News: AR Cuts Ties With ACP

TOBOGGAN — The Army of the Republic has shed it’s former image of the keeper of ACP.

Note: This post contains direct quoting from the AR leadership. CPAC does not support nor condemn any ideas expressed.

AR Abandons ACP

Following a vicious defeat at the hands of the Light Troops, the AR has begun to rebuild. They have been claiming several free servers, adding to their crumbled empire, which was completely conquered by the LT. Their ally, the Army of Club Penguin is now in a conflict with the Golden Troops, following a recent conflict where they were confronted by the Dark Warriors.

While everyone was expecting the AR to enter the war and protect the ACP, AR Leader Burito has recently made an announcement. He states the AR will no longer be protecting the ACP in any future wars, and said assistance would only be provided if the ACP provided their own assistance for AR. This comes after several wars, where the AR had to step in to provide help; ranging from the July War with the Nachos and the Black Wars. Their involvement in the Black Wars has resulted in brutal beatings from the Dark Warriors, Pirates, and Light Troops, with the ACP not providing assistance once.

Burito also reminded the community that AR can turn on their allies as fast as they can aid them. He accepted the idea of alliances, but refuses to aid every army looking for help with their own unrelated issues. The AR have since changed their ideology, from fighting for “whats’ right” to “survival.” Instead of retirement, Burito has decided to return for revenge, supposedly against either the ACP, DW, or LT.

This has effectively nullified any chance of a White Alliance reunion, as the AR refuse to aid ACP, the Golden Troops are at war with ACP, the IW are isolated, and the Nachos align more with the GT if anything.  Will this give the former Black Alliance a bigger chance of defeating ACP? Will this cause an ACP-AR war?



20 Responses

  1. 1rst, and whut??? I never thought i’d see the day…..


  2. Loving these posts by Shiver


  3. Shiv, I remember you from nachos. Good post


  4. I wouldn’t say we are completely abandoning forever, but we certainly aren’t going to be their go-to army.


  5. Lmao.
    How much I tell these WA, they won’t listen.
    ACP is using you.


  6. Mother of God, who is spreading these stupid rumors? GT didn’t declare war. Read the posts ffs.


  7. AR isn’t going to declare war with ACP. We also aren’t going to abandon them forever now. We chose to do what we felt was in our best interest.


  8. 1. I agree, shiver’s post are fun to read!
    2. They were the biggest Butt-Buddies ever… This is … Insane. I owe about 30 people $20 each now 😦


  9. It’s not like ACP had to go defend something every time AR was being invaded, they could at least go on and help; the more the merrier


  10. AR’s balls finally dropped!


  11. Ill tell you what Ar actually means of this Acp has begged us to help them in wars to many times an it would be a little nice if they ruptured the favor and Bur’s post isn’t a hate post. Also ties with Acp arn’t dissolved we just told Acp that its time for them to take care of themselves


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