Council Updates!

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We have some official updates to make!

  1. Post War Meeting
  2. Join the Army Council
  3. Removal of the Reformation Bill
  4. Anti-Hacking Bill Council now part of the Army Council

1.Post War Meeting


WHEN:  Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

TIMES:  3:30 PM EST, 2:30 PM CST, 1:30 PM MST, 12:30 PM PST, 8:30 PM UK


  • The Previous War
  • Invasion Limits
  • History (Like clarifying which wars were actually “World Wars” and whatnot)
  • Other Council people can add topics if they wish.

TO THE PUBLIC:  Feel free to comment some ideas about what we should discuss and we’ll consider discussing them.


2. Join the Club Penguin Army Council

Due to the fact that the whole lot of us up top of the council agrees 9 armies and CPAC are not enough to push through bills fairly, we are opening up the sacred council to all armies that wish to join. We do request your army is at least a month old and/or can get consistent numbers. Without further Ado, here we go!

  1. Army Name (abbreviation if there is one)*
  2. Leader(s)*
  3. Servers (can be a link to server page)*
  4. Representatives*
  5. Site Link*
  6. Idea(s) to make Armies better


  1. Golden Troops (GT)
  2. Tap Dancer36, Surferboysc, Jerry2cool, Riotors, Wenny
  4. Jerry2cool, Riotors, Wenny
  6. Good Coffee in Armies

I am sorry if it seems like I am advertising my army, but it is the army that I know best.

3.The Removal of the Reformation Bill


As I sit here writing this, I remind you that this decision has taken me over a day to reach a choice on, which is why I am only getting to you at 7EST. The way I see it, either move in this case will lead to chaos. The question is which chaos is better. If this bill were to be sustained, many powerful armies may secede from the CP Army Council, thus challenging its authority. If the bill were to be repealed, all hell will break loose in armies, probably leading to another World War, seeing as it seems inevitable for allies not to be brought into this conflict at some point in time.

However, after long hours of thought and discussions with many people across the army world, I have come to the decision that World War may be just what we need. We have been fighting a World War, both politically and literally, for the past 8 months. One fueled by hate and an unquenchable thirst for the end goal, which was commonly not even a morally logical goal. Now and then, we have doused the flames somewhat, but eventually this entire world is going to burn. We’re simply prolonging a pot about to boil over. And perhaps World War is just what we need. To show us how ignorant we have been over the past 8 months.

Following those revelations, I, Bluesockwa1, along with Tap Dancer36, repeal the 2nd Global Ceasefire Agreement, also known as The Reformation Bill. This action cannot be overriden.


Tap Dancer 36

4. Anti Hacking Bill Council now under the Army Council

Yep, you heard it here. Under Boomer the AHB council was merged into the Army Council. We haven’t fully combined the two because of the fact until now all of us besides boomer were authors and now we are editors/admins and can fully combine the two. We will have a link to the old site on the page with the bill because it is easier showing the info of how the bill came to be on the old site than attempting to copy it all over.

7 Responses

  1. First<3 So happy I beat Mch


  2. Anti Hacking Bill is as useless. It can’t even punish the people that Denial of service attack. And we always need war. That is in our name.


  3. 1.)Hot Sauce Army
    2.)Dudex, Monster47345,and Bearsboy10
    4.)Monster47345 and Dudex
    6.)Well I think we must have some judges every time people battle for wars and non-baised judges so armies can start knowing who really won these battles base off the judges good respect from both armies and looks at everything including tactics and sizes from the two armies pictures.


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