Tap Rant: Secret Invasions

Quick Edit so I don’t have to make another post. http://cparmycouncil.wordpress.com/2013/02/02/warning-to-pirates/ 3ic doxed another 3ic, further details in post.

Ok, so we got some things going on about people complaining about secret invasions. I don’t get the deal with it. I do think they should be posted 24 hours in advance. They shouldn’t be the first invasions in war because really, I’ve seen these invasions be useful. They are sneak attacks, and in my eyes a sneak attack can be just as effective as a full assault. The only invasions that should be posted on the enemies site would be the invasions associated with the declaration of war. Armies shouldn’t have to wait for their enemies to make a comment saying they are invading this server at this time. In real war we don’t. In real war we have spies who find info for us, and since these invasions will be listed on the army’s website, doesn’t that mean it would be real easy to go to the link in the comment, go to the website, and BAM all posts that are public, which all invasion posts should be, and you can look at all the posts. And know what? If you are smart, you would skim through the posts and click on the ones with a “Read more” button to make sure your enemy is not hiding their invasions. Nachos got away with it easily because let’s be honest, ACP back in the day hade pride and vanity, they got pissed off when someone managed to get a fast one, probably threw some rather colorful language, and eventually got over it and said that the invasions were pretty smart. Now if any army uses secret invasions, it is deemed illegal because of the council rules.

Clause 3: 24 Hour Rule

All invasions must be scheduled and visibly posted on the invading army’s website at least 24 hours before the invasion is to take place. Battle times and locations may not be changed within 24 hours unless a further 24 hours are provided, or unless both armies agree to the change. Allies must provide 24 hours notice of invasions as well in order to participate in the battle.

Ok, look at that. It must be “scheduled and visibly posted on the invading army’s website at least 24 hours before the invasion.” Excuse me, but wouldn’t a secret invasion like the one AR did. I checked it and yeah, it does mean having to probe a little more into AR site, the times are posted publicly 24+ hours before invasion, thus according to Clause 3, it is legal. If you are in a war, and someone made a post like “Where did YOUR penguin name come from?” wouldn’t it be kinda Fishy? Also the fact they used white text didn’t conceal it completely and unless you are blind, which I bet Ioio is, than wouldn’t you notice the white text over the colored parts of AR site?

Clause 4: Invasion Notification Rule

Non-Council Armies or Non-Major Armies must notify leaders of the defending army of their scheduled invasion at least 12 hours in advance of the battle in order to assure they have seen the post and can respond accordingly. Evidence of this dialogue is suggested to clarify any subsequent disagreements.

This shouldn’t exist, want to know why? Because this means war has begun usually. The only modern exception I have seen would be Pirates attempting to reclaim land they lost in the war with ACP. Maybe I should rewrite this law.

Clause 4: Invasion War Notification Rule

All armies must notify the defending army of War at the very latest 12 hours before the first invasion so the defending army can prepare and respond accordingly. If an invasion is made of another army’s land and war is not in place, than the army must notify the defending army at least 12 hours in advance so the defending army can prepare and respond accordingly.

There we go, that looks nicer. I think I left out all the loopholes that will prevent people from abusing this. Now I probably have gone on enough about this, but give it time and I will be back with more to rant about.

~tคק ๔คภςєг36, ђєll’ร ๒єรt

11 Responses

  1. See in the post you are comparing ClubPenguin Armies War to Real Life War see thats kinda a bad idea since in CPAW you can’t die by a suprise attack but in real life wars you can Tap.Also the other army will call it invaid since during wars you don’t have to check the other army site to see when they are attacking no i won’t i will wait until they get their lazy asses and comment on my site so i can post them.I won’t be the one waiting to do it they should be the one.


  2. Compare a child’s game to real life. Classic.
    You are retarded, please, stop posting your rants that nobody gives a damn of.


  3. Looks like AR pulled a Nachos
    PROTIP There are better ways to do it


  4. Nice post though


  5. Im famous!


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