Prehistoric Party

I had to.

Ok, after throwing out that reference most of you won’t get, onto this train-wreck of a party that surprisingly has a good part. That good part is the fact all of us in armies, don’t have to fight in it! They created an entirely new hub area for this party that can ONLY be accessed by logging in or going 88 miles an hour in Gary’s Time Machine. Ha, another reference. Keep count, I’m gonna make a lot of them. There are only two Differences between Regular Club Penguin and 2013 Club Penguin. An Egg, and a Time Machine in the forts. I have kindly circled the two in Red Ink made from the blood of the Dinosaurs that were lagging me out.

Now for the bad part of this party. The past. They decided to edit a similar sprite they used for Herbert for the Dinos. One Herbert does not lag. 15 Dinosaurs puking on you lags. Besides why do we have puking dinosaurs anyway? The main part of the party is the past. It varies just enough to screw you over and the map is little help at all. I won’t go into describing how you do stuff because I want to keep sane a little while longer. What is big for nonmembers besides stuff we can buy is a mini-game that has turned the people on GT from somewhat civilized people to raging madmen because they couldn’t find an egg. Unlike the old hunts in older parties, this one requires you to play a game similar to treasure hunt except instead of jewels, you are finding stone coins and eggs. Also you play by yourself, which is much better than attempting to work with someone. If you want to learn how to play go visit Rockhopper and play treasure hunt. The Egg digging game is a one player treasure hunt set in cave ages with jewels replaced with eggs and worth nothing. If you can find all 12 eggs, you get a free hoodie and if you are a member, you can buy a ton of stuff and turn into the horrid Dinosaurs. The big difference between the three is design. The winged one can walk on walls but who cares. The party had great hype but overall was a mess in my opinion. Now I may hate it, but Mchappy thinks it is a great idea:

Despite it being really annoying for armies, it’s the first time it separates the party from the actual island and it’s forcing kids to stay on CP longer due to the non-member items being worth coins. Not to forget that finding all the eggs actually takes some time. You’re forced to play with the product. It’s a great party when you look at the marketing aspect. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a commercial for it on Disney channel.

I may interview people, I may not, just depends on how I am feeling since I feel crappy. This is Tap Dancer36, Signing off.

19 Responses

  1. “We have to go back”


  2. I think CP actually did a great job with the party this time.


  3. I’m gonna murder Gary for this. Anyone joining?


  4. I can’t believe you put the part about our egg rage in there. xD


  5. this party makes me want to punch a baby so hard that it gets cancer.


  6. FIRST!!!!!! NO ONE CALLED IT! *wary*


  7. Like

  8. The dinos don’t lag me. Protip if a dino pukes on you move around a bit and the puke goes away


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