Editorial: Why We Need The Council

DISCLAIMER: As stated in the title, this is an editorial. This means the majority of this is opinion. If you disagree with it strongly or dislike the post, please remind yourself that these are views of myself, and they may or may not be shared by the Club Penguin Army Central staff. This post contains strong personal views; if you are anti-Council, I advise viewer digression.

With that aside, enjoy the post.

With the recent dissolution of the Council, many of the problems that brought the Council to power have arisen again. Many armies continue to claim victory on both sides of a battle. Armies dispute over what is moral ethic and what is law, and it is simply becoming unorganized once more.

When the council existed, it kept armies from disputing over battles, and giving laws in which most agreed. In that time frame, many armies had what they haven’t had in a long time: organization. Someone who was objective would have a vote on battles to see who was the victor. It all worked; many armies were satisfied that everything was perfectly decided and there was no dispute, even some of the losing armies. However, it was burned after the absence of the Army of the Club Penguin. This led them to believe that the Council was no longer supported.

It is now on the verge of a comeback, which I think is necessary. The only reason ACP left is because the Council ruled them as the losers in a battle, and Kingfunks in particular threw a fit and left the Council. He felt as though the Council was subjective, which is nearly impossible, considering Blue was a former ACP troop, and if anything, he wouldn’t be biased against ACP; not to mention the amount of members in the Council and its diversity. I believe it was an act of ignorance on ACP’s part, and they shouldn’t throw fits every time they lose. Please, have some dignity and humility.

There is dispute about the Council. Many are concerned it will become depraved and it will rule armies with an iron fist. I personally think this is a stupid thought. The Council is a guideline, not a government. It’s a push armies need to have. Have you seen armies without the Council? Sure, it’s no apocalypse, but it’s not in its primal form. Armies are not what they used to be, and they need some guidance so they don’t end up having massive arguments that lead to nothing but hatred and flame wars.

The council is necessary. I’m personally not a big fan of editorials, but I felt that this needed to be said. The Council is deciding if they should return or fizzle out, and I really don’t what it to be ruined because of a few armies who threw a tantrum about not getting what they want. The Council has brought a glimmer of greatness to armies again, and it would be a shame for it to go so quickly. With an objective “big brother” looking out for armies, who knows what we can achieve?

Thank you for hearing me out and not destroying your computer mid-post,


28 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. Like

  3. The council was cool though, all they had to do was not be so biased to acp all the time and things would’ve been cool.


    Sh*t was just fine until the council went away.




  5. We didn’t want this to happen, but it did, We weren’t getting cooperation from armies that we needed and everyone was being so whiney


  6. Letting the council decide battles give those in charge too much power.


  7. tl;dr
    Just skipped to the comments, as usual.


  8. New World Order in CP armies seems inevitable enough.


  9. With Coucil = Chaos
    Without council =chaos


  10. We need some sort of democratic vote on this.


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