Boomer 20’s Retirement.

Good Afternoon Readers.Today at 2:10 PM EST. CP Army Legend and ACP Legend Boomer 20 posted his final farewell to us all. You can read the original here at . So here is his retirement post itself.

Rather than make this another of my traditionally long retirement posts okay, it’s still kinda long, I’d like to use this to take the opportunity to thank those I worked with over the course of the recent war, and to provide my last words of wisdom to armies.

Army Thank You’s

Army of Club Penguin – My very first army, and the reason I am who I am today, I must thank you for all you’ve given me. I will never forget the times I spent both serving with and leading the great soldiers of ACP. You have been the target of far too many unjust wars caused by people who fail to understand anything beyond their own selfish hate. In this past war however, you came through every time that it mattered, defending servers for nearly every member of the White Alliance so that they could continue their invasions. I hope those involved recognize your sacrifices to keep them safe, and we most certainly thank them for all they’ve done for us.

Army Republic – Tremendous thanks to the soldiers and leaders of AR for winning the most pivotal battle of the war, the victory over SWAT on Mammoth which rallied all our troops through the final battle and a victory in the war. Your never say die attitude is the reason we were as formidable as we proved on the battlefield. If you do choose to remain neutral in future conflicts, I feel as though you may regret it. We made a pretty good team this past week.

Ice Warriors – Thank you as well to the boys and girls in blue. Never one to be outshined, you guys had some of the best sizes of any army in this war. You have been a great ally to many over the past few years, and I would argue that IW may be our community’s most-respected army. Best wishes to you all in your future endeavors.

Nachos – Long-time rivals of ACP, our history is intertwined with conflict, but you have always come through when it mattered. Thank you for taking our side and being one of the few to recognize armies just wouldn’t be quite as fun without our little rivalries. The Nachos were the dark horse of this war, having been counted out by many of the Black Alliance armies before rising back to power with a string of very strong events. You guys were the cherry on top of a very formidable White Alliance team.

Golden Troops – Thank you for your support, if only we could have gotten you a little bit more involved, I know you would have had some great successes in this war as well. I was sorry to hear about you being defaced by Max, but I’ll see to it that The Council takes appropriate action against the Pirates for their involvement.

Underground Mafias Army – Thank you as well, and just like GT I wish we could have gotten you a bit more involved, but we recognize that UMA was going through a rough time these past few weeks. Hopefully you guys will bounce back strong, we may need you again the next time around.

Personal Thank You’s

122344a – My right-hand man, and the Robin to my Batman, together we turned the White Alliance into a well-oiled machine that was utterly unstoppable. As I laid the groundwork for our plans, you carried them out flawlessly, and our record stands at a perfect 13 wins and 0 losses to close out the war. We could not have done what we did without you, and on behalf of the entire White Alliance, thank you for your service.

Puckley – I’ve always known you to be one of the best leaders of this generation, and your recent induction into the CPAC Hall of Fame serves to prove my point. It was a pleasure working with you on this war, and I have a tremendous appreciation for your willingness to do whatever was necessary to assure our victory.

Jerry – My conversation with you about why I felt this war was necessary to win opened even my own eyes to what we were really fighting for. It was not about saving ACP from destruction, but assuring that hatred was not the direction in which we will allow armies to go. After all, armies were created to be fun, and if they are not, we must do everything we can to fix them. Thank you for helping me to recognize this.

Albert417 – While we didn’t talk that much about our plans, you did an excellent job in carrying them out, and to your credit, IW was probably the strongest member of our alliance at a number of the closing battles. Thank you for your willingness to always come to the defense of your allies in times of great need.

Antant98 – Although we did not work together directly, you put a lot of time, thought, and effort into this war, and helped to make my job a little bit easier. Your plan to save Migrator as a last hurrah to finish off the war was as much fun as I had imagined it to be. It’s unfortunate that AR wasn’t about to attend, but you may get another chance to do this again someday soon.

Kingfunks4 – Thank you for allowing me so much control over ACP’s plans over the course of this past week. I know I put a lot of pressure on ACP to come through at events, defending 3 and 4 servers per day for both yourselves and our allies, but I did it because I believed in the loyalty and dedication of ACP’s soldiers which has always been present. They lived up to my expectations and refused to back down and give the Pirates a single server. You should feel very proud of them.

Tori – You came up big in this war, carrying ACP through clutch victories during US times when Funks could not attend. I always knew I could count on you to reclaim some of our most prized servers, and you proved yourself to be quite a good leader this past week. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the cause.

Capncook – We had our occasional disagreements about the planning of the war, but you really came through in some key battles with AR. You were instrumental in carrying out what needed to be done, and I thank you for that. I hope retirement serves you well, my friend.

Gill1097 – It was great to see you around again, and even better to see how passionately you took up our cause, throwing yourself right into the arguments to defend IW and its allies. This generation needs more fiery, right-minded leaders like you.

Last Words of Wisdom

This era of hate and destruction must be brought to an end. Never should war be for the purpose of destroying another army. But the greatest thing we as a community are doing wrong is failing to understand the negative impact that our actions have on others. We seem to have become intrinsically selfish. We do what we want simply for our own sake without consideration of the others we are hurting in the process. This is not a community that I wish to be part of, and many others feel the same. Perhaps it cannot even be called a “community” at all. Our armies are now falling because we have created an atmosphere that is one of hate and not of fun. Armies are taking impressionable young soldiers and training them to hate other armies, raising the next generation which will surely be worse than our own. This pattern will not end unless we force it to end. And no amount of wars will succeed in changing the course of this cancerous thought. It will take conscious decision by all involved to say we cannot allow this way of thinking to continue. The founders of Club Penguin Armies would be ashamed of what we have become. I am ashamed as well. My greatest fear is that once I am gone, there will no longer be anyone to consider the well-being of all armies. As armies like DW continue war after war simply because they want nothing else, they reveal the sad, selfish irony that they are crippling us all by their own actions. Even DW is a mere shadow of itself. After winning the CPAC Tournament with an incredible 55 soldiers on Club Penguin, they are now claiming their intentions to be 1st in the Top Ten after an event in which they hardly achieved 25. And this very well may be enough to earn them 1st, but what does this say about the direction we are headed? All progress of the previous month has been erased in a matter of 2 weeks. The reason for this? We are unable to see beyond our own armies, or even merely beyond ourselves. You cannot have a successful army without a successful community. These wars of hate and destruction are systematically destroying us whether we are willing to admit it or not. We have caused irrevocable harm to the community we call ourselves apart of. The time for change is now. We must now call on a new generation of leaders, not those of armies, but those of the community. Those unique leaders who seek to make the community stronger. These are the leaders destined for true greatness.

With this, I leave you my final words:

A true leader thinks not of that which serves the greatest benefit to himself, but that which serves the greatest benefit to all.

Goodbye old friend.

14 Responses

  1. 2nd! Booyah! 😀


  2. Goodbye Boomer.


  3. And once again Boomer proves how he is possibly one of the greatest legends of our time. You make some many phenomenal points in this post that people tend to not take into consideration. Everyone will surely miss you (at least, those who don’t like swimming in hot tubs [wink wink, nudge nudge]) and surely miss your dedication to us. Countless of times people have compared you to the founders of this community, and I believe that is because we depend on you too much sometimes to save us. Save the community.

    On a personal note, it will really suck to know that my one true idol in armies is finally saying another final farewell. Despite us not being the closest of friends, you surely have been someone for me to learn from. I promise to keep a watchful eye out on ACP for you. :mrgreen:

    Seeing all of your thank yous to these armies, I have finally realized how important of a role you played in ending of this war. You do not deserve all the anti-Boomer flame that you, unfortunately, receive for just trying to protect the history and foundation of the community.

    See you around, bud!


  4. *comes back again to save armies*


  5. I remember serving under Boomer. God he was the best leader ACP ever had. You will never be forgotten Boomer. Please be sure to visit.

    As for this post I have to agree. This whole war has been nothing but a joke. Back during the old days ACP and Nachos would fight for First as top army. There were SOME words said. But never any action like this whole Black Alliance had taken. The main player in this was Waterkid and the Pirates. Boomer tried to give Water some advice like he does to almost any Army leader. And Water decided to lash out with an immature attitude saying “Why you crying.” Is this really want Armies have come to?

    Back during the many wars people never fought to DESTROY. They fought to be number one. We never tried to all bully one group because we hated them. We just surpassed them to prove to them we were superior. The Black Alliance however had one goal, to destroy ACP at all costs. They took any steps needed to doxing, horrible language, troll posts, and Insults aimed to affect their real lives. I mean like is that really all they wanted?

    Im going to say it clear. Waterkid is not a good leader. To follow him is making it seem like you hit your head on a rock and cannot think straight. Pirates are a group of haters that decided to brainwash other armies into being haters. Then attacked ACP. I know hes going to reply to my post saying, “U MAD BRO? LOL BE MAD I HAVE A HUGE ARMY YOU DONT!” or any of his mindless followers .And it really is just going to prove who he is. A little person with a big ego.

    I really hope Army leaders see my post and actually see reason to listen to my words. Waterkid and all his followers are going to lead Club Penguin Armies to destruction. He is not someone to trust. He is not a leader, he nothing more then a power hungry child.

    Aside from that. I wish Boomer a farewell. Thank you for dedicating so much time to Club Penguin Armies. Your wisdom lays in the hands of the New generation of Club Penguin Armies. Lets just hope they use that Wisdom correctly.

    Thanks for everything!


  6. I’ll miss you. Gee I can’t wait until this summer when the pool opens and so does the hot tub. Although the hot tub can be used year round so I can go there often. *Le Nudge*


  7. I remember showing y’all that disgusting vid and everyone spammed chat, went crazy and had virtual seizures. Lolz. Its the only memory I have of me and boomer.. teehee


  8. I like to suck big cock. Because I have “Le .1 cm cock” 😀


  9. Good, get out of this community [expletive deleted by comment god].

    This, children, is why you shouldn’t act like Pain. Because then the comment mod will come and kill you in your sleep.


  10. No! Boomer is one of Club Penguin Army’s biggest legendary leader ever! Im saddened by the fact, I do not know you very well, as it would be nice to be friends 🙂 Farewell Boomer, you will not be forgotten.


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