Army Governments: Which Kind is the Best?

In this post, I will be giving an overview of the popular government types in Club Penguin Warfare, the roles of specific positions in governments, and the effectiveness of these positions and governments.

*Warning*: While some of the post is meant to be strictly informative and raise questions I believe are worth thinking about, I do express my personal opinion.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. Republic 

III. Democracy

IV. Oligarchy

V. Dictatorship


 Since the beginning of human civilization, governments have existed. For thousands of years, people have designed ways to organize themselves, to create and place people in positions of power to guide and lead a country, state or city to success, and even today, there are many types of government, from dictatorship to democracy. Politics , the affairs and art of government, are everywhere, and have been so ingrained into the lives of humans, it is difficult to imagine life with them. Therefore, it is not surprising that politics have become increasingly important in Club Penguin Warfare, which is why I have decided to make an informative (hopefully) post on the topic.

Though there are several types of government, most Club Penguin Armies consider themselves to have one of four types of government: A republic, democracy, oligarchy or dictatorship.



Basic idea: While the common people do not directly make decisions, they elect people into positions that have the power to do so, ergo indirectly making decisions and influencing how situations are handled.

In a republic, the main governing body is called the Senate. The Senate, composed of people deemed intelligent and able to make good choices, make the majority of the decisions regarding the country (or the area they are designated to rule). The people in the Senate (Senators), elected by the common people, may also create and elect people into positions designed to carry out the ideas and decisions of the Senate, such as consuls or praetors. Two examples of a republic are the Roman Republic (which lasted from the 5 century B.C. until Augustus Caesar in the late 1st century B.C.) and the republic from the Star Wars movies.

Is it Effective?

Though not many armies have a Senate, common soldiers electing officials is a popular method of choosing who should be in authority. While in theory this seems like a good idea, in reality, soldiers often vote for the most popular or likeable candidate, rather than the candidate that is the most competent.

Also, if someone is elected into a position, he will feel obligated to carry out the desires of those who elected him, rather than do what is best for the army. Therefore, soldiers might elect someone not because they believe they are the best for the position, but because they are the easiest to control.

I believe that a republic can occasionally work, but because people often elect others into a position based on things besides ability, a republic is usually not the most effective kind of government.



Basic idea: The word “democracy” is a combination of two Greek words: “Demo”, which translates into “people”, and “kratos”, which means “rule”. Therefore, democracy means “rule of the people” or “ruling by the people”. The common people and only the common people make decisions and rule.

Though a democracy can be set up many different ways, a democracy is basically the ruling of the common people. All citizens eligible gather to make decisions (usually by a voting system) and rule themselves. All people have an equal say on what goes on. An example of a democracy would be the Greek democracy, the first democracy in history.

Is it Effective?

In my opinion, a democracy is the worst, most pointless government an army can have. There are two reasons why I believe this:

1. An intelligent person’s vote is worth the same as an unintelligent person’s vote. Would it not make sense for competent, experienced soldiers to have more of a say than inexperienced, foolish ones?

2. The process of everyone voting on everything is incredibly sluggish; it might take up to a week for everyone’s opinion to be expressed. In Club Penguin Warfare, decisions often need to be made very quickly (during a battle comes to mind), which would be impossible with a democracy.

3. I believe you must earn your right to have a say. Why should someone who joined an army two days ago have a say in what goes on? What has he done for the army? Why should he have influence that is equal to someone who has been in the army for 3 years? If a soldier wants his opinion to matter, he should be loyal and active, not sit back and demand that he has “the right to have a say”.



Basic idea: All power is in the hands of a small group of people.

In an oligarchy, a small group of people, who are called elites, rule and make the decisions. While they may be elected by the common people, they often acquire the position by other means. Usually, the power is shared equally between elites. Almost every early civilization used this kind of government, with the richest citizens working together to rule.

Is It Effective?

I think an oligarchy, if it contains the right people, can be very effective in an army. All the burdens of one leader can be spread out throughout multiple people. Decisions can be made more quickly in an oligarchy than a democracy, yet, because more than one person can voice their opinion and different viewpoints of a situation may be brought up, good decisions can be made.

However, as with every government type, there are some potential issues that may come up when an army has an oligarchy. Fighting within the army is obviously one. One elite could try to strip another elite of their power, an elite could somehow gain more power than the others and become an unwanted dictator,  there could be a disagreement that leads to a schism, etc. Lest these problems arise and create instability, is important that the elites of the oligarchy are able to work together well.

An oligarchy can be a strong, stable, effective way of running things, but only if the elites are competent and work well together.



Basic idea: One person possesses absolute power.

In a dictatorship, one person has all the power. This person, called the dictator, makes all decisions and has the power to kill, fire, or banish anyone. All citizens are to follow the dictator’s orders without question; there are no legal ways to oppose the dictator. An example of a dictatorship would be Julius Caesar, who was appointed to be the dictator for life of Rome by the Senate.

Is It Effective?

Dictatorship gets a bad rap. Even the word “dictatorship” seems to have a bad vibe; when people think of it, they associate it with people like Hitler and Nero. The idea of one person possessing absolute seems to be a taboo, both in real life and in Club Penguin Warfare.

But, in my opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a dictatorship. Everyone always seems to assume that dictators are always selfish, power-hungry, and bad for the army, when in actuality, they can be selfless and lead the army to success. However, I think that a dictatorship is risky. Yes, a dictator can lead an army to success, but it can also lead it to destruction.

A few crucial criteria have to be met for a dictatorship to work:

1. The dictator must be incredibly skilled at all facets of leading an army, because an incompetent dictator will obviously lead to the army’s destruction.

2. The dictator must be well-liked by the majority of the army. If this is not the case, power struggles will occur, causing instability and possibly the fall of the army.

3. The dictator must be active. The less active the dictator is, the less active the soldiers are.

In summary, I think with the right person as dictator, a dictatorship can work just fine in an army. But, since dictatorship is extremely risky, it should not be approached lightly.

What do you think? Which government type is the most effective? Comment with your thoughts!

13 Responses

  1. Dictatorship ftw.


  2. In my opinion, apart from the claiming rule, Army Governments are the worst thing we have invented.


  3. who the heck still uses government…


  4. Communism is the best, even though it’s not listed.


  5. I think we all know that all armies claim to be something else when they truly are just dictators.


  6. United Server States Penguins of America
    Government: Democratic/Republic

    How it works:Their is a 8 term Presidency each terms lasts 3 months
    their is 3 main parties:Democratic,Republican,Constitution.

    Democratic Republican governments are the best.


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