Uprise – Final Battle

NOTE- This is strictly for entertainment, this video isn’t completely true(LT raping ACP). So don’t take it too seriously 😛

Hello everyone,

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted an animation on CPAC, but I’ve been busy leading LT and Kappn is back in boarding school. I’ll do my best to keep on posting animations.

I’ll now be presenting the final Uprise scene, we couldn’t upload the full video of this episode, it kept having errors so we just took out the final scene and said it was good enough. Here’s the final battle of the Uprise Series, enjoy!

(Skip to 0:36 for the battle, or just watch the planning of the invasion, watch in full screen!)

17 Responses

  1. Too biased against ACP! Other then that good job Rob.


  2. Good Job Rob. Also, you can post 15+ mins on Youtube, I heard you had problems. Just search for info.


  3. This reminds me of a crappy version of Call of Duty


  4. Love how you make ACP shoot like Stormtroopers. Very Accurate. This entire video should be the otherway around. But hey this video is biased to their own army.


  5. Why is Ken disarmed lmao
    You’d think he forgot to grab his gun license when going to the shop last week


  6. Note to self:
    -Improve Generals Quarters Defenses
    -Reinforce hulls of Cruisers
    -Make Air Craft Carriers
    -All troops required to carry their arms
    -Add Air Patrols
    -Add More Anti – Air

    I got a lot of stuff on my list to do… Or else this’ll happen again some day to funks.


  7. lawl


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