Lord Pain’s Message: For a Change

I was requested by Pain to post it here, as he posts on the ST site about his break and his goal in armies.

Here, I found some bits that I agree need to happen, like for example to make CP Warfare more of fun competitive, and not war and hate. Pain talks about many things in here. Many things here are what we could need to make CP Warfare a better place. I’m very sorry this is a long speech, but Pain has requested you read this.

Due to all the nonsense that is happening before my eyes and the lack of interest I sense from my fellow leaders I will be stepping down. I am stepping down for less than 5 weeks or maybe exactly five weeks. I am dealing with stress, and I need a break, and I cant stand the people around me. I will be checking in every now and again, Commando do not allow yourself to be persuaded by our enemies. Theres always going to be doubt about what we are doing here, but in the end we will show them why we did it all when we are the strongest army. There will always be controversy always someone set against me. Many are jealous of the legend that is Lord Pain and everything I have done and ever will do. No other person can do what I have done, no one ever will. After all these years of leading armies even the CP Army Council proved to have less power in CP Armies than I do. Everyone in this world is different and many are intimidated by my personality. I’ve always been a different person when it comes to xat and armies but I would rather be different then be a troll and a moron. I exist because I am one of the last people from the old age, and one of the people protecting armies from being ruled by the terrorists like AR and ACP and other corrupt white alliance armies. CP Armies are in a dying state and ACP and their allies are to blame for it. ACP has encouraged the use of hacking, doxing, ddosing, multi-logging, and several other things. ACP has broken the anti-hacking bill enough, and should not even be considered an army anymore. But ACP controls the media, they’ve terrorized and even killed great armies. Everything I’ve done over these years is for a revolution, to change armies for the greater good. Armies were not mean’t to be split into alliances like the BA and WA, armies were mean’t to ALL battle against one another with few allies and mostly enemies. ACP has created a community in which there are two sides pro-acp and anti-acp and because of this armies are clashing and destroying each other. The only solution is that everyone comes together to serve the purpose that armies were created to, and thats to ALL fight each other, not just ACP. The sides must be joined together and united against one single foe, the ACP to destroy them forever. Then armies can become the way they were intended to always be, ALL fighting each other for dominance, few allies, mostly enemies. This is the world I want to create, and its the world I WILL create. I have made sacrifices, choose this over friends, but I’m always loyal to the army I am in, and I have given ST myself. People hate me for my personality, the things I say, the things I claim, and I don’t deny this. Many don’t understand why I wont simply be a face in the crowd, and my answer is because I’m different, because different is BETTER. I believe I am better I have led  PCP, UMA, TCP, DCP, SWAT, CPST, RPF, GT, CPPA, LT, and ST all into the top ten from sizes ranging from 15-30 plus. I even established PCP’s golden age, I have done things no one will ever do in CP Armies, things people are jealous of. Often people think its negative I was overthrown, but its only negative for the people who overthrew me I kept their armies alive, and overthrowing me only KILLED them. That brings me back to a young boy I have come to admire and thats Commando my best bud, he hasn’t lost faith in me and he believes in me no matter what people say. I know a lot of the time people see me as the wrong doer, people act as judge and jury and always call me GUILTY. I do the things I do to protect the soldiers and leaders who I represent, to give them their dreams, and to do whats best for them. I have poored my heart and sole into this army, and because of my personality and the different way I act people call it “corrupt”. There is no one corrupt in CP Armies except the ones who are in the White Alliance killing us. The people in the White Alliance think they are “defending  justice” they are only defending the armies that took justice AWAY from this community. Every second the white alliance lives, along with every army that joins it, is another second this community is dieing. I want every single army to join together and kill ACP and anyone who will defend them. This is the only way armies will live, the only way we can survive. This is my mission, and I want to put a halt to all against me. For years people have tried to get rid of me, but look where its gotten them, I have outlived most of my enemies, and I continue to defeat my current ones on a daily basis. People can shoot me down, doubt, me, make fun of me, attack my army, but you can NEVER destroy me. People say that all I do is mod everyone, when all I am doing is recruiting semi-experienced troops into an the army for the rank they will actually TAKE. Armies who try to act prestigious about their ranks, armies like NW, are the same armies that just simply die. One must RECRUIT, WORK for progress. People who do things any other way end up leading small armies and end up failing. ST wont be like that, we tried that once, and it got us number 1 for a week because all armies were dying that week and then ST itself died because it collapsed over our corrupt “legends” continuously arguing over “member/mod” ratio and other pathetic things rather than keeping the army STANDING. In this gen we have won a war against ACP maxing 20+ and we have won a PB against HSA with 15+ and gotten 15 to 20+ in several events. We are THRIVING now, and growing towards our ultimate goals. At this point in the post its just senseless rambling I have so much to tell everyone that I should of told everyone years ago, and I cant tell it all. I cant express all of my opinions just like this. But I am CP Armies last hope for survival, the only person who can lead us to the light and I want to lead us there. I want to become more political, maybe even join CPAC and write posts about what we need to do and get myself out there. Maybe create my own website which wont be corrupt. People blame a lot of different people/armies for the fall of our community but theres only one direction to point at and its at ACP and the White Alliance. So please, end this nonsense, armies are split apart and everyone’s goals clash with one another thus in that way we are KILLING ourselves. The only way to solve this is to KILL the ACP and anyone who will defend them. We must do this, there is no other way, there is no peace, this game is about war, leaders need to stop being lazy, recruit, and ALL true CP Armies who believe in a free world, a world in which all armies enjoy fun battles against one another and not a world divided where we all continuously go back and forth slowly killing ourselves. We need to come together and end ACP so they can never enslave us again. I will come back to ST, and I will carry out my dreams, and anyone who doubts me, like all of my enemies, will meet their foul end. I know I’m different, and to those who think I’m evil you should think about this post, and look at the true facts, and the damage ACP has caused to this community simply because they are power hungry, evil, and want to rule us. Thats true evil, not me the only person who wants to save this community. There was a time years ago when people would always want me to lead their armies, even back then, in my earliest days, a mere single year after I started leading I was admired like a god and called  a legend. Still kids come to me these days, they remember me, seen where I have been, and they want to be like me. Like a famous super star in this community theres always kids who put their xat names the same way I do, still kids who believe in me. I thank you your the future “Lords” of Cp Armies and I know even after I retire on June 13th 2013 that you will continue my work after the White Alliance and their armies are dead. I know there will be people like me who will protect our true way of life, and I have faith in them. No one believed in me when I was younger, but look where I am now. This is a shout out to all my fans, I BELIEVE IN YOU!


Lord Pain’s Return- 3/10/13

Honestly I don’t feel like doing math, I did say five weeks but whatever, this is my return date anless I decide to stay on break a few days longer.

This post can be found here. As you can see here, Lord Pain has many wishes. I believe the response to this speech will be mixed. What do you think?


14 Responses



  2. Paragraph’s are our friends.




  4. Lord Pain has also been overthrown or demoted from most of them.


  5. I think we need to reconstruct the Army Council, and have a meeting on how everyone needs to get their shit together before armies fall completely apart.

    Another thing we need to do is ban Waterkid from ALL CP ARMIES, and delist any cp armies that allow him to join… (Kind of like with SaW, eyes, and Alf Back in the day) This would only be for the bettering of the community…

    And finally, we need to support each other, and stop starting shit with one another… We are falling apart one piece at a time, and it needs to stop.


  6. people over react about this stuff

    you feed the trolls (waterkid and pain)

    i like water and all but how has a UK army had such an effect on our community?




  8. Before reading this I thought Pain changed for the better, I was wrong.
    He is also not from the old age, as people from the old age did not hate fanatically on ACP.


  9. I will be quite surprised if 1 army actually declares war besides ST.


  10. So, everyone wanna kill ST? No one likes the Fuhrer and he needs to be BURNED!


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