literature, it connects the virtual aspects of Physical and Mental approaches to Society. Now to the darker part of In Pace Requiescat. While Persona used it to strengthen the feel of his murder in The Cask of Amontillado, it is a Latin phrase, translated into “Rest In Piece.”

Well, as stated in former posts, Opinion cannot simply “In Pace Requiescat”, now, can it?

Moving along from that fancy little introduction, eventually everything does “In Pace Requiescat”, as stated before in multiple Empires, historical and virtual. Respected names can be tarnished under serious scandals and poor choices, including names such as King Richard III, Richard Nixon, John Wilkes Booth, and James Buchanan.

Empires Fall. Respected Names shrivel to nothing but shame. Legacies are forgotten in the dark abyss of human arrogance. Connections between Historical and Virtual References include your own leaders. Someone in some Virtual Army somewhere has a name in his name referencing to a name of the past. “Kennedy” being the most popular. Well, People who Love making References to Kennedy (cough, ACP, cough), watch this.

Moving farther, “History’s Bound to Repeat Itself” do not stop at Virtual Points. Empires will always fall, Evil will always Rise, Something Bad will Always Happen. Take a look at one of the most influential teachers I’ve ever had asked us before.

Is Life Determined by Character or Fate?

A Fairly good question, bathed in whoever’s bias [opinion]. While History References claim everything repeats itself eventually (even in our sanctuary of virtual gaming), actions of people with power can affect even more. Imagine the differences between a man with corrupt intentions running an army and a man with good intentions running the same said army. A Great bit of Characteristics bathed in there. Characteristics of a corrupt leader and a samatrian leader can affect just about any situation. But did fate place those people there?

While that would be fun to debate on, we all would have different responses based on our personal opinions. While Historical References make their way into each and every Virtual World Definition, they leave an imprint on our “society.”

Which Empire will Crumble under the mass of Satire and Philosophy? Which Historical References imprint on our Virtual Society? Which prophecies of fame and fortune were unleashed. Conspiracy Theories, Philosophy, History.

They are all Opinion, and you cannot Kill Off Opinion.


11 Responses

  1. I read about a 1/4 into it. But my feeble mind could not comprehend the rest. I had the read Cask of Amontillado for my class. At first i thought it was gonna be stewpid. But i loved it (wary)


  2. Behold! I am Montresor!


  3. I failed a quiz on the Cask of Amontillado. I still got a 99 in English.


  4. I thought this was Club Penguin ARMY Central, not English class.


    • Yo dumbass. Its called philosophy. If you read the whole article youd see a connection and growth in your feeble mind.


    • Yo dumbass its called philosophy. If you read the article youd be able to see a connection and a growth in your puny ass mind.


      • I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH!!!!1!!!1!1!!!!!


      • To be honest, you’re trying to stretch a point that isn’t clearly expressed.

        You’re desperately trying to relate the things that you just read in Freshman English to Club Penguin armies.

        “The Journalism Approach to aspects of life affect just about anything we could do in aspects of Mental and Physical approaches.”

        This doesn’t make much sense; you need to be more clear. The sentences that follow the one quoted above are random and they do not connect to the main idea in any clear way. You should not hide your weak main idea behind confusing language in an attempt to make your thesis more profound. You should expand upon your thesis in a concise manner, eliminating references that actually take away from the goal of this article.

        You become more clear as the article continues, but the reader can not get the lack of clarity of the first part out of his/her mind. Writing a rough draft, then deleting and rewriting it over again can help with improving the clarity of your writing because you are able to come up with different ways to express ideas that you already have experience in expressing.

        I’m sure you’ll improve with more experience, and so I do look forward to reading more of these…


        • im a junior for one, and for two i believe literature is one of the best ways to reference to anyone. The Cask of Amontillado has been one of my favorite stories since the 5th Grade.


  5. “As the dying breaths of Philosophy stumble upon the open gates of your very mind, they gasp the final words of remembrance.”

    R chu callin us stewpid??


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