BREAKING NEWS: AR Corruption Investigation

TOBOGGAN — Former AR Leader Capncook opens up on his former army’s vices, while several witnesses talk as well.

Note: The following ideas expressed in this interview do not reflect those of CPAC or it’s staff.

AR Inside and Out

The following information was given by former AR Leader and current CPE Leader Capncook.

Capncook confirms the rumors of AR’s history being fake are true.  He also accuses AR Leader Buritodaily of forcing around armies against their will, providing a picture of Burito threatening his new army, the Club Penguin Empire, using threats of stealing recruits.

This is a developing story. LT Leader Ioioluk will be consulted for more information.

Capn states how the AR have abandoned ACP and seemingly turned against them, and directing me to proof of AR’s faked history.

Quite possibly the most interesting piece of information here is the allegations of Burito pushing his soldiers to unreasonably hard standards. Capn states that he is pushing his soldiers to the point where the army interferes with their own life, forcing them to chat recruit. He also expresses his reliability and honesty toward the topic.

AR Creator 122344a expresses his distaste toward Burito’s actions.

Ioioluk talks on AR corruption rumors.


Burito talks on AR corruption rumors.

This is a developing story and will be updated with new information periodically. A conclusion will be published soon.


26 Responses

  1. -tours kids around CP army museum-
    “This kids, is the AR. The most filthy, cheating, lying, backstabbing army that ever existed.”


  2. Why don’t you call it the AR Corruption Investigation? There are a lot of “developing stories” in this post


    This pic is stupid and has no real evidence.


  4. This post is laughably pointless. I don’t see how anything is wrong here. Who the hell cares if the history is fake? And just by the way, troops can quit if they’re pushed too hard, so obviously they’re fine with the army. Everything else Burr’s charged with is perfectly legitimate, except of course bots. All of you armies grow some balls and quit whining when someone’s doing something that makes them stronger than you. It’s a game, and as much as you try, you can’t make rules for everyone.


  5. Shiv, thank you for making this post. Just PC me anytime if you want pony porn. *goo*


  6. It’s good that this has been brought to light, Under my leadership in the AR, we were not committing any actions like the AR is now.


  7. I don’t really get whats going on here, but in my past experience I have dealt with people who “stole” troops and new recruits a couple of times.
    One of them were Shaboomboom. There was a time when he was a Golds Leader and tried to force the IMAF (a major army that no longer exsists) to merge into them. After they failed to do so, they tried to persuade my troops to join the Golds. They somewhat succeeded and managed to persuade a couple soldiers into joining them.
    Fortunately, after a month or so the Golds perished. However, the damage and stress that was done to the IMAF and its troops took time to recover.

    I think stealing troops should be considered as a “crime” in ClubPenguin warfare. It destroys the original army and causes stress for troops and leaders. And most of the time, armies that grow off of other armies are destined to end quite rapidly compared to other armies, because those types of armies lack loyal soldiers.

    It’s that simple. Just don’t steal.


    The Forgotten.


  8. Burito is a lot of things right now, Yes he is a leader yes he can do what he wants but also yes we can defend ourselves. Ever since the creation of the CPE Burito and both Vinny have insulted and claimed CPE to be a rebellion, but vinny stopped after a short amount of time and actually prevented us from going to war so thank you for that. But Burito stood in what he believed in and believe me CPE has tried not to argue because we simply don’t care but when you push your limits like Burito has something has to be done, and the origin of this huge conflict that even Vinny and A get tired of goes back to the creation of CPE which has nothing at all to do with AR or Burito, and now Burito stands on top of his words and flicks others away, probably even allies, because he believes in accomplishment and power past the certain extent and because of this mainly more and more conflict/chaos comes our way and to others in the future.


  9. It was around two years ago(check ACP archives) that an unknown army called the Army Republic invaded the ACP. After about one battle the AR and the ACP became allies. This was probably the first in those times for the ACP to publically call a small army to be an ally with them. Once ACP had produced a link to them, they began to rise. 😛


  10. Ar got themselves into the top 10 in late 2010. UMA declared war, I swear they were the most noobiest, inexperienced army I had ever seen. It was like all of the lowest ranks in ACP formed an army. There is no way they had more than a month of experience in armies at the time.


  11. Rule 26 is the worst. If anyone considers CP Armies to be more important than real life, then they need to leave asap.


  12. You guys are still going on about Ar’s history? And cap’n is lieing he is just mad we kicked him out of leadership for makeing a peace treaty with every army that claimed war on us


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