Black Alliance Back?

Well most of us all heard of the Black Alliance, which their goal is to take down or kill ACP. Some thought the Black Alliance will return, some thought they won’t. There have been sources found that the Black Alliance are reforming once again, and are ready to take down ACP. Are they back again?

black alliance sign

Are they returning again? Read more to find out!

Table of Contents:

  1. Are they back?
  2. Interview with Kingfunks

1. Are they back?

Today, a Black Alliance Meeting post was found on the Pirate Site, and it was written by Waterkid. This may be another attempt to take revenge against the White Alliance once again. I went to that chat during the meeting and found some of the Black Alliance members there. Well, questions still remains once again on the Black Alliance, but the main question is, are they actually reforming once again? Here’s the pic of the meeting post on the Pirate Site:

Water posted a Black Alliance Meeting on the Pirate Site.

The people that I saw at the meeting were Ioioluk, Waterkid, and Proditor.

We still have no clue still if the Black Alliance are actually reforming, even if there is a Black Alliance Meeting post on the Black Alliance Site. Well, I made my way to try to get answer from the leader of BA, Waterkid. Some background information about this guy is the he is a Pirate Leader and had many attempts to bring down ACP, but had failed. Anyways, Water claims that the Black Alliance is not back. Also, he says that the Black Alliance members and he, himself will decide if they want to return or reform in the future. Her are some pics on all this:

Water claims that the Black Alliance is not coming back.

Basically, Water and the Black Alliance will decide whether they want to return again in the future.

Water and the Black Alliance maybe discussing if they want to return in their meeting, which I showed you all in that pic earlier in the post. However, the question still remains, are the Black Alliance actually coming back?

2. Interview with Kingfunks 

Now I interviewed a formed CPAC Head and is now currently the leader of ACP, Kingfunks:

Me = Red

Kingfunks = Green

Hello Funks, mind if I interview you for my post?


As you can see, the Black Alliance may have returned once again, what are you thoughts on this?

The BA are always a force to be wary of, especially when they consist of two of the largest CP Armies [LT and DW]. I don’t think it will last though.

Why not?

The BA have never lasted and one big army always drop out.

You seem confident that you will win this war once again if it does happen. Do you plan on bringing back the White Alliance?

I am not going to disclose information on the White Alliance, but the Orange Alliance also plays a big part in this one.

How so?

The OA is a strong force that consists of many armies of many large armies and I feel they will play a bigger part in this war than the WA.

Do you expect the Orange and White Alliance to team up and take down the Black Alliance if the war actually takes place again?

I am not sure and honestly cannot say.

Any final thoughts you would like everyone to know?

The ACP will not die, there are 20-30 loyal ACP troops who will always help the ACP. This is why the ACP is still getting 20-30+ at events on the weekend. Any attenpts to “kill” the ACP are pointless. 

Alright Funks, thanks for your time. 

No problem. 

Well, Funks seems confident that ACP and their allies will win this war again. The suprising and interesting part is when, he predicts that the Orange Alliance might also join in the war against Black Alliance is it does happen. Anything could really happen, but if the Black Alliance errupts another war again, will the Orange Alliance step in to help?

Well, we still have many questions that have not been answered, but lets predict what actually might happen. Will the Black Alliance actually reform again to take down ACP? Kingfunks claims that ACP and their allies will win this war and that the Orange Alliance may step in and go against the Black Alliance? Is he right or wrong? Comment on YOUR OPINION NOW!

24 Responses

  1. 🙄


  2. “20-30 loyal troops”
    They are all 16 year olds who should have retired armies and disappeared forever.


  3. The fact Proditor was there is good because he was one of the Few BA members against ACP’s destruction and supported the idea of removing ACP from central power.


  4. Very interesting


  5. Aren’t you one of those cry babies who say there is enough war and we should all have peace? Why do you constantly make posts like this to stir up another war. It is pretty obvious the Black Alliance is dead and we all want it to remain that way. However idiots like you who keep poking your nose into other peoples business is what starts all these wars, idiot. Stop assuming stuff and trying to cause another war and try blame it on the Black Alliance.


  6. Orange Alliance FTW.


  7. Metal Alliance FTW


  8. the illness is haunting me


  9. The Black Alliance is NOT returning any time soon.


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