Black Alliance vs. White Alliance: Behind The Scenes

Hey guys, Paco here and with all this talk of WA and BA its time to see in review what has happened and bringing an up to date analysis on all plus a perspective from both sides so hopefully we get a better understanding on why this is all happening with WA Associate TacoDaily and BA Associate Spiderguy22, click read more sir or madam!
So the black alliance we all are probably familiar with being that they have tried multiple times to destroy ACP. Being that they are made again it’s a pretty good guess ACP is still alive and all their attempts have failed. The difference here is the White Alliance, consisting of multiple armies who believe if ACP dies, so does the whole CP Army world is now formed to maintain order. Now it is debatable if this is true or not but the point is this has conflicted war. The White Alliance consists of the Army of Club Penguin, Ice Warriors, Nachos Army, Underground Mafias Army, Army Republic of Club Penguin, and Tacos of Club Penguin. The Black Alliance consists of the Special Weapons And Tactics of Club Penguin, Icy Troops, Shadow Troops, Dark Warriors, and the Pirates Army. The conflict has been growing and growing for a while now  and appears that it will continue to grow until one side dies out completely. It appears a new world war in such as an alliance for each side has top 10 armies but could this be the final battle to end all battles? Is that even possible? There is a lot of speculation between this and many theories for what happens in this war. Only time will tell on the result of this war and for the first time since 2010 may this be a war that lasts for over a week or two.
Now that you are up to date, are you in WA/BA and somewhat curious on the point of view both alliances have and why they are doing what they are doing? Well the two have very strong beliefs and from interviewing Spi, SWAT Leader and TacoDaily, Tacos Leader. The two from this interview make it clear this war will not end until total collapse and death of certain armies. First off I have the interview with Spi I will show:
Paco: Hey Spi.
Spi: Hi.
Paco: So, what is BA’s main goal?
Spi: To destroy ACP.
Paco: Why is this so important to you guys?
Spi: Because of the way they acted back in like what 2010, 2011? Where they acted as if they were the boss of armies.
Paco: Pretty long grudge, do you believe the whole CP Armies will die if ACP dies theory?
Spi: No I don’t. As I stated in the post, “From ioioluk to Roberto,” ACP did nothing.
Paco: What’s BA’s next step if ACP is eliminated and the war is won?
Spi: Honestly, I don’t know, for me, it has yet to be decided.
Paco: Anything you would like to say before I conclude this interview?
Spi: Tell Kingfunks4 he sucks
Paco: Okay thanks for your time 😛
Spi: -Rage Bans Paco-
In review, Spi thinks ACP should die from past anger from when ACP was invincible as an army and that Kingfunks4 smells. Well, that is BA’s side, let us here what TacoDaily had to say in his interview:
Paco: Yo
TacoDaily: Ey
Paco: So, what is WA’s main goal?
TacoDaily: Our main goal is to stop BA and get ioioluk and Waterkid resign
Paco: Why is this so important?
TacoDaily: Well Waterkid has fooled me once when I first started leading Tacos. That is one reason for me personally. The other reasons are to save ACP and every other army, If ACP goes down well you know what comes next. The BA will control every army.
Paco: So you believe in the whole if ACP dies so does every CP Army thing?
TacoDaily: Yes, ACP is one of the first CP Armies and it will remain to be the last.
Paco: What is next for WA if BA is indeed taken down and ioio and Waterkid resign?
TacoDaily: Well rebuild the CP Army community of course.
Paco: Anything you wanna add before I conclude this interview?
TacoDaily: Hmm… no nothing
Paco: Alright thanks for your time 😛
TacoDaily: No problem.
So what do you guys think? Which side will win? Which side is right? Is the ACP death theory accurate? I wanna here from you what are your opinions! Be sure to comment!


14 Responses

  1. Summary of the interviews:

    What is your goal?
    BA: Destroy ACP
    WA: Stop BA from destroying ACP

    After war plans?
    BA: No idea
    WA: Rebuild the community

    Black Alliance = Destroy
    White Alliance = Rebuild

    To me it’s pretty clear which we’re better off having in armies. Great post Paco.


  2. First! Great post btw.


  3. “TacoDaily: Well Waterkid has fooled me once when I first started leading Tacos. That is one reason for me personally. ”
    You asked Water for him to join Tacos, he said yes, you gave him admin and owner instantly like candy, and he defaced your site. What do you expect from some of the biggest trolls and memes in armies?


  4. Can we here about something else once in a while?


  5. DW isn’t in the BA.


  6. DW is no longer in BA. So you should remove the part saying we are in BA. Thank you.:)


  7. […] Behind the Scenes of WA v. BA […]


  8. Because of the way they acted back in like what 2010, 2011? Where they acted as if they were the boss of armies.

    I guess Ias, Matre, Bob, I, and Flen are the ones he is referring to? I’d really like an explanation of how we were bossy. I’d also like an explanation if that Spi thought this about ACP, why was in in ACP as a soldier in 2012? Doesn’t really make sense to me. It’s a pretty long, pointless grudge that is being taken way out of proportion. If anything, they’re just trying to make up excuses as they go on.


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