Pirates Declare War on the Pretzels

Today, Waterkid from the Pirates had officially declared war on the Pretzels. Both armies seem a bit equal, with the Pretzels having a strong US Force, while the Pirates have a strong UK Force. The question is, who will win this war?



Water claims he declared war on the Pretzels is because he wanted to test out his US Division. He says that Pretzels are a good army for his army to test out their US Division. Here are some pics of the Pirate’s US Division events:

Nice E5 tactic when they captured Mullet.

“PIRATE POWER” tactic from their unscheduled USA Training.

On the declaration post, Water also mentions that they will be invading all the important servers with their UK Division and the least important servers with their US Division against the Pretzels this week, which may seem like a good strategy. Their US Leader is Nick/DJ Slides, who has done a fine job bringing a US Division for the Pirates and will have a very huge task on leading his division to victory during the coarse of this war.

What was interesting on Water’s declaration post is that he told the Pretzels that if they even dare to bring the Orange Alliance, he will bring his allies of his own. Will the Pretzels bring the Orange Alliance during the course of this war, and if so will this end up to be another World War? On there declaration post, Water include some invasion against the Pretzels and included a short paragraph here:

We are declaring war on the Pretzels. I thought they would be a good army to test our American division on. We will be invading their important servers with our UK division and their less important ones with our US division. I expect all american owners to attend the US invasions, and everyone to attend the UK invasions. All these invasions are important, so try your BEST to attend these. Also Pretzels, don’t bother getting the Orange Alliance to help you, because if you do, I will just get my allies too. I also noticed you got a server that belongs to us, Matterhorn, so we will cleanse it.

Now I begin my way to interview with Braveboy, Pretzel’s Leader:

Me = Red

Braveboy = Blue 

Hello Brave, mind if I interview you for my CPAC Post?


As the Pirates have declared war on the Pretzels, how do you react to this?

I am not surprised. Everyone knew this was coming when they interfered with our practice battle. It was only a matter of time. 

I see, do you expect this to be a tough war for the Pretzels?

Actually, I feel that this will be a very easy war. The Pirates are attacking us on UK times, but we will strike back on US times, since we all know they suck at those times. We also have  UK firepower as well.

When you mentioned the Pretzels have a UK firepower, what sizes do you expect to get during the coarse of this war?

Well, we are expecting sizes of 10+ in our UK Division, and 15-20+ from our US. 

Water has mentioned in his post,”Also Pretzels, don’t bother getting the Orange Alliance to help you, because if you do, I will just get my allies too.” Will the Pretzels bring in the Orange Alliance to help you in this war against the Pirates?

Well, we are still deciding on that issue, but most likely won’t. If we did, the Orange Alliance would still beat Pirate’s alliance any day.

You did think that the Black Alliance are behind this, but how do you really know?

It’s pretty obvious, everyone can see it. They are planning to make their comeback. 

You sound really confident in this war and I wish you all the best during the course of this war. 

Thank you.

As both armies seem really confident in this war, anything can happen and may the best winner win! Here are some pics from both armies of their recent event:


Nice E2 tactic done by the Pirates.


Nice EZ tactic done by the Pretzels.

It seems a really close war on paper, but it will all be decided on the battlefield. Who will win this war, Pirates or the Pretzels? If both armies do bring their allies in, who will win it then? Comment on your opinion now and stay tuned for more updates on this war!

21 Responses

  1. From this day on, I shall start my hate for Water.


  2. Lol down with Pirates. No one likes them anyways.


  3. Go Pretzels!


  4. Pretzels ftw.




  6. Pirates are pretty good but I mean Pretzels I may hate a little (no offence Pretzel People) but I think they have more of the chance.


    • YOU INSULTED ME!!!! I SHALL RAGE ABOUT YOU ON PRETZELS CHAT! jk. F.Y.I. we are not people. us pretzels are a nice salty snack that goes well with a nice loss. So fear are salt!


  7. I don’t understand why pirates dont just get huge like 2010 acp and then take everyone out.


  8. I am confident pretzels will win this…. -.-


  9. as they would say in jolly good england and the uk, OFF WITH THE PIRATE’S HEAD!!!!!!!!! I’m in the pretzels and waterkid went after cap when I was in them. So is he after every army I’m in? I’m in dw too.


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