The Future of CP Armies – Through the Black Alliance’s Eyes

NOTE: If Blue1 or Blue2 wish this post to be deleted, then okay. I will only accept the CEO’s to delete this post, not any editors who are supporting the White Alliance. Also if the Blue brothers want to delete this post they can, but don’t fire me for this as I will still continue posting about news on club penguin armies.

I have saw the posts on CPAC, I have read speeches from the White Alliance. Everyone is already thinking of what will happen to club penguin armies when ACP dies, but you don’t know what I, the person who caused this war, will think of the future….

 ‘‘ACP IS THE REASON WHY ARMIES ARE ALIVE1!” I mean honestly, which idiot made that up? It doesn’t say on ACP site ‘JOIN CLUB PENGUIN ARMIES! JOIN SWAT, PIRATES, AR, IW, DW, UMA” etc. It just says ”JOIN THE ACP” and it has their events and stuff. Honestly, how is some noob on Club Penguin going to find out about the UMA on the ACP site? Do the ACP make a paragraph about the UMA on their site? NO. So how can you make your army stand out on the ACP site? Go to war. Whenever the Pirates go to war with an army, our site hits get a lot of views, but not as much when we’re at war with the ACP. We would get 600 – 800 views daily while we’re at war with the ACP. So the only way you can make your army noticed on the ACP is actually declaring war on the ACP (or challenging them to a PB, which does’t really do much). If you still believe in ACP bringing all the recruits to club penguin armies, answer these in the comments:

1). Why isn’t ACP getting big sizes?

2). Why aren’t armies getting bigger?

3). In what way does ACP advertise armies on their site? (without war)

Now let’s move on to my next topic. We all knew armies were going down a big ditch in the end of 2012. Nobody knew WHY it was. But now, everyone has a stupid idea. ”OMG BLACK ALLIANCE IS DECLARING WAR ON ACP THEY’RE KILLING ARMIES1!!!” I cannot explain how much that annoys me. Declaring war on the ACP isn’t killing armies. If we take all of ACP’s servers, it is not killing armies. What makes you IDIOTS think taking away ACP’s servers is killing armies? How on earth does that make sense? It doesn’t, and you know it. That is why you have to blame the Black Alliance. The Black Alliance has failed many times in the past, and we are now back to show that we can actually achieve something under a great leader, a leader like me. I am sick and tired of people blaming the Black Alliance for something we did not do. We’re just armies invading armies in the White Alliance, just like armies are MEANT TO BE. Invading ACP isn’t killing warfare. You guys are just having lazy leaders who can’t recruit so you’re all blaming me and the Black Alliance for your own failures. 

Also, I did not intend to ‘ end armies’. How the hell is trying to defeat the ACP killing armies? I am going to talk to the leaders of the White Alliance now. So the Nachos were made around the same time ACP was made, right? They’ve been alive for 6 years, right? They’re legendary, right? Beeky, Ads and Puckley, just think about this: If the Black Alliance’s purpose was to end the Nachos, would the ACP help you? I doubt the ACP would help you, and I think the ACP would even BE in the Black Alliance to end Nachos. What has the ACP done for you Nachos in the past? Nothing. I know the Nachos hate me and all, but even if I wasn’t leading the Black Alliance and didn’t write those mean things about the ACP, I am very shocked to see you help the ACP since you’re their legendary rival. Army Republic, I knew you guys ass lick ACP all the time. I remember when I was on AR chat during the LT and AR war. I asked why you guys liked the ACP so much (since the ACP were in your chat background) and you guys simple said ‘because they are big and they will be useless in wars’. Well, ever since then I do not recall the ACP helping YOU guys. In fact, it’s the OPPOSITE. You guys help ACP whenever you can, and they never return the favour. Albert, you’re a nice guy. I see you’re TOO nice though. The way I see it, the ACP pushes the Ice Warriors around. Whenever I go to IW chat I can easily make fun of the moderators and owners and they take it. Albert, I know you wanted to be neutral in this war, but you have to stand up for yourself sometimes. You’re probably going to deny this whole neutral thing. The Black Alliance had no plans on attacking the Ice Warriors OR the Nachos, but you guys suddenly jump in to help ACP. 

The whole ”CP IS STOPPING ARMIES FROM RECRUITING” is a load of rubbish too. I remember last week when the Pirates, SWAT and Shadow Troops were at a event together with the ACP. I typed in ‘SHADOW’ and then Troops was the second option. That is right. Club Penguin KNOWS about armies, and they SUPPORT us. Whoever is saying that nonsense about club penguin making it harder to recruit on Club Penguin is a total moron. You can try this for your army, too. When you type in ‘SWAT’ or ‘Nachos’ there is more words coming up like ‘WINS’ and other stuff. Whenever you’re on Club Penguin, try this for yourself. 

Now to my final topic, the future of Club Penguin armies once the ACP and the White Alliance is defeated. I was planning on agreeing on a peace treaty with The Alliance, and we can all rebuild club penguin armies – without the ACP. I did NOT intend on ‘killing all armies’ or any rubbish like that, that is just lies from ACP troops. The Black Alliance has NO intentions on killing club penguin warfare, we just to prove to everyone that we can actually accomplish our goal. If the ACP wishes to return, they would have to be colonised by the Black Alliance. 

So that’s all I have to say. I think it is necessary to write this post since everyone is listening to the White Alliance’s ideas of the future. 

-Waterkid100, Black Alliance OverLord

20 Responses

  1. No reason for anyone to delete this post, they said the same thing for the White Alliance. Anyone who deletes this is a hypocrite.


  2. Of course we would help nachos water if they were going through the stuff you’ve put us through.


  3. Your first point was extremely invalid, with no proof what so ever. ACP’s allies have different scheduled invasions, not the same ones dummy. So how do they have the same events? And people do find out about armies other than ACP, or how would AR and IW be higher than ACP in the top ten eh?


    • Onto your second point, by causing BA to declare war on one army that hasn’t been first in 7 months, that’s called killing an army. Not only that, BA declared war on ACP’s closest allies, (AR, IW) just because they were allies. That is called killing an army. In fact the main reason why everyone thinks that way is because ALL YOU SAY is BA won’t end this war untill ACP dies. Still not called as killing an army?

      PS: I’m making separate comments since WP doesn’t allow me to post long comments.


      • God Yeasy, don’t have to give your opinion on Water’s every post. We all know your opinion on this situation.


  4. ACP isnt getting big sizes because we keep being invaded…


  5. “What has the ACP done for you Nachos in the past?” Had fun with us…


  6. Though I agree more with White Alliance posts, I’m upset to see with every WA post, the majority have supported them, but with a BA post’s opinion, everybody is saying how horrible it is. It’s his opinion, whether morally correct or not, respect it as you’d respect any other.


  7. The idiocy I could tolerate-it was being bombarded with rhetorical questions that bothered me.


  8. […] Waterkid’s Speech on the Goals of the BA […]


  9. Those CP Chat “option” things are there before you typed them up before, sort of like how google shows your recent searches up first when you search for something with the same letter (You try to search popcorn, instead you get another word that starts with P that you’ve been searching for a while). It has nothing to do with CP giving you options to chat with.


  10. I made an extremely long edit voicing the opinion of others.


  11. 😉 i like pie


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