News: Pirates Reclaiming Lost Land

MIGRATOR — The Pirates are not declaring war on ACP this time; they intend to retake servers Pirate Captain Waterkid100 deems important.

Revenge of the Pirates

As a result of the recent conclusion of the Black Wars, the Pirates ceded Klondike and Mammoth to the White Alliance. Waterkid intends to reinvade said servers due to their sheer importance to the Pirates and former Black Alliance. However, this does not mean a state of war exists between the ACP/White Alliance and Pirates; they only mean to fight for the two servers previously mentioned. The ACP have responded by scheduling defenses of the servers. There has been no official reponse by Kingfunks, but former ACP leader Kenneth stated this was an act of treachery toward the treaty. The ACP has been occupied by war with the Dark Warriors, but will move the Pirate invasions to the front of their priorities. There has been no other offical comments by either party.


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  1. I wonder where Ioio’s post went.


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