Editorial by Ioioluk: Behind the Army Republic

Forward: This is an edited version of the editorial Ioioluk posted yesterday about Corruption in AR. While the original made some good points, it was deemed to unprofessional for posting. Ioio has rewritten the editorial in order to get it reposted, so without further adieu:


Hey everyone.

Ioioluk here. Once again, here I am, making a post on CPAC using Roberto’s account. In this post, I will talk about what’s really going on in AR, and how they’re affecting our community.

Of course this will be an opinion based post, but it will not be a regular one. It’s Ioioluk’s opinion. And what is more fair and right than my opinion? Nothing.

So let’s start!

AR and LT have been at war many times, and AR lost each war. However, they did not exactly fight with pride and respect during those wars. The wars always ended up with AR doing dirty tricks, and anything that could bring them to a victory unfairly earned. The first example that comes up in my mind is when LT and AR had a war in September of 2012. AR surrendered the war, and if the treaty was broken, the army who would have broken the treaty would have to give all their servers to their opponent.

So AR agreed, and they went back to having training sessions. But 3 weeks later, LT declared war on the Doritos. AR, seeking for revenge, wanted to help the Doritos, but the treaty was being a problem.   AR, however, did not respect the treaty and found a “way around it”. LT told AR they broke the treaty and lost all their servers, but the AR creator responded saying that the Army Republic gave all their servers to IW before breaking the treaty and IW gave them back after they broke the treaty.

First off, what is this “switching servers around” thing? Do CP Armies really need to go this low and get this complicated, simply to avoid fair play? It seems like a pretty lame excuse to me.

Second, AR did not provide any picture of AR giving servers to the IW. I actually asked Albert if this was true and he said he had no idea what AR was talking about. So AR actually never really gave any servers to IW before the treaty.

Now there is another example that I need to show you all. This happened on the 30th of January, so it’s really recent.

As you all know, LT declared war on AR. They have lost all 7 battles so far, and tried to surrender, but I declined their surrender. What could AR do? Fight with pride until the end? Nah, they could just do what they do best – cheat their way out. But not this time AR. I’m not letting everything go unnoticed again.

So right after AR lost on Thermal, Burito went on a post called “Where did YOUR penguin name come from?”, and edited it by adding invasions on all the LT empire. Those invasions were supposed to be hidden.

Burito stated 3 reasons why their invasions were valid.

Here are a few facts proving that the first two reasons are invalid.

  • First off, there is no “notice” because they never notified LT of these invasions.
  • Second off, since AR is an army part of the council, they need to give a 24 hour notice of the invasions, in which AR clearly failed to do, because there was no notification and they did not even add the invasions 24 hours before.

Third, LT did inform AR of their invasions. I first made a comment on the AR site on the empire page telling them that LT is invading. But, no wonder that comment got deleted. Every time I comment something on AR site, it either gets deleted or edited. Here is what happens when I notify AR of invasions.

I also made a comment telling AR about the invasion of Crunch, which means they would have checked LT’s site anyway.

Me and Vinny(AR leader) also spoke about the war before the invasions even took place, which means that they did know about the invasions. Vinny would probably say this is false, but he knows it’s true. He came on LT chat while LT was having a training session to talk about the war.

LT’s invasions were on the stickied post of their site. It was also posted on CPAC, and I know for sure that Burito checks CPAC every day, like I do. Who doesn’t realize an army is invading them when it’s right in front of their face?

Overall, the LT invasions were organized, simple to understand, clearly shown, notified, and whatever word you want to use. AR’s invasions were hidden on purpose. Since LT gave enough notice of the invasions taking place, Burito has no right to claim that LT did not inform AR of the invasions. On the other hand, AR did everything on purpose so LT would not know they were getting invalidly invaded. Therefore, AR gave no notice of their invasions and they don’t count.

And here is another reason why AR’s invasions are invalid. The AR posted about 8 pictures on their side as proof of their invasions. But it’s actually very doubtful, because it’s the same people in every single picture, which leads me into thinking that AR actually stayed on the same server the entire time. If they actually did invade each server one at a time, they should have taken pictures of CP saying “You are on the server Flurry(example)”, and where you could see AR troops in the background. But they didn’t. They have no proof they actually went on any of those servers. Here is how it should have been done. (LT did this when AR did not show up to a battle.)

When LT invaded Grizzly at 3:00 PM EST and AR did not show up.CLICK TO ENLARGE

AR should have also taken a picture of the time. On their secret invasions, it said that they were going to stay 1 hour and twenty minutes on CP. But is anyone seriously believing AR stayed on for that long? Nope. And they didn’t take any picture of the time to prove it. I could actually bet money that AR didn’t stay more than 15 minutes online. So in conclusion, since AR did not take any pics of them being on the specified servers, and also didn’t take picture of what the time was, their invasions are invalid.


All I have to say is “really?”. Is this kind of stuff really necessary? Couldn’t AR just log on CP and fight with pride and honor? I think they could have done that, but they decided not to. They decided to make this complicated and boring for everyone by pulling this dirty move. This is another thing that is wrong with our community today. I don’t remember anyone in the past going this low. AR is actually the first army I can think up of who does this. And this happens in every single war that doesn’t go their way. We as a community need to look on the other side of things. The problem is not only Pain. It’s not only the Black Alliance. There are other things.


23 Responses

  1. LOL. It’s not only Pain, it’s other things….well…a few other things…nah…mostly Pain.


  2. Ioio you have recently betrayed the LT and went to the ACP.


  3. The secret invasions were valid: http://prntscr.com/r4f4n


  4. We offered surrender, you denied it saying you wanted to kill us, yet we are the injust ones? Odd.


  5. Ioio. Stop bitching. This isn’t the first time armies have done this stuff, Nachos and ACP wars got real dirty in the past.


    • I do believe that you yourself, Tap, have created several ‘bitch’ posts about GT and other matters that were only written because you were emotionally invested in them.

      So please, whilst pointing fingers, remember to aim one at yourself.

      [Source: Reading and editing bitch posts and posts about bitching whilst CPAC editor]


  6. Man, What Up 11 your a real noob u have a chance to beat camplazlo3 this year


  7. I didn’t agree with the Nachos doing it in the ACP war back in July, I still don’t agree with it now Burr. Seriously though, you wonder why I left AR. Also Ioio, I hope you don’t go telling me you would rather have had e in AR than in ACP.


  8. Ar knew they would lose against LT. That’s why they made hidden invasions.


  9. AR likes running their mouths to much. Then they end up getting run over, and they desperately need to do some dirty tricks to try and turn the tides.


  10. Ioio, want to see an armie that agrees with the army republic ways, go on this website for proof http://clubpenguinaceofspadeswarriors.wordpress.com/ it shows beeky agreeing that the army republic should stay with their ways


  11. With a white background, putting it in white colour makes it hidden. Also it said “Where Did YOUR Penguin Name Come From?”, not “Where Did YOUR Penguin Name Come From + Invasions”. This makes it invalid.


  12. and the AOS will do no impact, there was no other place to post the image


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