Surf’s Studies – Release 1

The “Surf’s Studies” is a series of posts on speculation as to why we’ve fallen from our so called “Golden Age”.  The series currently plans to have 6 posts releases, and this is the first one.  The posts include my personal ideas and the idea of a respected army community member.  I already have all of the interviews I need, but I may do more than 6 posts to this series.  I am a somewhat sociable person and I travel all over CP Armies, so I will most likely see most of you viewers.  Let the studies begin…

My Speculation

Recruiting (Lack of It)

          The problem is not the methods of recruiting, but more of the lack of it.  The big problem with recruiting is that everybody expects everybody else to do it.  When a leader tells a second-in-command to recruit, it becomes a game of “telephone” or “pass-it-on”.  When you get down to the members, they immediately leave the chat and go back to waddling around and meeting new friends.  The leader feels they are too busy planning to recruit, the owners feel they are too busy helping the leader to recruit, the moderators feel they are too busy monitoring/abusing the members, and the members feel like it isn’t their problem.

          It’s not like good recruiters don’t exist.  It’s just that they are retiring at a very fast pace and not teaching anybody about their methods.  They aren’t exactly being selfish, just helping their own army with a little edge.  If everybody shared their recruiting methods, it would end up being a battle of who had less of a life than the other to spend time on tracking chats.


(Above) A perfect example of lazy soldiers.


Interview 1

Albert417 – Ice Warriors Leader

” Simply put, the troops are the reason.  Without them, you can’t have an army.  If an army isn’t capable of keeping troops active for ages, then that army can fall in size.  This can become a problem, especially when tracking sessions are over.  Troops that go away are hard to replace until the next Club Penguin party comes.  Therefore, there is constant rising and falling.  Otherwise, back then, people came to Club Penguin armies through Google searches.  It seems as if our popularity has decreased over time as well.”

Sorry for the somewhat short post.  I needed to get the first one out in a hurry, the others will be longer.


10 Responses

  1. People actually recruit, and alot, but who wants to be on a tracker chat all day looking at a screen trying to convince and/or trick them into the army chat then they leave?


  2. I read this over my iPod. Wait, no, I looked at the pictures over my iPod.


  3. Good to hear that when Ben, Alb, and I are recruiting our butts off for IW, our troops are taking breaks. May I get them a glass of tea along with their laziness?


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