The 2013 January Legends Inductions

This post is an excerpt from the site overseeing the Committee to Elect Club Penguin Army Legends. The decisions as to who is nominated, re-voted, or any other movement of the sort have not been made or selected by CPA Central, they have instead by formed as a general opinion by the polling of many prominent figures in the army world. As a result of such, any comments claiming CPAC’s bias in the movements of these inductions will be subsequently deleted. To view the original post, see here.

It’s that time. And, as we stand on the threshold of what could very well be a new Golden Age of Club Penguin Armies, we feel the need to not only elect some new legends but also re-vote on some current legends.

The voting will take place on Saturday, January 26th, at 3EST, and will include the first ten council members, along with some recent additions. The meeting to deal with the state of the legends page has been divided into three main categories. They are listed, along with the detail of protocol during the meeting, below. However, before we begin with that, I would simply like to review those who are acting members of the Committee to Elect CP Army Legends. As expected, those who are being voted on will not have a vote in their election to legend status.

  • Boomer20
  • Bluesockwa1
  • Bluesockwa2
  • 122344a
  • Puckley
  • Lorenzo Bean
  • Mchappy
  • Buritodaily
  • Unknown
  • Pochoma123
  • Iceyfeet1234
  • Tanman626

Talks to Elect Boomer20 from ‘Greatest Leaders’ to ‘Warfare Pioneer’:

This, the first of the three, is self-explanatory and will be the shortest. Upon consulting many of armies’s greatest figures, we have formed a consensus opinion that Boomer20 had done much more for armies besides lead the ACP, and for this he is being consider to join the ranks of Oagalthorp, Pink Mafias, Commando717, and Iceyfeet1234 in the section of Warfare Pioneer.

Talks to Re-Vote on the Status of Current Legends:

Due to many controversial legends elections throughout the years — the very controversies which led to the creation of this committee – the Legends Council has chosen to re-vote on certain figures who has had their status of legend questioned multiple times in the past by the public majority.

  • Tomb147 [Greatest Leaders]
  • 122344a [Greatest Leaders]
  • Wwebestfan [Greatest Leaders]
  • Khimo [Greatest Leaders]
  • Trickster [Strategic Masters]

If said person is voted out of the Legends page, they can be voted back in at any time. You can only be voted out of the Legends page two times.

Talks to Elect as Many as Nine New Legends:

We will be voting on both controversial people who, despite the public opinion, truly do deserve legend, as well as people who have made their name during the 2011/2012 era of Club Penguin Armies.

  • Unknown
  • SaW
  • Waterkid100
  • Ioioluk
  • Buritodaily
  • Roberto
  • The Blue Brothers (Elected As A Team)
  • Puckley
  • Ganger90

Hopefully these elections will go through without a kink, and that the new system will be much more accurate than the previous public majority system. I look forward to hearing your opinions on the decisions of the council.



44 Responses

  1. I will make the meeting. Members of the committee, please comment if there are any issues for you regarding times.


  2. Dear Blues,
    I think I deserve to be on this poll 2x more then you guys, and I don’t deserve it, as I have about tripled to quadroupled what you’ve ACTUALLY done in armies.


  3. Why am I not in the Legend election polls? This is really a disgrace and frustrating. What else would you like me to do to achieve legend man? Add me to this poll now, please.


  4. I believe if people like Trickster, Wwebestfan and 12234a get revoted, then the 8 of us should be on it.

    Wwebestfan has led DCP to the top 3 very few times, A basically got legend for saying he created AR in 2007, which has no proof or evidence suggesting so, and Trickster led UMA 30-35, which in many cases lots of leaders have.


  5. Ioio and Water.
    Where is Ganger btw?


  6. I’m really excited to be a part of the committee. :mrgreen:


  7. Blusockwa I request to be readded for I have 1 more post before I make an untimely departure


  8. I’m honored to be in the election! 😀


  9. Unk and Bur




    • Yes. They have actually done something in CP Armies. Although you are in ACP and we are fighting against them, you have to realise they actually did something for CP armies.


  11. Replace Water with Riotors and I’m all good.


  12. In my opinion, SaW should get legend status and although Water is a racist idiot who I dislike very much, he has done many notable things for CP Armies but there are a few people up there who should go before him, just stop complaining about him being up there >.>


  13. If simply leading a top ten army and declaring war on a few armies gets you legend, then you need to induct most people in CP Armies into this…


  14. How are the blue brothers on the legend induction wtf.


  15. Waterkid should not be on it, same with ioio and Blues Brothers. I think I should be on it (Wary).


  16. I see why Ioio is on it, perhaps, maybe not Waterkid though… what has he accomplished? Is 7 months of constant war an achievement? Maybe not Blue Brothers either, but SaW should be legend imo, maybe not for morally good reasons but still ^^


  17. Ioio and Puckley deserves legend more then anyone up there.


  18. Waterkid actually deserves to be up there. Why? He is a force to be reckoned with. Try to attack Pirates? You are probably f’ed. The only army that is brave enough is ACP. All the other armies either die or surrender and treaty. Water is more successful then most of you. You are all just judging about his personality.


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