News: Pirates In Turmoil — Golden Troops Seek Revenge

UPDATED: 1.24.13: Added updates to Pirate Crisis story

KLONDIKE — Citizens of the world are now coming to terms with the full-blown war that divided this great community for what seemed like an eternity. Meanwhile, the aggressor of the war feels most of this war’s damage.

Pirate Crisis

After then-Pirate leader Ioioluk surrendered the war, returned to recreate Light Troops and several BA armies renounced their membership, the White Alliance came out on top. The Black Alliance’s initial surrender was ignored, and the White Alliance continued to attack the Pirates. Without BA assistance, the Pirates attempted a ceasefire that would expire on February 1, 2013, although the White Alliance have not accepted it. Additionally, many Pirate soldiers defected to the Army of Club Penguin for several reasons. One former Pirate states that it was because of their leader, Waterkid100. A rebellion was also attempted by former Pirate leader Max, which was instantly crushed by Waterkid. The Pirates are currently in the rebuilding and retooling process. Waterkid is confident he will be able to get his army back into the Top 5 and into contention.

Waterkid later apologized to his troops and for his actions against them. He apologized for his racism and harsh punishments toward his troops. Waterkid also announced he would repeal the dictatorship and install a democracy into the Pirates. He calls for his troops to return, but asks Kingfunks to treat his Pirate troops with respect for those electing to stay in ACP.

Golden Troops Seek Revenge

The Golden Troops were defaced earlier this week. Following the deface, GT swore revenge to the perpetrator. The suspect was identified as PIA agent and former Pirate leader Max. After suspecting the Pirates ordered the deface, the GT declared war on the Pirates and seek to make the Pirates repay in blood. Meanwhile, the Golden Troops will attempt to rebuild and repair their defaced site. The GT administration vows to improve the site’s layout in the process.


17 Responses

  1. The white alliance did not agree to any ceasefire as far as I know.


  2. I’ll feel REALLY guilty if the apology is genuine, but I’m still not quite sure it’s legit. Also, the war isn’t technically over for WA vs Pirates; as Weatherboy said, no ceasefire was made unless it was private.


  3. I would like to correct this post. GT is NOT at war with CPPA. We are invading servers for revenge and then leaving them alone. We have no intention of doing anything else. Also, the site was repaired already.


  4. Waterkid just needs to be banished from CP warfare ive ben a legend for a long time and his apologizes are never legit and he is out of control GT will finish the pirates off and raid their grounds to the push of hell


  5. Water has plenty of times “apologized” for his previous actions, but he just goes right back to them after a week or so.


  6. May I just point out that I am the PIA Deputy Director.


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