Army Republic and Light Troops Battles Escalate — Climax at Toboggan

FLURRY- as the war continues, the Army Republic seems to be taking a hard hitting.  Especially with a recent loss of their capital, Toboggan, which was invaded on January 28, 2013.  Light Troops still seem confident in their winnings, claiming to win almost every battle since the war has started.

Despite the common belief of armies going into a fall, the LT proves everyone wrong by proving to still be one of the best armies of this new(er) generation.  Getting up to sizes of thirty is the norm for them.  This is shown in many other battles.  However, the climax of the war to this point was the taking of AR’s capital, Toboggan.  Getting the capital right off the bat is a huge feat in wars, and certainly helps in the long run.  Here is what Spi101 who is a general in LT, had this to say about the invasion,

We had a battle against the Army Republic at Toboggan, and it was an obvious victory. AR maxed sizes of 10-15+ where as Light Troops maxed about 23-25. Good job guys, we will shine with victory even more.

Even with losing, AR has yet to post pictures of the event.  They did however have a response to the invasion.  Austin, AR leader, did not seem very happy with his armies effort in their capital’s defense.

Today was a great loss and a great victory, though our sizes may be lower then average we still are the AR and will defend our empire at all costs. We may have lost our Capital [Toboggan] but we did indeed keep one of our servers Crunch. The sizes of our first event was just shockingly un-real but it also understandable because of school and weekday purposes.

Austin claims that, considering school is in session, it is unrealistic of AR (or any army) to show up with their true sizes.  Though he was very disappoint in the sizes, he reassures AR that it was only just a fluke.  He makes a solid point, but all is fair in love and war.  What do you think?

Ill faces in a backwards “L” at the snow forts.

While LT does sun emotes in a curved line, AR chants “LIGHTS OUT” in a horizontal line; both at the town.

As said before, only LT took pictures of the event.  Thus, I took the best two pictures of the event of LT.  Looking at the war as a whole, it appears to be that LT are winning with a good streak.  Even though there have only been about three battles in the war, AR has only one post containing one picture.  Could this show a lack of motivation on AR’s behalf?

What is YOUR opinion?  Do AR have a valid excuse due to school affecting the war?  Is there less motivation in AR since the war started?  Will LT continue their winning?  Let us know in the comments below!

~Vice President, Mchappy

18 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. Though I am Ar I would agree with austain school tends to make armies not reach their full size an it seems unfair how they invaded Ar Capitol when our leaders were away and during school hours


  3. Well AR is screwed.


  4. AR is seeming to be falling.


  5. We are pretty sure I have see this identical type of statement anywhere else, it must be more popular with all the public


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