Responses to the BA surrender/Eyes Retiring

Well, over the past hour since Ioioluk announced that the Black alliance has surrendered the war, numerous responses have been made. I will attempt to go through all I can find and put them out by time. I will also add any opinion I may have.

Army Republic

Cap, being a WA leader as stated, won’t end the war. There is a deep hatred of Pirates and SWAT from members of the white alliance due to their attitudes and just how they treat people. I doubt they will let this war end until Pirates finally quit, and considering their numbers, might be next week.


Hello my name is Daniel. A friend, a foe, and everything else people like to throw out at me, over the past few months this has been my sanction away from all the drama being caused in armies. Literally, Armies are causing drama, Hacking, Doxing, DDoSing, and everything else, and to top it off, The CP Council.

Lately the cretin Waterkid has been trying to be dominant over the Community when everyone really knows he’s a blithering retard who doesn’t know right from when, we all know Waterkid is some little uneducated 12-year-old who really needs to get a life, I’ve decided to leave this Community because I’m honestly board of all of this drama, its honestly boring. I’ve been in between all of it and I can’t take it anymore, it’s not “stressing” me, it’s simply annoying, this whole Black Alliance fiasco is just stupid, honestly, if you think about it armies used to be fun, you used to invade all of their server and give them back att he end and say good battle, now look how that has all changed. Now we have people going around making threats to other armies. This is stupid, when I first started this cause or (I’ll even quote this) “army”. MY original goal was intended to take out the Army of Club Penguin. That goal quickly changed after I saw the Black Alliance bully the ACP into things they simply didn’t want to take part in.

The sole person to blame for Waterkid’s oppressive regime is Ioioluk4, because when Waterkid joined armies he was pro-ACP and loved ACP until the day he joined Light Troops, and Light Troops are known for their complete stupidity shown by Ioio and Roberto in general, Ioio never did anything for the army, Rob did everything. HE was the one who recruited all of the soldiers to the chat not Ioio. When Waterkid originally joined Light Troops he was having doubts about joining because he loves ACP so much, then Ioio put words into his pompous brain and that is why he is Anti-ACP. I’m not 100% ACP, honestly. I only originally helped ACP’s cause because I saw that post Boomer made on CPAC,  but aside from that the Black Alliance is stupid, Spiderguy22 is a curry munching faggot who can’t do anything better than be a huge dictator-jackass and point his internet mouse at something and it gets done, he is the most stupidest person on the Internet.

The majority of SWAT don’t even know what is going on, that is why I am suggesting you guys go and tell them, before they become like the noobs who currently lead them, Ganger, you are the most logical flawed person going by far. You honestly need to get a life, you have no muscles, do you even lift bro?

As you may all know, AR has declared war on SWAT. And I guess in AR’s logic, “two wrongs make a right”, we want to kill ACP, and so they decide to do actually what we’ve done, but did not intentionally try to, bring upon a 4 v 1. 4 armies vs SWAT. Will we give up? Will we back down? Will we surrender? No, we will show who is superior, and shoo these 4 armies off. They are fighting against the very thing they sworn to defend. Good logic as always AR, at least stick to your side, can ya’?

How can you simply guess someones logic? you are flawed, everyone knows the only reason you want to kill ACP is because you want to get onto the Legends list on CPAC, you are clearly not the superior one here since you don’t even lift. I don’t get the point here Ganger, you used to be in armies like ACP and SWAT, a loyal soldier, and now look at you, everyone in this community hates you for being such a jackass for trying to take out one of the biggest armies in this community. Are you that retarded? I guess you are, the logic shown by you is unbearable, you are like eleven years old and you are already acting the dictator? Faggot.

Now onto Roberto’s CPAC post recently, I know that ACP are sometimes a pain, and can cause a lot of drama in the community but that’s the whole point, it’s the Internet what are you going to expect? nothing to happen? ACP have done things for the community in the past but all of that has changed since the recent events of there fall just after Ken* and Flipper left the army, everybody knows that.

The rest of the post is just calling both Pain and Waterkid rude and mean. Here is my personal opinion. If we once banned Wwebestfan from warfare, we should ban Pain as well. He went a little bit to far. But not Waterkid. Waterkid is rude sometimes, but hatred like this wouldn’t have happened in the first place if ACP wouldn’t have acted the way they did in the past(heavily dictating CP armies) and wouldn’t act the way they do nowadays(not admitting defeat, lies, still dictating CP armies). ACP has a big role in this too, and I believe THEY are the central problem. Just imagine this, there would not be any hatred if ACP could simply admit defeat when they have 10-15 less troops than their opponent. There would not be any hatred if ACP didn’t always try to win by using the media(like they are trying right now) and using propaganda because they cannot win on Club Penguin.

Can you please explain what you mean by dictating? because I don’t understand how they dictated armies in any way apart from getting 1st in the top ten all of the time, that isn’t dictating you fool, learn your shit before you make something up that you know someone will call you up about. They didn’t act bad in the past, they just invaded a whole bunch of armies at once, but what YOU don’t understand is, this is a CHILDS GAME. I don’t mean to pass off as rude to you but I don’t see how they are the main problem in Club Penguin armies, what have ACP done that is racist? Like Waterkid, he is the racist one here, who puts Nazi Symbols in his name, and calls people racist names and excreta, so please make sure you get something right before you make stupid assumptions and make an idiot of yourself.

I’ll admit ACP did loose more than they bargained for and they didn’t admit defeat when they were supposed to, but that isn’t “dictating” the community at all, you are just stupid for making stupid assumptions like that. Size doesn’t even matter in a battle it’s the tactics you preform.

The stupidity shown by the community is bliss, Goodbye.

Although it is not a response about the war ending, this guy who we used to all hate is making sense. Obviously he is not glorifying the Army of Club Penguin because there are no comments about how ACP is needed. He wanted ACP taken out but quickly changed his ideals after seeing the bullying tactics used by the Black alliance on ACP. He said that ACP does have a habit of not admitting defeat but as he keeps saying throughout his retirement post, they are not dictating armies, just being a bunch of stubborn pricks. Going on, he attacks SWAT, specifically Ganger, about how they are not informing their troops of what is going on and questioning why SWAT is trying to kill off their number 1 Rival. I fully agree with Eyes here because I knew Ganger back when he was younger. Loyal, willing to fight for his army. Then he became an army hopper switching from one army to the other and has gone mad with power. All he wants is a legend and the rate he is going, he will be legendary for being an asshole. Then eyes goes on about Rob’s post, part of which I covered earlier. Going on about how ACP is not the main issue because What has ACP really done? Have they gone off and created an alliance of 7-8 armies to destroy one army they know they could take on themselves? Do they make a bunch of propaganda making it out that their enemy is evil and helped out in the terrorist attacks of 9/11 or hate crimes or stuff? The only thing they did was attack a bunch of armies and as Eyes stated, this is a CHILD’S GAME, not a game for some fat kid to go cussing out people because he/she can’t get a life at all. I do enjoy how blatantly he points out the stuff water does. His final sentence before signing off is brilliant and true, especially during the days armies had untrained troops.

As I sit in my rocking chair, I see the forces of AR, Nachos, IW and ACP terrorize SWAT in an attempt to remove BA from any power, at the same time I see the dark warriors going into seclusion to prepare themselves for the next big war they will fight, not knowing who it may be. Pirates are about to go into chaos for SWAT lost several servers and they lost one of their own today as well. GT prepares themselves for a new war, eagerly awaiting to see who will fight next. Pretzels do what they do best, train and have a good time. I see something on the horizon for armies, the big question is that will it help us, or harm us.


4 Responses

  1. The post made by Waterkid was made BEFORE my surrender post. Waterkid actually doesn’t know I even posted that surrender, since he had to go before I published it. This is not his reaction, and definitively not CPPA’s response.


  2. “Pretzels do what they do best, train and have a good time.”
    That is right, sir.


  3. I think the way Capncook presented that WA in that picture was wrong. He meant to say something else, yet it looked another (at least, I think).


    • I really don’t like the idea of Capn speaking on behalf of ALL the armies in the WA,how does he represent everyone’s views? He doesn’t.


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