Wrap Up of Posts: 1/19/13 – 1/22/13

So we at CPAC have been cranking out posts on the war like there’s no tomorrow. And there’s been enough to the point where some are being immediately covered up by someone else’s post. Here’s a wrap up of the posts from the last few days.

Speeches and Opinion Pieces

Waterkid’s Speech on the Goals of the BA

Ioioluk’s Speech on the Goals of the BA

Boomer’s Retirement/Final Message

Editorial on the Great War by Bluesockwa2

Unknown’s Request for a Peace Treaty – Again

Army News

Exclusive Report: ACPSIS Files #1

Behind the Scenes of WA v. BA

White and Black Alliance – Who Will Win?

Nachos Join WA – Icy Troops?

Retirement of Khimo

White Alliance v. Black Alliance


5 Reasons Why CP Armies are now 14+ and Going Downhill

The Blue Review: Edition 1


CPA Central CEO

4 Responses

  1. Ponies, I tell you, PONIES!


  2. I feel like I’ve commented on almost every one.


  3. :3


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