Editorial: Crime and Punishment

KLONDIKE — An exclusive look on the community’s view and execution of self-imposed law.

NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in this post do not reflect those of CPAC.

When the Anti-Hack Bill was introduced, it began to root itself as a primary counter against the threat of malicious extra-warfare crime. Now supported by the Army Council, it serves the same purpose. However, it seems to be widely ignored. For example, an IP lookup by the Pirates caused the Council to react and push the AHB. However, it was ignored when the ACPSIS agent, Galaxie, threatened to hack CPAC. This leads many to believe the AHB is little more as an excuse to try and defeat the Council’s enemies without having to fight a single battle.

Notably, several enemies of the Anti-Hack Bill are still at large and freely roaming the community. By this, it shows enforcement of the bill is very low. Being a virtual community with no methods to bust the offenders except for hacking/tools does not help the bill at all, considering the hypocrisy if that was the protocol. Methods such as IP blacklisting and chat bans are very ineffective, considering the many loopholes (IP changing, proxies, deleting xat files from PC, etc.) Several of this offenders are not members of any army, so what would banning the person from armies accomplish?

Several high-profile figures go unnoticed even when doing the acts right in front of the Council. When the Army of the Republic paid for the Black Alliance to be booted offline via DoS, they received no punishment whatsoever. When the AR was suspected to be using bots in December 2012, no formal investigation was undertaken to disprove or approve the theory. However, several small, independent bot makers have been targeted by their own armies, armies that use bots themselves, in order to remove suspicion of the use of bots.

On the topic of bots, they have had other uses outside of combat. The Nachos in 2009 used a semi-bot, being one penguin with a macro onto it to repeat a specific phrase, and received no attention. However, the Army of Club Penguin took this a step further, and actually had swarms of bots going around and chanting recruiting phrases, contrary to the single bot used by the Nachos. While their own troops and outside influences widely condemned ACP’s actions, no formal action was taken. However, several forces demanded action when the Dark Warriors were suspected of bots, showing how deep the ACP controlled the Council early on.

Historically, the bill held great power. Several high profile figures were indeed punished for their actions; among them being Zak, Coff, and Waterkid. A ban list was established, but is no longer enforced. Additionally, a main supporter of the bill, Jcapp64, was widely shunned due to extremely explicit actions committed in the summer of 2012, ruining the credibility of the bill. Additionally, ACP leader Kenneth1000 outright ignored the bill and didn’t earn any punishment. The bill most likely lost most of it’s credibility to it’s inactivity.

How would a set of laws be established? The Council does not govern over every army, as the UMA, Pirates, and Dark Warriors have already seceded from their jurdistiction. It would require total cooperation and 100% ratification from each army to make it a logical institution. A way to take action against outside forces that does not defeat the purpose of the AHB would be almost impossible to find, but necessary if we want a set of laws. At this point, the only way we can enforce a universal law is if each leadership shares the same moral views as the everyone else and is willing to discipline their own troops for the greater good.

But who knows?





18 Responses

  1. 1st evar


  2. First of all, it’s not like when ACP used bots it went unnoticed. Sure they received no punishment, but neither did DW. Many of ACP retirees and soldiers went against the whole idea, causing FANTA to apologize for their actions. It’s not like the council always supports WA and hates BA, but technically it is always BA doing these little tricks. I mean seriously, when has ACP ever defaced a site? When have the Ice Warriors hacked a chat? When have BA defaced a site? Only 2 weeks ago (GT’s site). How many times has SaW been caught violating the AHB? A lot. It’s not like the BA never do anything, and I mean seriously, when WA do some deface it always gets on the news. Even CPAC posted on how ACP used bots.


  3. What are you talking about Shiv? Gala was never ACPSIS. I didn’t ignore any bill and if I did when was it? If you haven’t noticed Jcapp was kicked out of the ACP and stripped of all posts. I wasn’t even leader in Summer 2012.


  4. What the Council is trying to do is start enforcing the AHB again. We have to start somewhere and I enforced the first one I was told about. What do you expect us to do? Start charging people from back in October when most of their damn sentences would have been over by now? If so than all of us, Good, Bad and ugly, would be detained somehow. What do you lot want? us to rip up the bill and tell you morons to go hack each other to death? or how about we stop doing our job, shut down the council, and let armies fight like savages with no law, and no order. We’d be back to how it was, armies claiming victory everywhere, one army fending off hordes of others. There would be no safeguards for any army, Whether Black or White.


  5. First off, have you actually read the AHB? Doxing is explicitly mentioned as being a violation. Making threats is not, unless it rises to the level of “repeated threats”, in which case it’s still only a first-tier offense. Additionally, Galaxie was not even in ACP at the time of his threats against CPAC, so ACP would not have been responsible for his actions even if his empty threats were actually against the bill. Doxing is a second-tier offense, which means a minimum of a 1 month ban from armies. This is straight from the bill which you’ve definitively not bothered to read before making this post. Also, the Council cannot be held responsible for anything that occurred before mid-December 2012 (it did not exist then). That includes the AR/LT/DW DoSing incidents.

    Additionally, whether or not armies stay in the Council has no effect on “jurisdiction” so long as CPAC supports it. If an army secedes from the Council, all they’ve done is withdraw their ability to vote on Council matters. If they violate the AHB, CPAC can still remove them from the Top 10 and all CPAC-sponsored events whether they are a member of the Council or not. There is no benefit to not being in the Council because all you’ve done is revoke your ability to influence the things that go on in armies.

    Lastly, editorial does not mean “I no longer have to cite facts in this post”, it just means you’ll be providing an opinion on top of the facts. You should try to do a little bit of research first instead of just going off the top of your head about things you don’t seem to know. It does a disservice to CPAC to have so many factual inaccuracies in your posts. I’d suggest going back to doing what you did well, which was reporting on current news.


  6. Enforcement of rules comes through power. In the real world, that’s people like the police, and adults, because they have more strength and people.

    But here, it’s a rather level playing field. People can do what they want and until there’s someone Boomer-esque (but even more powerful and influential) who can control them, it will be impossible to enforce these laws. And I doubt we’ll ever find anyone like that.


  7. AR wasn’t accused of Bots, we were accused of multi-logging, which there was no proof we did. (I didn’t find any) not to mention several other armies have been caught before.


  8. I clicked read more then said “im not gonna read that” Then i thought i will just read the comments. Only 8. Then i saw the comments. And thought “Im not gonna read that” Then i typed this up.




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