Chrisdog93 Really Joining Club Penguin Armies?

SLEET- It seems to appear that we have a new legend on our hands.  Although this time, a blogging legend.  It seems to be that Chrisdog93 has joined our warfare community, specifically the Army Republic.  This could change the whole playing field for AR’s war against Light Troops.  Maybe even change a new recruiting tone in all armies.

Chrisdog93 approached me on the Army of Club Penguin chat room.  Getting a private chat from a user, claiming that Chrisdog93 joined AR was very laughable.  Deciding to go along with it, the user proceeded to claim he was in fact actually Chrisdog93.  Logging onto Toboggan to see if it was true, I had the shock of my life.  Double checking over and over again, right in front of me was Chrisdog93.


After a nice discussion on chat, we added each other on CP.

Today, January 27, 2013, we find ourselves losing a true army legend– Boomer 20.  Coincidentally the same day we lose Boomer 20, we possibly gain Chrisdog93.  Obviously with such a famous blogger like himself, some speculation will revolve around his abrupt joining of CP armies.  In order to clear up any questions anyone has, I decided that an interview with him would do the trick.

Have you always known about this community of Club Penguin armies?


Why join all of the sudden, with no warning?

I joined the Club Penguin army community out of wonder.  I wanted to know what I could discover joining this community.  Really[,] I just wanted something new.

Why the Army Republic?  Why not a different army?

I feel like the Army Republic already has a large amount of troops, with the help of me and my fans I believe we can make AR very powerful.

What do you plan on accomplishing in warfare?

I plan on becoming one of the greatest leaders in CP army warfare along with making AR as strong as they can possibly be.

As you might not know, Jeepkid and Riffy (both famous bloggers) have both tried the army scene. What is your take on famous bloggers joining Club Penguin armies?

I believe famous bloggers can have a large impact on CP armies but it’s the way they approach the community.  Not only that but I have a lot more fans from my website and arguably considered the most famous Club Penguin blogger ever known.

Do you have a set date of when you’ll be retiring from warfare?  And, before that date, do you plan on being considered an army legend for good?

No[,] I don’t have a set date on retiring. I do want to achieve army legend for good before I do retire but who knows?  Anything can happen.

Did Army Republic approach you in any way in joining?  Also, will you be doing major recruiting for Army Republic?

I approached Army Republic though it was either AR, DW, or Nachos.  I’m known to be able to recruit around 30 new recruits in 10-15 minutes due to my large fan base[,] so yes[,] I’ll be recruiting quite often.

What will be your rank in Army Republic?  If your time in Army Republic is not valuable, will you be joining a different army?

The leaders of AR are currently in discussion of what my rank will be as it’s a large decision on them and the army, though I have been told by a couple of the leaders that owner ran is very much in consideration.  If my time in AR doesn’t work out, I may consider joining a different army, it depends on how my experience in CP armies is up to then.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the army community?

I’d like to say a hello to everybody in the army community and that I’m honored to be a part of it.  I hope I enjoy my time in warfare and make a name for myself in the army community like I did in the blogger[‘]s community.

My questions are in gray whilst his answers are in royal blue.  As you can infer from the interview, Chrisdog93 seems pretty confident in his decision of joining CP armies.  Whether he stays in them for as long as he hopes for is questionable, but there is no doubt that he’s looking forward to a great stay.  This might affect AR’s sizes big time, which will be a very tough challenge for LT to overcome.  Like I said before, this is definitely a huge changer on the battlefield in the current war.  Some of you still might be suspicious of such a famous blogger joining, and there is nothing wrong with that, but it seems we might have the real deal on our hands.  Personally, I welcome Chrisdog93 with open arms.

What is YOUR opinion?  Is this the real Chrisdog93?  Can AR, without a doubt, win their war against LT now?  Let us know in the comments below! 

~Vice President, °    mchappyღ 

34 Responses

  1. Soo cool but I water him to join dw first


  2. 1, Bloggers in armies don’t go well.
    2, He made a huge mistake joining armies, he will just be pulled into a world full of hate.


  3. I highly doubt that is the real Chrisdog93. He doesn’t even blog anymore due to the fact he is in college, and he’s way to old for Club Penguin. The only thing he does related to Club Penguin is pay for the servers.


  4. Epic plot twist. Boomer retires, Chrisdog joins. Coincidence? Boomer = Chrisdog :3 They see me rollin’…


  5. No AR banner on his site, no post about the AR, no tweet about him telling his fans to join AR, nothing. Like Samanna said, it’s most likely Boomer using Chrisdog’s penguin, and it is indeed no surprise that he decided to join ACP’s brother allies – AR. It is also no surprise that he starts off by going on the ACP chat and private chatting Mchappy first to tell him that he’s in the AR when they don’t even know each other.
    Over all, this ‘Chrisdog93’ that we see in this post is full of baloney.


    • His sole purpose of finding me was to get the word out he is in armies via CPAC. He said from reading CPAC (which maybe AR gave him the link to), he wanted to find me and talk to me about introducing him to the community, basically. Probably to start everything off on a high note.

      When we went on CP, after of only like two minutes of sitting around, there was a crowd forming around him. People chanting, “JOIN THE GHOSTS!” and whatnot. If it really is him, and seeing the numbers I saw in the ghost uniform just because Chrisdog was on… those add up to some real big numbers.

      I know your comment has nothing to do with, but after checking the comment below this (Chrisdog93’s), it does not match Boomer’s IP address. Just to take that into consideration.


    • I personally think it’s a scheme to get morale in AR up.


  6. Haha so I’m Boomer? Lol that’s cute. How would Boomer or anyone else have access to my penguin? If you want to take this debate further you can find me on AR chat.


  7. That is not Chrisdog, that is Joseph/Skyfish from Fort chat. He simply bought/cracked the penguin Chrisdog93 and wanted to create a scene in armies by joining AR.

    Smart move, but we all know Chrisdog is too old for Club Penguin, never mind armies.


  8. Fake


  9. Chrisdog quit CP, and look at Unk’s post, AR is just desperate.


  10. Even if it’s fake, it still made an interesting post.


  11. whether real or Not, he sounds very arrogant. Also take a look at armies ran by bloggers. Tacos did well with riffy but once he left they fell, Jeepkid was hated more than anyone in modern days, Fever/Watex lead his own war and his army died off finally. Besides I have heard of Chrisdog making an army that died. The top four sites for cheats are Club Penguin insiders. Club Penguin Gang, Club Penguin Cheats Crew and Team Club Penguin Cheats. Even if Chris is real, his followers are very loyal and won’t be an infinite sum of troops.


    Yep, this was done on a CPPS.


    • Nevermind about that. It’s some guy from, and I’m not even sure if he’s actually in AR since he didn’t attend their event. Infact, he was just staying on his Fort chat during their event.


  13. I know who it really is (:


  14. It’s just this kid who thinks he can get leader in major armies cause he is “Chrisdog93”


  15. It’s obvious it’s fake and some kid cracked the account, but this still isn’t a bad post.


  16. Im suspecting EonZ is back…
    People say its kennybot
    hes not in my friends list
    EonZ was.
    Think about it


  17. […] (Famous Club Penguin Blogger) account and a post was made about it on CPAC which can be viewed here. Chrisdog93 emailed Jason and asked for his account back, and the ignorant fool (Jason) said no. […]


  18. […] (Famous Club Penguin Blogger) account and a post was made about it on CPAC which can be viewed here. Chrisdog93 emailed Jason and asked for his account back, and the ignorant fool (Jason) said no. […]


  19. […] (Famous Club Penguin Blogger) account and a post was made about it on CPAC which can be viewed here. Chrisdog93 emailed Jason and asked for his account back, and the ignorant fool (Jason) said no. […]


  20. […] Mafias is “returning” to UMA almost every other summer, and the Army Republic once famously claimed Chrisdog93, a Club Penguin blogger, had joined their army. Bringing back old legends brings a sense of hope, renewal, and potential to an army, and can also […]


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