News: Doritos Battle Light Troops on Boots

BOOTS- On the fifteenth of February, DCP had an invasion scheduled for the Pirates.  However, when the Pirates failed to show up, LT came in to fight DCP.

After LT recently allowed armies to become colonies, the Pirates were one of the well-known armies to do so.  DCP recently scheduled an invasion of the Pirates’ server Boots.  LT had a patrol of Mammoth scheduled, however, the Pirates failed to show up the event, possibly due to their funeral “tribute” of Reuben.  Reuben was an active troop of the Pirates who randomly went inactive, and Waterkid100 assumed that Reuben was dead.  LT decided to protect the Pirates and defend their server.

Due to Boots being full, the battle took place on the server Big Surf.  Both armies had sizes that varies throughout the battle with decent tactics.

Below, DCP does an E+3 bomb while LT does an E+K bomb at the Dock.


Below, LT does the E+G tactic while DCP does an E+7 bomb in the Ski Lodge.

Following the battle, both armies claimed victory.  DCP claimed to have successfully defeated LT but also mentioned in a post that they “…[believed] no allies was stated…” LT claimed to have had sizes twice as large as DCP and also claimed to have had better tactics, as stated in a post on the LT site:

We were like two times bigger than DCP the entire time, and their tactics were crap. They stayed in a line for 15 minutes doing nothing! That gives you an idea of what their tactics looked like.

The battle remains disputed between the two armies.

Comment with YOUR opinion on the battle?  Which army was the clear winner?  Or was it a tie?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Associate Producer

7 Responses

  1. Thanks for telling me that this was news I never could have known otherwise


  2. LT won easy


  3. yeah…


  4. Again, For the 20th time it was DCP vs Pirates, pirates didn’t show and plus lt had rouges dcp had actual troops as shown in post


  5. We had it posted that the pirates were not allowed to use allies, yet the did, so they forfeited this battle to DCP, that is why our size was so small, We made it a ulead rogue event and told everyone else to logoff.


  6. I think Lt should let the pirates fight for themselves


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