Waterkid100 Betrayed? — A Whole New Collaboration on the Six-Month War

MIGRATOR — Today on my half birthday, January 31, 2013, a spiral of events have occurred in the past twenty-four hours.  It all comes down to the construction of the Black Alliance.

Waterkid100, Pirates leader, recently created a post filled with disappointment and disbelief context.  In it contained the news of Ioioluk, Light Troops leader, possibly joining the White Alliance.  Not to forget that he also got moderator on the Army of Club Penguin‘s chat.  Waterkid100 has always idolized Ioioluk in Club Penguin armies.  With the confusion of what really happened, Waterkid100 jumped to a conclusion.  That conclusion — Ioioluk had betrayed him.

Ioioluk and the Light Troops betrayed us. Ioioluk has turned pro-ACP. I thought he was joking, but he was serious. I do not know what to do now. The only reason why I disliked the ACP was because of Ioioluk. In 2012, when I joined LT, I learned to hate the ACP. Now, Ioioluk is a legend and he likes the ACP. What about me? EVERYONE hates me and 14 people out of 15 voted no on me being a legend.

Later on Waterkid100 went on to say that he would be joining WA, leaving his infamous belief of destroying ACP behind.  Waterkid100 further proved his theory of idolization.  Whatever Ioioluk does, he follows in suit.  For a sentence or two, Waterkid100 even puts emphasis on the only reason he hates ACP is because of Ioioluk’s previous faith.

Others tend to have a different feeling about the whole situation.  Recently, Army Republic, invaded all of LT’s nation by posting in secrecy.  The war seemed to have been going in LT’s favor for the most part, when AR released the results of the secret invasions, all hell broke lose.  For the most part, as expected of the situation, Ioioluk responded back with a fueled hate post against the army.


AR’s proof of secret invasions that are “valid”.

The Club Penguin Army Council has yet to rule if the invasions are justified or not.  Either way, this certainly ignited a bomb.  It is not known how or why Ioioluk joined the WA and got moderator on ACP chat.  Since the Pirates have insisted on joining the WA as well, that only leaves SWAT as the last remaining new generation BA member.  As said before, it is unknown as to what is coming next for the alliance to take down all of the old generation armies.  No one is really sure on whether Ioioluk was true to his word or being his sarcastic persona.

What I was really interest in was what Waterkid100 said at one point in his post.  His response, “EVERYONE hates me and 14 people out of 15 voted no on me being a legend“, really had my eyebrows raised.  I took away from that sentence that one of the reasons he remade the BA was to get legend.  There is a typical issue in this generation of armies.  We’re all obsessed with the idea of our names being written in the history books that we sacrifice our morals to do what we think is right.  Maybe that was the whole reason everyone wants to destroy ACP.  At this point, destroying ACP is a hoax.  Three-fourths of major armies are bigger than the green machine.  If you want to be a legend, go about it in a positive reaction to the community.

What do YOU think?  Are Ioioluk and Waterkid100 sincere about their change of mind?  Has the ideology of legends ruined the warfare community?  Let us know in the comments below!

~Vice President, Mchappy

24 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. I think we should all have canned bread


  3. Still waiting for Pain to start complaining.


  4. Ioio- Legit
    Waterkid- Not true


  5. 1. LT is not in the BA
    2. I am not in ACP


  6. lol.. i have a word to describe waterkid but i cant remember it…


  7. BA isn’t alive.
    Stop using BA over and over again. LT, Pirates and SWAT are broken up.


  8. Can you stop posting things about BA, BA is dead {From what I heard}


    • I honestly would love to stop posting anything related to the Black Alliance. However, nothing else is in the news that is not ACP related. I try to avoid posting about ACP seeing I was one of their past leaders.




  10. I been working really hard on something for the Club Penguin Armies, I been making a Forums for all Armies to could and join, would you perhaps maybe join these Forums and get your fellow soldiers too? http://clubpenguinarmies.forumotion.co/


  11. Another one of Burr’s schemes.
    Tsk Tsk.


  12. Yoan really sucks at hiding invasions


  13. I have no clue to say to this its all so confusing now for the truth….


  14. so its true im quitting LT forever!


  15. I also think some brave army needs to end acp once and for all!


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