Associate Producer/Reporter/GFX Designer Applications

Hey there CPAC.

This is just a quick post because CPAC has some open spots that are necessary to be filled. We are looking for one Associate Producer, one or two GFX Designers, and as many Reporters as we find satisfactory.

To apply, simply fill out these forms for the ranks you wish to apply for. You must use a different form for each position.

Associate Producer/Reporter-



Army/News Site Experience:

Example Post:

Any Other Comments:

And next, the form for any of you who wish to fill the spot as CPAC’s GFX Designer.

GFX Designer:



Which Sites Have You Designed For:

Example of Your Work (Provide as Many as You Wish):

Do You Require Payment by Xats (In the past, some of our designers have made other business deals with us, such as having their site’s banner featured on CPAC):

Any Other Comments:

Applications end by Friday, February 22nd. The names of hired staff will be released the next day. Any further questions can be brought to Bluesockwa1 or Bluesockwa2 on xat.

Good luck!


CPA Central CEO

87 Responses

  1. Name: Ganger90


    Army/News Site Experience: CPWN Secondary Head, CPAC Reporter

    Example Post: Just go and see any of my long posts on SWAT’s site (, or speeches. I’m a great writer, have great grammar, and will be a good reporter for CPAC.

    Any Other Comments: I will do my best.


  2. Board of directors, Blue


  3. I have a question, if we go for a reporter how big does the post have to be, other words how many words?


  4. GFX Designer:
    Name: Superoo13
    Which Sites Have You Designed For:
    Example of Your Work (Provide as Many as You Wish):
    Do You Require Payment by Xats (In the past, some of our designers have made other business deals with us, such as having their site’s banner featured on CPAC): Yes, an advert for ACPTR.
    Any Other Comments: I like bananas


  5. Name: Lord Jay

    Email: jayofcparmies101

    SMAC,CPWN,ADNU= Army Directory News Update

    Hey everybody who likes to read interviews! I went down to the Pretzels chat and wanted to know about them more. So I interviewed Fluffboy.

    Jay:) Can I interview you for CPAC?

    Fluff:) Sure

    Jay:) So how has Pretzels been doing lately?

    Fluff:) Well, Pretzels have been great! Averaging sizes of 10+ in UK events and about the same in US events.

    Jay:) Are you in war with anyone at the moment?

    Fluff:) Well not right now but i’ve seen a post that we are going to with an army but I don’t want to leak anything out :).

    Jay:) Are you happy with your 1st place in the SMAC top 10?

    Fluff:) Oh yes I am very proud of my troops of how they make Pretzels how they are.

    Jay:) Okay that’s all thanks Fluff!

    Fluff:) Your welcome.

    Any other comments: Nope I just hope I get chosen.


  6. name: Christohper1
    army/news site experience: ive been in 4 – 5 armies, im experienced.
    example post: the light troops and army republic had a close battle today with LT sizes of 20+ and army republic sizes of 30+ and they’re still figuring out who won the battle, more info as it comes
    other comments: the example post above does not effect real battles recently


  7. Name: Aaronstone42
    Wishing Rank: Associate Producer
    uh, the interview i made 2 weeks ago.
    You know my email


  8. GFX Designer:
    Name: Dudex219/Dxdzn
    Which Sites Have You Designed For:
    Example of Your Work (Provide as Many as You Wish): and
    Do You Require Payment by Xats (In the past, some of our designers have made other business deals with us, such as having their site’s banner featured on CPAC): xats are preferred
    Any Other Comments: I’m always getting better and improving my knowledge.


  9. dx should win




  11. Associate Producer/Reporter-
    Name: My name is Bryan McCormick, but around this enviroment my alias is, Ty990.
    Army/News Site Experience: I worked for about 4 months on Small Medium Army Central, approximately 2 years ago, I posted many posts about big battles, that involved a variety of interviews prebattle and post-battle, along with many realistic pictures, with non-biased articles.
    Example Post:
    Rise From the Ashes:Hot Sauce Army
    “BOOM!” The sounds I made in my head as quickly spamming grenades in the form of formula’s that are represented by emoticons and other commands, running around clicking from browser to browser following commands of the leader. It may not seem like much but it was a good 25% of my childhood, and about 15% was spent under a variety of people who were sparkled in red, and never gave up. Even when it seems they were gone, they came back, but bigger and stronger, from an army struggling to make the small army top 10, to seizing the opportunity, by rapidly making a breach in the Top 10 vulnerable to there arrival, and trust me it happened.

    After quite some time as considered a great army the Hot Sauce Army began to lose, not only battles, active members, retirement after retirement, it seemed as if it was prone to failure. After the Hot Sauce Army was at it’s peak it’s 15 minutes of fame kept declining until it was forced to be terminated in mid march of 2011. As sad as it was, once a world power, strongly organized thanks to leaders such as: Dudex, Hypermext, and Lil Soulja.

    Well obviously 2012 was an even worse year than 2011 because it no longer was in the form of an army. The Hot Sauce Army however, lived on, not only in the hearts but it also rushed through your brain like a bullet out of a gun. You couldn’t forget, it was impossible, almost impossible as it seemed to rebuild the mess that took the form of The Hot Sauce Army, to everyone, except in the eyes of Dudex.

    Interview with Dudex(In the interview I would change colors of the text to ensure the easiest way for the reader to have the full experience, and enjoyment of my blog)

    Me: Ok, to start off care explaining how you managed to revive the mess of The Hot Sauce Army?

    Dudex:I was bored and I gradually kept coming onto xat, and many of my past friends brought up idea’s of reviving HSA, so I thought for hours, and decided it would benefit me largely from doing other activities.

    Me: How did you manage to shoot up the ranks so fast after a year of the termination?

    Dudex: Long hours of countless recruiting, and our fans.

    Me: Are there more new members, or were you able to salvage a percentage of former Hot Sauce Alumni?

    Dudex: I was able to get a few former members from the st Gen such as one of the leaders, Monster. There also various members from the 1st Gen who act as advisors, however, most of our members are fresh and new, but just as active.

    Me: Okay, One more After the historic infamous collapse what are you going to do to ensure there won’t be a repeat?

    Dudex:I won’t leave HSA alone without some support, hence why we have 4 leaders.

    From a world power to beyond the grave, back up and ready to fight. I am interested to see what will be going on in there upcoming events, what do you think.
    (I would add a poll)
    Will The Hot Sauce live on, or relive tragedy?
    Any Other Comments: I really would be honored to be given an opportunity such as this.


  12. Associate Producer/Reporter-
    Name: Chrisi Blule
    Army/News Site Experience: SMAC Reporter once upon a time.
    Example Post: All deleted. You know you love me anyway.
    Any Other Comments: I should be hired?


  13. Associate Producer
    Name: Rex
    Email: My comment has it.
    Army/News Site Experience: Working at CPAC spamming funny posts and stuff that had a 60% chance of getting deleted.
    Example Post: You have seen my posts.
    Any Other Comments: Stahp deleting my posts.


  14. Associate Producer-
    Name: Snivy
    Army/News Site Experience: I work at CPAC, and used to be a Head Reporter (which I believe is an equivalent to AP now) so I have experience with the job.
    Example Post:
    Any Other Comments: No, thanks.


  15. Reporter



    Army/News Site Experience:I work for SMAC. I have also been in numerous major/medium/small armies like ACP,GT,IW,AF,etc

    Example Post:

    Any Other Comments: If I can, I Like doing army of the week a lot, so if I can, can I?


  16. Associate Producer/Reporter-

    Name: Flipmoo


    Army/News Site Experience: IMAF Founder.

    Example Post:

    Any Other Comments: I won’t be able to post often because of my school work, but I will try my best to post as much as possible. I also live in Japan, so I have a 12 hour time difference which makes it really hard to communicate, so please e-mail me if there is something urgent.



  17. 1.) Associate Producer

    2.) Name: Junior103 (Subject to change)

    3.) Email:

    Army/News Site Experience: SWAT 2ic, CPAC Reporter, Arctic Invaders leader, much much more. Too many to name…

    4.) Example Post: MAMMOTH – SWAT’s upcoming generation fastly approaches us on March 1st, and the question is will this be their best ever?

    SWAT,always a terrifying and large force, plans to return on the 1st of March. We’ve received many rumors about their upcoming return, listing some being their 1 army rule for owners, and 2 army rule for their mods, and those two have been officially confirmed. SWAT has been very large in the past generations, and usually their reign can last up to 6 months of a timespan. Who will be leading the upcoming generation? From what we’ve discovered thusfar, Ganger90, Spi101, Crazy, and Reece will be leading the upcoming SWAT regime. The terrifying combo of recruiting power and activity of that group will make other armies tremble at the sight of this upcoming SWAT regime.

    From SWAT’s last generation, as you can see below, they hit unprecedented sizes.

    (Unable to get pictures)

    SWAT was rising fast, but then shut down due to some internal problems in the army. As you saw above, they hit unprecedented sizes, and hit marks for the ages of SWAT. In their last generation, SWAT really keyed on attacking and killing the Army of Club Penguin, which had been their goal ever since they scratched the surface of CP armies. But, this time, they came very close to killing the Army of Club Penguin, until the White Alliance stepped in the war and fought off the attacking Black Alliance from killing ACP. This then spiraled the forces of the Black Alliance down. Deep in the war between both ACP and SWAT, the war was going SWAT’s way. They won every battle, and had a 9-0 lead in the entire war.

    As seen above, SWAT had taken a convincingly large lead in the war. They had ACP on their knees, sword to throat. The closest they’ve ever been to accomplishing their pure goal. Now, let’s get some interviews from some former SWAT troops and leaders.

    Will SWAT aim for ACP once again?

    5.) Any Other Comments: I would be very active if I was chosen to be the Associative Producer.


  18. Associate Producer/Reporter-
    Name:Shinytails (A.K.A Shinyminx)
    Email: I cannot say until I am told the news i’m a reporter,i’m afraid. (I’m normally on the Nachos chat)
    Army/News Site Experience: I’m planning for this to BE my experience.
    Any Other Comments:I have alot of fresh ideas, i’m not a newb in my army and I take alot of pictures and investigate things based on my findings.


  19. Associate Producer/Reporter- Reporter.

    Name: Change.


    Army/News Site Experience: Former DCP 3ic, Pretzels Mod, CPWN Author, CPAE Author (when it was around.)

    Example Post:

    Any Other Comments: I would be a very active and honoured Reporter if chosen.


  20. Associate Producer/Reporter-
    Name: Pikachu
    Army/News Site Experience:
    Army – 4ic of DD,DM and Lizards. Highest member of CPPA,LT and SWAT. 2ic of Phoenix. Main leader of XRV and FDS.
    Example Post:
    Any Other Comments: Show some mercy.


  21. Associate Producer/Reporter-
    Name: Hugo, but call me cool (6789cool).


    Army/News Site Experience: Been in army’s for a while, created a small – medium army at one stage around 2008 – 2009, for nostalgia I came back to the nachos and have stayed ever since, and I intend to go through the ranks properly this time.

    Example Post:

    How to fulfil your army’s potential, and make it the best it can be, in my opinion!

    This is one part of a guide I’ve considered writing.

    In my time in Club penguin armies, there are some things that really stand out as issues that are often left unchanged, and unchallenged, by some leaders and officials of certain armies.

    One thing that needs to be addressed and dealt with is the population of those of us, that perhaps are too young to deal with certain situations in a mature way. This perhaps means 11 and under, (although I know a few 11 year olds that are more mature than many 14 year olds I have ever known), who have not yet learned in their everyday lives that they need to listen to others and do what they are asked to do in order to gain respect.

    The reality of this situation is, looking further into the minds of some young people, is that they don’t accept that they need to put hard work into what they’re doing for it to turn out the way they want it to. They expect respect and want attention to be paid to them at a lot of the time. If they are ignored, they are aggravated further. This is the perhaps the reason you often see some immature individuals who have recently signed up to your army and come on chat, and demand that they are to be made a higher army and chat rank, or something dreadful will happen.

    Once we can address why, and what happens when the younger population don’t get their way, we can perhaps try to provide some insight as to how it should be dealt with.

    My personal insight is that, as a leader, every person is an important individual no matter how they might act at times, and by treating them as one, you give them the attention that they want, and need as younger persons. What you don’t do, is lose your temper with them, and ban, kick or threaten them, because that only makes them immediately feel as though they must fight back. When you sometimes go on some chats and see some people fighting pointlessly over some small issue, this is often as I have said because one of them has lost their temper being the older person, and therefore has provoked the younger, weaker-minded person who does not know any other way to react than to turn on caps lock, and type for their lives.

    So, in conclusion, you should always treat anyone who feels they’re not being respected, or treated right, as they are important, and they matter. Because, if you do, they’ll stay with you, they’ll be more respected by others (because they’ve not gone running their mouths off in chat) and they’ll be more likely to want to be loyal to you, as they want to repay the concern and friendship you’ve shown them. Doing this in turn can obviously turn how well you’ve done in your alliance around.

    A good example of how someone successfully does this, and becomes popular from doing so, is Puckley, a leader of the Nacho army. As far as I can ever see, sometimes you see a new recruit, or anyone else who is low down in the army and not really known by anyone, perhaps in distress because they don’t know what to do, or they’ve got some sort of a problem, and Puck is very often the guy who jumps right in and helps them out. It’s not even helping with a problem at times, but just giving a friendly hello when the person joins the chat, while no one else is doing so. As a result, this person feels that they are a respected individual in the army, as they have interacted well with one of their leaders, and feels compelled to repay the friendship, and that’s probably one of the reasons why people often feel that he is very popular amongst his troops.

    Thanks for reading, even if this mock post only makes it into a comment form and is just forgotten, and I hope it helps anyone in a position of authority who happens to be reading right now.

    Any Other Comments: I want to become a reporter, in order to report on happenings in club penguin armies, but more importantly, to provide what I consider helpful insight on how this community can improve (without offending anyone in the slightest) and to write about generally interesting things that people will want to read.

    Hope my application is considered ^^


  22. Application for Associate Producer
    Name: Ben/Surf/Greensockwa3
    Email: Already on site, just like Associate Produer better.
    Army/News Site Experience:
    News: CPAC Reporter (2x) and SMAC Reporter
    Army: GT Leader (Top 3) CPST Leader (Top 5)
    IW 4ic, SWAT 2ic, DCP 4ic, UMA 4ic,
    Example Post:
    Title: Army Republic Posers Raid Breeze

    BREEZE-Soldiers dressed in the Army Republic uniform were seen dancing in the Town chanting “WAR OF ACP”. Civilians are concerned about the safety of their server and wonder why this attack would happen during a happy time like the Hollywood Party. (picture)

    Army Republic owners have been contacted by Army of Club Penguin, and vice versa, and the owners say that these soldiers are not in their army and are framing them. Fingers are pointed at Hot Sauce Army due to the recent flame war that has started between ACP and HSA. This has not been confirmed and HSA leaders claim these soldiers are not theirs either. This may suggest another army is trying to turn the two armies against each other so it may take advantage of their war. (picture)

    One of the known posers is Sarge525, UMA Leader. He claims somebody is faking him, however ACP owners are doubtful. No action has been taken yet, and the threat of this situation seems to be declining since AR and ACP have confirmed that this will not be taken seriously. (picture)

    Any Other Comments: I’ve been active in the community since late 2008 and I have no intentions of retiring soon. I don’t really have the convenient tools of WordPress when writing a comment, otherwise the post would be longer. This was my first attempt at writing from the perspective of a penguin reporter.


  23. Associate Producer/Reporter-
    Name: Bepboy9
    Army/News Site Experience:
    Army: Water Vikings Leader, Pirates Leader (Not Waterkids gen, Zaks gen), DW Highest Mod, GT Highest Mod, Elites 3ic, Oreos Leader and Shadow Troops 2ic.
    News Site: SMAC Head, CPWI Head Reporter, CPAE Head Reporter, CPAC ex Associate Producer and current Reporter.
    Example Post:
    The two Blues Brothers know what I’m like but if you’d like further reference go to , please note though that I was Head at the time that most of those were written.
    Any Other Comments:
    I was Associate Producer here at CPAC but got demoted due to lack of activeness. I now have plenty of time on my hands and I am starting to report more for CPAC I have experience to go along with this job and now that I’ve got allot of stuff out of my way in real life I will be getting active as a reporter here on CPAC 🙂


  24. Associate Producer / Reporter

    Name: Adro3


    Reporting Experience: CPAC Reporter (former), SMAC Secondary Head (currently). I also used to blog daily.

    Example Post(s):

    I have more, if you want search me up on SMAC to see all of them.

    Any other comments: I have great grammar and I would take my position here with great passion and seriousness.


  25. Associate Producer/Reporter-

    Name: Adro3


    Army/News Site Experience: I’ve been in ACP, Pirates, SWAT, Team Gold, Sun Troops and more… Former CPAC Reporter and current SMAC Secondary Head

    Example Posts:

    And more…

    Other comments: I would be really priviliged to work here and would take great pride of any position at CPAC.

    Example Post:

    Any Other Comments:


  26. Associate Producer/Reporter-

    Name: Adro3


    Army/News Site Experience: Lots of armies inc. ACP, Pirates, SWAT and Team Gold.

    SMAC Secondary Head
    CPAC Reporter (formerly)

    Example Post:

    Any Other Comments: It would be a privilige to work here at CPAC, thank you for reading my application.


  27. I want to be a reporter!
    Name: Madhav
    Army/News Site Experience: Dark Warriors 3ic, Storm Warriors leader.
    Example Post:
    Other Comments:
    I would love the job as a reporter and I have perfect spelling. I love coming in armies and I am proud to be in two such great armies. I’ve always dreamed to be a reporter


  28. Hired. All reporters will be invited shortly; please see me on chat if you have any questions. Chrisi Blule has been selected as Associate Producer.


  29. plz


  30. Associate Producer/Reporter-
    Army/News Site Experience:shadow troops 3ic post
    Example Post:
    Any Other Comments:


  31. I hope I get Cpac reporter but it will be the Leader’s choice


  32. oh no I messed up face palm


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