BREAKING NEWS: ST Rebellion & ST Site Defaced

As ST continue their war with Pretzels, Vetsd and Coff have announced a rebellion against ST leaders Pain, Pat and Phooey. 

Led by Vetsd, this rebellion was announced on February 16th. For those of you who don’t know, Pain announced a temporary retirement from CP Armies. Within the post he made he said that all armies should join together to fight ACP but the new ST Rebellion has a different look on the situation; they are completely neutral.

Shortly after the rebellion started, at around 23:18 UK/GMT Time, Vetsd defaced the ST site, taking away its CSS and all of its pages, along with adding numerous images of male body parts and sexual images. As tension grows between the two, I decided to get a quick interview with Vetsd, leader of the rebellion.

|Interview with Vetsd, ST Rebellion Leader|

CPAC (Bepboy): Red

Vetsd: Grey

What made you create the rebellion against ST?
 I created the rebellion because of the corruption of Pain and Commando993. They are both dictators that will get ST nowhere but dead, and if they rise it will be in a crappy way with 1,000 members of the staff.

Do you think there are any advantages that the other ST may have?
The other ST has no advantages, really. We have better staff than them, we recruit better, we post better, we’re just all-around a more professional army than them. The only advantage that the other ST MAY have is Commando being the creator, but it doesn’t really matter when you’re as weak of a leader as he is.

What made you deface the ST site and the CSS?
Why not gain the advantage in the war? It was to send a message to the Shadow Troops. We are coming out fast and hard at them. We will not stop until they surrender to us.
How do you think this rebellion is better than the other ST?
As I stated before, we recruit, post, and are better tacticians than them. Lord Pain has some of the worst in-battle tactics I have ever seen. I didn’t know tactics on Club Penguin before I saw him try to lead. We are also a lot cooler and laid back then them, allowing us more troops because of the non-strictness.
What does the rebellion plan to do next?
The rebellion plans to wipe the legends page. If you want to be a ST legend you can earn it starting now. You no longer get legend for being in the army for 3 years and doing nothing. You have to actually make an impact, but have to be in ST for a long time. The legends page wipe includes myself. This would mean that AT LEAST 70% of the excessive ST legends would be gone for the fact that all they did was be in the army for the long time. A legend should make an impact, much like the CPAC Legend Inductions.
Anything to add?
Yes, join the ST rebellion at and to liberate ST from the current corruption and dictatorship that the army is in. Make ST a fun army again and join our cause.

More to follow, this post will be updated with updates..

11 Responses

  1. “Updated with updates”


  2. Lord Pain is insane.


  3. what is the other st’s site?


  4. I’d be surprise if Pain didn’t expect this.


  5. their are also pictures of female bodly images


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