Coming Soon: Hollywood Party, Card Jitsu snow, Puffles.

Wait a minute, I have to write about this stuff? Oh well, here we go!

End of the month, and a ton of stuff has been announced. We got the Hollywood party, Card Jitsu Snow, The EPF is being rebuilt and Puffles are part of the next operation. What’s the deal Disney? Old names to boring? We’ll find out what I mean in a moment.

The Hollywood party is a rip off of the Penguin Play Awards, which I think sounds much nicer and more formal. From what I see, they are changing the old to the new, more action, more stunts. Sorta Like how the Lego Island game series became even more boring when they added extreme sports in the mix because they removed what made the game unique. But hey, it should be fun because kids love extreme stunts such as jumping off a plane and just saying that and looking at the images makes this party feel cliche.

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Image originally from

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Now onto the next thing I must mention so I can possibly get my Pay Check. Card Jitsu Snow, or should I say the Beta Test. Well for all 2 of you who bother to read these posts, We have the ability to Beta Test Card Jitsu Snow. What does this mean? we get to play a half completed version of a game that will be made for members only.

Hey Ninjas!

We know you’ve been waiting a long time for info about Card-Jitsu Snow. Well, today’s your lucky day! We’ve got some EPIC NEWS…

Next month, you’ll have the chance to BETA TEST Card-Jitsu Snow!!

For the first time since Club Penguin started in 2005, you’ll have the chance to beta test a brand new multi-player game. We’d love for you to be a part of this huge event!

Stay tuned to the blog, because dates and details are COMING SOON!

Until then… Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

Wow! I always wanted to beta test this game! No not really. I think the reason they are letting us beta test the game is due to the fact Water wasn’t exactly good. Very laggy and from the looks of it, not very successful. I think more non-members played fire than water during the Card-Jjitsu party of 2011. Of course looking at parties and stuff for 2013, it looks like we may have more things for nonmembers, how about we open games back up for nonmembers?

Next on this list of things I have to talk about is the party coming in March. Operation Puffle. In the Club Penguin magazine printed in spanish, correct me if I am wrong, there is an ad that is saying Herbert is returning with a device to hypnotize all puffles into doing his bidding.

So, another rename. This was originally the Puffle Party, and actually if this is so, than the Director better get working, because according to the paper, the EPF should be back soon. Need proof?

Also to help out armies, the dig is over finally, no more dinosaurs puking on us and we can all get back to normal without going mad.


Well, this has been your favorite, or least favorite, member of CPAC. So Blue2, where is my Paycheck?

23 Responses

  1. :3


  2. This is no a cheat site, this is a club penguin ARMY site. This post is terrible.


  3. CP is no longer CP. Why would a penguin game let you turn into a freaking dinosaur? It makes no sense


  4. Well for one, I noticed that CP is trying to make the penguin beeks into the ones they had in 2005


  5. Dinos are gone, finally!


  6. Just so you know , you don’t have to be a member in order to beta test.


  7. Aunt Artic is really hot


  8. This is a army central not a cheats central xD


  9. I think they just should’ve scprapped ‘Card-jitsu’, named it ‘Fire Cardz’, Kept the Dojo and held ‘Fire Cardz’ In the volcano, as a FULLY non-member game.


  10. great…. Snow ninjas T_T


  11. Summary of post: Hollywood-posing penguins doing extreme stunts that can actually hurt yourself irl, but not in a game.
    Also, a beta test of water is coming up because CP is too caught up in these atrocious parties.

    Seems about it.


  12. puffles with epf thats just meshed up


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