Le Satire De Paco: The Secret Convo of Ioio and Waterkid

Hey CPAC, I thought I’d make this fun little satire to make you all laugh a  little be humorous humor. Just remember, all of this is meant for entertainment and is not meant to take any offense, before clicking read more, please take a chill pill, turn off the rage switch in your brain, this is not a top 10 to even have it on, and remember Enjoy!

So Ioio actually got offered to join Pirates 8 months ago, but Pirates weren’t as big as they are now, seeing this Ioio decides to have a second chance and texts Water, the following pics are the screen shot conversation they had that I managed to intercept:




There you have it, although Ioio somehow did manage to get into Pirates and not lead ACP, this outcome, I don’t know how but it managed to happen, well that’s it guys, hope you got your daily lulz


~Editor In Chief~

12 Responses

  1. lmfao
    this is for the lolz btw


  2. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  3. tbh that was fairly funny to read ..


  4. leaf me alone


  5. Good read, nice post.


  6. Not as good as Mach’s funnies.


  7. Not to be the one who takes the joke seriously, but
    1. Water is much more tyrannical than Ioio.
    2. There is much more fun to poke at ACP noobs.


  8. You added a friend to your contacts naming him waterkid?


  9. LOLOLOLOL LMAO. There ya go, your ”LT” cameback *wary*


  10. And Water, ”the raging”- Says the guy that rages in every ACP victory post. I’ve counted 12.


  11. It’s funny how you say ACP is where all the raging is, acting like you never rage, yet you got second in the top ten ragers for the annual awards, lol.


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