The Retirement of Khimo

Día Dúit CPAC

On the 20th January 2013, Khimo, most notable for leading DW through their Golden Age, has officially retired from all of CP Armies.

Khimos’ retirement post can be found here.

Khimo was filed under “Greatest Leaders” on the Legends Page on this very site, which only 9 others have also experienced; so it wouldn’t be a lie to say his CP Army endeavors have gone far especially when he earned the title of one of the best army rises in CP Armies. Let’s take a look at Khimos time in CP Armies.

I first joined Club Penguin as Hordash1 and the first army I joined were the Ice Warriors Army. I was a noob like everyone else and as I was on IW chat a lot like all other new troops I was looking for another army to join which later turned out to be the Doritos of Club Penguin after Wwebestfan recruited me. My first big accomplishment was a few months later when I was promoted to DCP Leader. I would soon after join the Dark Warriors under Donut6780′s reign and work my way up the ranks before being promoted from 2nd in command to leader thus leaving the DCP. That is where my story began. I first led the Dark Warriors along with Feephill, Motoxjohn and Donut6780 where we got to 5th in the top 10(which back then was much, much harder). In this generation the DW went to war with many armies such as WW, FW, UMA, NW, Nachos, and more. I’d after several months retire from the DW along with Feephill after which they slowly died off.

I then looked for a new challenge and I chose to restart the Elites with their former leader and legend Supperz1′s, my friend, permission. I got the Elites to 2nd in the Top 10 in 2011, in record time may I add(a few days), with my good friends 57to and Tempahh V, and was disputably the best Elites leader of all time. As Elites Leader I led them to be victors in many wars such as with the LT, UMA, DCP, Nachos and more.

As summer was coming to an end and the school year was approaching, I decided to retire from all armies. By doing so the Elites died a few weeks later and that was it.

I was awarded with Biggest Retirement of 2011 which is quite ironic since I came back to armies the following year to lead the Dark Warriors once again. This time, almost single-handed got them to the position of beating the #1 army of the time, the ACP. The DW dominated for a short period but as life started getting harder for me, out of personal and private reasons I retired once more and was out of armies for a while.

In my absence I was entitled CP Army Legend for my accomplishments as Dark Warriors and Elites Leader.

In November of 2012, I, along with Feephill and xiUnknown, came back to the Dark Warriors to create the best DW Generation in history. We got the DW to #1 in the Top 10 for part of November, all of December and part of January. We were the new world power army in charge and we won many wars such as the ACP, Nachos, ST, GT and SWAT war, along with winning several trophies like the CPAC Christmas Chaos Tournament, Biggest Rise of 2012 and more. As you can see throughout my career I rarely lost a war or battle. The Dark Warriors continued to dominate and I hope even after my retirement they will continue to be the strongest army in Club Penguin.

~Extract from Khimos Website~

This post wouldn’t be quite complete without an interview with the man himself, so please continue reading!

Interview with Khimo98/Yoshi123241

Me:  Light Red

Khimo: Dark Red

How did you come across IW when you first joined them?

It was like most noobs come along armies really. I was on Summit server and I guess they were so I found Ice Warriors Army on Google and that’s basically how it started, as I can remember.

How come within just months of your CP Army Career you were promoted to DCP Leader?

Because I was surely a good soldier in DCP, it only took me about a month from member rank (Captain I surely recall) to 3ic and then I was entered into a poll for leader and that’s it.

What was your reaction when you received DCP Leader? 

Reaction? I had none, I took the challenge and did my work.

Can you tell us what happened and what is was like when you led DW through their Golden Age?

Well, from the moment Donut promoted me to leader, I did all that I could to show that I deserved that rank. It took me a while to get well known and when I did, in my opinion, I helped DW become one of the best armie-s out there.

What were the most notable events during DWs Golden Age?

For me it would be 1) DW beating Fire Warriors ,2) DW killing both Nachos AND ACP on Klondike, 3) Beating ACP in a battle and becoming #1 army, 4) Our revival in November where we dominated the Top Ten

Elites were involved in numerous wars but what was your favorite and why?

Well our most intense and longest war was with LT so I’ll go with that.

Do you think Elites will ever return to their former glory, like when you and 57to led?

I’d love for it to happen, but what I’d love even more is if people would stop making the army look like a general fail by reviving it all the time, by doing that they’re ruining history really.

You experienced a lot of high ranks in major armies, what was your favorite?

Definitely Ice Warriors 3rd in Command/Advisor. Why? To get owner in your first army is everyones goal.

What was your favorite moment in your whole CP Army Experience?

Too hard. No answer.

What do you think will happen to DW next?

Hopefully they will stay #1 under the leadership of Unk, SaW, Flo and Puf. It would be a shame if they were to fall.

What are your feelings on your retirement, were you sad or happy? Any last words?

It was more joyful than sad. I remembered all the fun I had and I knew it was my time to go. No harm should be done though, I’ll still be on chat for a period of time : ]

Well, what do YOU think will happen next for DW after Khimos retirement? Will they fall or continue to rise? Join in the talk in the comments below!

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  1. Then comes back next week.




  3. Khimo I will miss you. ❤


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