Golden Troops to Take Revenge on ACP for Riotors Scandal || Did ACP Really Cause the Fall of GT?

COZY – The quickly rising Golden Troops are preparing to invade ACP to exact their long-awaited revenge.

The Golden Troops are quickly on the rise, with this generation being among the best in the army’s history. Several days ago, in the midst of planning, training, and recruiting, GT Leader Ben posted an invasion of the ACP.

[In] August 2011, the Army of CP declared war on the Golden Troops because they were butthurt over a spot in the Top 10.  The GT crush[ed] the ACP so the ACP resort to accusing us of bots, accusing our leaders of being hackers, stealing troops, and lying to their troops about us as well as using allies.  Several weeks later the GT have fallen.  What kind of “kid-friendly” army does this kind of stuff?  They’re not good for anybody.  ACP needs a severe dose of payback, so let’s give it to them.  The Golden Troops will officially begin their revenge today.  We will show no mercy.

Ben goes on to announce GT’s invasion of Klondike. ACP 3rd in Command Purpleslime4 responded with a defense and seemed assured of victory.

I came on today looking around the GT site when I found them scheduling an invasion! Yep, and they are invading us. Invading KLONDLIKE from us. They don’t want any war or anything, they just want that server back because of all the things we’ve done to them at the war we had during a war we had with them in August 2011. They said we have been lying to the troops about GT using bots, having leaders that hack and that they steal troops. I wasn’t there during the war because I was on holiday, but I NEVER knew this all happened! GT wants payback because of all this. Well, bring it on, Golden Troops!

Purple and Ben are both referring of course to the brief GT/ACP war in August 2011, which has become infamous in the minds of many for ACP’s accusations that are considered to have been a major factor that lead to GT’s collapse soon after.

In late August 2011, GT had risen to the Top 3 and was threatening ACP’s Number 1 spot. Soon, GT surpassed ACP and reached their longtime goal of Number 1. (Please note that due to site issues and hacking the articles from this period on both CPAC and GT’s sites have been lost, so all linked articles will come from ACP.) Mchappy, then ACP 2nd in command, posted this on ACP’s site at the time.

If you hadn’t known, GT “took” our number one spot.  Is this really true?  No, know it will never be true.  We are the grand ACP.  Now I have no intention in making this a flaming post.  I just want for you, the soldiers, to know that ACP will always be on top.  Once GT has rogues running around servers recruiting for them/can battle for them… call me.

GT soon issued a ‘secret invasion’, to be announced later, which ACP immediately assumed was of them.

Recently the Golden Troops issued a post stating that they will be attacking an un-named army via covert server invasion. In that same post they mentioned a hatred of the ACP and our great former leader McHappy. By their post we can assume that we are the targets of this Saturday offensive.

In order to prepare for this possible invasion we want every ACP soldier to check this website daily for updates on the impending attack.

GT and ACP traded accusations for a bit, and then came the post which many have attributed to being one of the major causes of GT’s fall. ACP accused the Golden Troops of hacking, bot use, and other forms of dishonesty, as well as conspiring to have the ACP site defaced.

[…] The GT have violated the Anti Hacking Bill which their leaders signed by threatening to hack ACP. As you know hacking is not just or right and ACP will punish the GT for its appalling moves that even the Nachos haven’t done in a long time.

[…] Will you fight for ACP’s just cause to protect freedom and defend justice? Or would you rather fight along side the army that has threatened to hack another army to harm it? In my point of view the latter choice is just morally unjust and pretty mean. […] If GT was the true largest army like the ACP they would have won the largest army award but they didn’t! The GT will never stay number one as long as the ACP is here.

[…] our ACP guerrillas will carry on the struggle for freedom from GT occupation and tyranny. This is to take our number one spot back and to punish GT for their cowardly hacking threats on the mighty ACP. If GT can at least act like they are the true number one army they will fight the supposed CPAC ranked number two army by itself.

If you wish for peace, prepare for war.

The post set off a firestorm, and is to many one of the beginnings of our modern form of flame war, of painting your enemy as evil. Infinity, the hacker alleged to have been hired by GT to deface ACP, issued the following statement.

I can assure you that, Infinity is not affiliated with Golden Troops. Stop stating that we will hack ____,we will do what we want and not what some skid says. If any questions feel free to ask at

The high ranks of ACP also weighed in and pushed armies to support them in light of the recently signed Anti-Hacking Bill.

According to the anti-hacking bill which was signed by most likely every current Top 10 army, you all agreed to declare war on an army should that army fail to punish a hacker, scammer, or other person that violated certain terms. While that might not have been the current leaders that signed it, your army is still under contract and thus HAVE to help out.

Any army that does not or tries to impede the efforts of the armies against GT is open to be attacked repeatedly and, in my opinion, is just as bad as GT/the hacker itself. You can either be against or with the hacker’s efforts, there is no middle ground because the middle ground is letting the hacker go free which does nothing to stop the hacker.


On the bill, it does say if one does break it we should all declare war on them and invade them, until the soldier is fired. I just want to say we will do awesome ACP! I know what we are capable of. Also, Promotions will be released soon!


I suggest if you signed the ‘Anti-Hacking bill’ that you side with ACP.  Otherwise by siding with GT you are breaking the bill you signed and you will meet the consequences.

The next day, ACP issued a reply to a now lost response from Jerry, GT Leader at the time. They further accused GT of impersonation.

Well, Jerry. The post invading no-one WAS changed to ACP and Breeze, someone has changed it back, and I have proof. That hacking picture is fake as Olympus is never off his phone, and doesn’t have (ACP LT. GENERAL) in his name and has “104″ in his name atfer the “Olympus”, that’s just poor. Deadly poor.

If you are trying to get excuses to not fight us, by changing the post – Maybe you shouldn’t be number 3 on the top 10? That picture of Oly looks like a sarcastic remark, and it’s completely fake. If you can prove it to be him, you would of taken pictures of his ID, etc. I know he used to be in GT too, so if you were going to pick anyone, why one of your own?

He also does not own a Laptop/Computer after talking to him.

Riotors commented on the post soon after, asking to speak to Flipper and denying that GT had impersonated anyone. Following this, ACP released on of the more infamous posts of the year, Uncovering Riotors, who was at the time leader of GT.  Riotors was accused of hacking and doxing through information from an ‘anonymous source’.

Well today I found something mighty interesting.  An anonymous source private chated me telling me that Riotors is a hacker.  He provided me with a website and a picture proving that Riotors is doxing defenseless small armies.  His goal is to corrupt army governments and spread anarchy.  Anarchy is basically creating civil battles in a government and taking out the leaders.  If he finds your army annoying, he will dox your leaders.  The only way these small armies can stop him from doxing them are to pay him a fee.  He has dox’d a girl and has gotten all of her real information.  He will give out even more information if the girl fails to pay him a fee.  Not to mention he is also in process of doxing a girl named Maria.  GT is lead by a monster.  A crazed kid.  This is why ACP must win this war.  We are here to stop an army from using hacking to their advantage.  When I first learned about this I was in complete outrage.  Yet what is more to expect?  This army has threatened to hack us, framed one of our soldiers, and are now doxing small armies.  We must win this war.

Even without GT knowing, they are supporting this.  They are supporting a totalitarian rule on their army.  Basically failure to do what he says or you face your army dying.  This is exactly totalitarianism.  ACP is here to presere justice; defend freedom.  Riotors is taking away freedom from other armies. Now that you’ve seen what GT is supporting, who will you side with?

Seeing as their leader is hacking and usinging totalitarianism to lead, I find it crucial that GT overthrows their leader.  Riotors goes against the ‘Anti-Hacking Bill’ and is forcefully destroying armies at his will.  He needs to be stopped.  If GT fails to take action then ACP will keep on fighting ’till the end.

This war means a whole lot more now.  We are protecting the CP community!  We will never give up until we are victorious.  This is what GT has come to? Riotors won’t stop until someone stands up to him.  That is why ACP is here, to stand up against him.  Enough is enough, Riotors.  You have been uncovered.

The post was the deathblow to GT. Riotors commented several times, denouncing the ‘proof’ as false, however soon issued his final statement.

I am not a hacker nor a doxer. You are all accusing me against something I have not done. Maria was the person doxed and I actually like Maria. Did I once own that army? Yes I created it. After finding the work too hard, I gave up and my friend took over the site and account. Read my edit on .  I am the main admin of the GT site so I cannot be overthrown but I will step down permanently to prove a point. Gt has always been my main army, and you have done nothing but try to kill it. Shoot, we weren’t even planning on even invading Acp, but rather becoming allies in a huge war that was about to start, which it won’t anymore. I have never hacked, doxed, or done anything you and acp have accused me of. I didn’t pretend to be Oly, I have no idea who did but I know it wasn’t him now. You will see my permanent retirement post up later, I hope you’re happy mchappy.

Sometimes innocent guys are accused with nothing but a hunch, its part of life. I hope I won’t be remembered for these accusations, but instead for the truth of who I actually am.

Goodbye my friends, and Mchappy, I won’t take you off my list I had ready of people to thank. I forgive you for everything you have done to me and I hope we can get along when our paths cross again.

[…] Later additional statement […]

Listen to me clear. Yes a mod did threaten to hack acp, we fired him. Somebody who wasn’t Gt framed Oly so we thought he was the real Oly. We have actual hacking threats on the site by Rawkins (or something like that) if you’d like to see that, his hacking comment is pending approval. I am not a hacker or a doxer and have never done anything like that. I talked to Boomer and told him the story to hopefully keep this from getting posted.You have already taken away my pride, dignity, friends, respect, reputation, and everything else I have worked so hard to achieve and its all because of something you ignorantly posted (no offence) that was completely fake; and why? To have an advantage in a stupid war that was never meant to happen. Because of you, I now have nothing more to lose, so why stay? How does it feel to ruin somebody who has always looked up to you for so long? Honestly I hope you feel like you’ve made a mistake, but it won’t change anything. There’s nothing I can do to earn all the things i have worked a year for to have it all be taken away from me in one day… I hope I’ll still be remembered for who i really am and not for this fake stuff.

In several followup comments, he argued with Mchappy, accusing him of ‘ruining his army career.’ Mchappy’s response(s):

I’m actually NOT happy with your decision on retiring from all armies, but it is what it is.  I was just given pictures and I used them to my advantage in the war.  Never have I once “hated” you and I am a true believer in over coming rocky roads.  The pictures I were given looked very, very real and everything else that GT has been doing just topped it off.  I felt the need to post.


I didn’t ruin your “CP army career.”  You are ruining your own.  When I was ACP leader, Vendetta and I would go back and forth fighting and fighting at each other saying bad things about one another.  If this is all a lie, then you ignore it.  You move on; you try to get your “popularity” back.  I am not going to apologize for “ruining” your career.  The evidence was there.

Riotors stepped down, and GT fell into shambles. Troops switched sides, and GT began it’s decline. ACP took several more severs as fewer and fewer troops attended defenses, and later denounced GT’s insults to them.

The forces of good and evil will be fighting. The GT are apparently going to be “unleashing hell on us” while the ACP unleashes the holy powers of heaven :lol:  The ACP war machine will not stop until GT has fired the person who had threaten to hack ACP and renounce their claims to our servers.

After this, GT essentially falls off the map, and with their site no longer around, no more can be seen of them.  While this was a long explanation, these are events that have never been summarized and recorded in this manner, and events that still shape the way we fight our wars today.


But now, as the tides have turned, we return to the present, where GT prepares to take revenge for what they feel was the beginning of the end for them and for Riotors. With ACP now only just getting back out of their slump, GT holds the advantage here. But with the events of the Summer of 2011 so recently having been brought back to light, we want to know what you think.

Did ACP’s actions really lead to the collapse of the GT Empire? Was ACP right to use their evidence against Riotors in the war?

Comment YOUR opinion!


As I said before, these are events which greatly shaped the way we wage war and continue to do so today. What caused the fall of GT and the role ACP played is still up in the air, so only time will tell the outcome of this battle.


CPA Central CEO

20 Responses

  1. 2nd, suck it to whoever usually comments after mchappy


  2. It might be worth noting that the original reason for this invasion was because Ben got buttmad that he was banned on ACP chat:

    It wasn’t until later that he realized he needed an actual reason for the invasion, so he dug up this 2 year old piece of ancient history to cover for it. I’m not even sure he was in armies as far back as August 2011.


    • I was just gonna say that. Ty Boomer.


    • He was in armies back then. Known as surf back in the day, he was one of the troops that was in GT during the attack as was all the leaders of this generation. The ban may have contributed to it, but this war, the one that killed off GT, is the thing that keeps our anger alive still. ACP never deserved a mass beating by many armies, just a beating by one, like it should have been.


    • Wow that’s really quite pathetic. I’ll add it in when I get some time.


      • I can’t believe you are gullible enough to believe I was serious about that. Please note that since Max defaced GT site, I can no longer prove this, but GT has been planning revenge for well over 2 months. If you paid attention to GT’s site in the early stages you may have seen a lot of protected posts. The planning and voting was contained inside those posts. You made an entire post about revenge, plenty of proof to back it up, and yet you believe that I would invade ACP over a ban. While yes, the fact that Slider claimed he would crush GT and turn all of CP Armies against GT did help us decide to invade, it was never the real reason. 🙂


  3. I’m on Rio’s side. If it wasn’t true in the first place, you don’t post it. If you can’t get ironclad truth, chances are, it’s not real. Rio was a man, and he made a manly choice. If Mc didn’t want Rio to leave cp armies, he shouldn’t have posted blaspemoy (Pardon my Persian)… Ah, tryhards… People are too serious these days… from dat random dude who used to be in an army led by Rio, Samanna1


  4. Did ACP’s actions really lead to the collapse of the GT Empire? Yes,there is no doubt. When you disprove a legend, you dring morale to a low. Was ACP right to use their evidence against Riotors in the war? If the evidence was true (Which it wasn’t) they should have only used it after they had gotten ironclad evidence. They in no right had any right to tell Rio to leave his army, however, Rio, being the noble person he is, did what he thought was the right thing to do.


  5. If GT couldn’t survive being trash talked (@beginning) then that’s their problem that they fell. All wars are like that. And getting tired of everyone attacking ACP all the time.


  6. Yes, what ACP done was wrong but I don’t see why the current ACP owners/soldiers should pay for what the past leaders/owners done. My whole leadership has been to restore what all the past leaders have done wrong (making other armies angry).


    • It’s not like we declared war. Taking an important server is a small way to get revenge, and we have already been over this in pc.


    • You were around when this happened, same with most high rankers in ACP. Your retired as.swipes are still helping you, like the Mchappy, which actually means they are still in the army in my eyes. You can’t fix the past, and all you can do is do some type of settlement and fix what happened, like ACP give GT all their servers except 2.


    • How are the soldiers paying the price? Isn’t the point of CP armies to have fun, usually through the involvement of wars?


    • Please don’t act
      1. like the victim
      2. like Mchappy is not owner on ACP chat
      3. like you are the good guys in every situation
      4. like your whole leadership didn’t also turn ACP into a UK army, no amount of morale-raising can deny the truth


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