ACP’s Leadership in Chaos: Antant Preparing for a Hostile Takeover? || Editorial by Bluesockwa1

This is a merging of Rex’s report on Antant’s leave of ACP and Blue1’s editorial from the day before on the same subject to free up space on the main page.

-Original story by Rex follows-


We all know Ant saga, and today I found some interesting things.

Here, you can see Ant is raging at Snaily, ACP 3ic. It shows that he is complaining about what rank he will get if he ever returns from his fake ‘illness break.’ And he also says he threatens to join AR if they don’t give him what he demands.

Here, we can see Ant deleting information on ACP sites, and also proves that ACPSIS is still alive. Could this mean Ant is defacing ACP Site?

A few days ago, Ant posted on ACP site informing people he left ACP due to a illness.  Many people believe it is false, and some people say it is true. It is similar to the Juju incident on July 2011. Though evidence shows something in the ACP Command might have happened, Funks tries to cover up it saying Ant is really ill.

This is continuing from a long series of scandals and problems for ACP, from Mchappy disappearing to this. It could also be the bad luck Kingfunks brings to ACP? Last time Funks was leader, he was couped for being inactive. This could give BA help to push through, and immoral ACP troops. I believe ACP is killing itself with all of these problems, and if they don’t fix, they may just fall to their death.

What do you think?


CPAC Reporter

This post is dedicated to Riot, former CPAC Vice President, and a good friend of mine. Behind ACP.

(P.S. I know, I know, the 69th ACP Posts, I’m sorry, don’t kill me. ;( And sorry for short post, but I wanted to give this info out. Credits to Galaxie for the first 2 pics.)


Blue1’s Editorial


We all remember around July of 2011, when Jujuflower, prominent member of the army community, ‘died’. This caused widespread controversy throughout the army world as to what actually happened. Now, however, Jujuflower (Ana) is alive and well and still holding a prominent rank in Club Penguin Armies. Now, you’re probably asking, why bring this up now? Well, if you took time out of your day to read my title, you know exactly why. The recent retirement of Antant98 and why you should care.



aaaaaand ACP.

These were the sizes Funks and Antant lead the Army of CP to. While Ekpenguin9 became ACP’s rise back to glory, Antant98 and Funks have undoubtedly played a huge, if not bigger role, in the rise. Now, why are we talking about this, when there have been countless post on the ACP’s recent rise?

Basically, I can’t stay here right now. When I am back to full health, I will rejoin, but it all depends on time I will have when I do. I just want one favor from you guys: Get ACP back to the top. Funks can’t do it without your help, teamwork is needed from EACH and EVERYONE of YOU!

If you have been keeping up with the recent army hubbub, this phrase means alot to you. And for those of you who have just been back and for looking for some good ol’ wholesome army news, you may ask- what does this mean?

A double rainbow.

No, but in all seriousness this is an excerpt from a recent post on the ACP site made by Antant98, stating that due to an illness (which remained undisclosed), that he will be on leave for an indefinite period of time. Now, one might ask, why leave now? Antant98 has, along with Kingfunks4, done what many said would never been done after ACP’s first fall- he has brought the army glory. To be fair, ACP is still not a number one army- but they have come much farther than sizes of 7 during the summer.

But, I digress. Why would he leave? Well, we’ll start with the simple answer.

A.) Antant is truly sick, and is forced to take a vacation from armies, and should be kept in all of our prayers.

See, if you just started reading right there, you thought I was stating that was the truth. No, I’m not. That’s the first of two main possibilities, the one everyone would like to believe, as well as the one that makes the most sense. Now, let’s talk about number two.

B.) Antant has retired/taken a leave from armies due to too much pressure, or some other issue he can’t handle at this time.

Think about it. ACP is, in more ways than one, a media army. They are constantly declared war on by multiple facets of the Black Alliance, everyone from SWAT to the Pirates to the Nachos. And, while ACP is no longer the biggest army, they are still the certain of attention when it comes to slander. I’m here to argue that before the fall, this job was worth it. The slander was unbearable, but the weekly first places made it bearable. Now, when that is gone, why would one want to lead the ACP?

This is, of course, purely speculated. Both answers are just as likely I don’t wish to affect ACP’s politics with this post. Kingfunks4, Swimmerboy01, and Boomer20 of the ACP were inquired as to their opinions of Ant’s leave. Swimmer stated that he believes Ant is truly sick, but that it could be a way to fake a retirement; Boomer stated that he hasn’t really kept up to date on Ant’s personal life, so he doesn’t know either way. Funks’s statement is below- however it is heavily edited due to talk not relating to the issue being cropped out.

This would suggest that Antant is, in fact, very sick. But of course, nothing can truly be determined from any of the above evidence and speculation, and only time will tell if this effect ACP’s politics at all- or what will become of Antant.

For whom the sleigh bells toll in the mystical enchantment of society and unrecognizable fate within the glory ages of life and death. The grandfather clock finally strikes down as we go down yonder paths, forever awaiting to refurbish the furniture in the classic lobby of Faith and Fortune. For the final moments strike down upon the gavel of both our glories, and we both move forward in separate boundaries, forever untouched by the Flying Flag of Injustice.



-this post is dedicated to Riot and his work as CPA Central Vice President for four months under myself and Blue2. Well no one can truly replace his ACP Philosophy, we shall try.

49 Responses

  1. wasn’t Juju’s “Death” was in the July of 2011? I remember it clearly cause I was still a freaking ACP noob


    • And finishing off, I do honestly think he’s pulling a Juju to get away, because he had never given any indication previously that he was sick, and we still don’t have a clue as to what’s going on with him. You know it could be that Funks Fired him. And this is merely a cover up! LOL


  2. 3 posts about ACP on the front page.


  3. 3 of 15
    in case you can’t do math that’s 20%
    your argument is still invalid


  4. I have a feeling this is happened because Ant and Fu*ks had some fight or something. Also I heard he asked what rank he’ll get when he returns, which means something must have happened.


  5. If he is pulling a Juju, which I am not inquiring he is, we have to remember the work being an ACP leader takes. Funks isn’t on during the bulk of the happening like Ant is, Ant like the main world power army leaders are constantly built up with tasks from meetings to satisfying their own and other armies. Being a top ten army leader isn’t easy, and only gets harder the further you progress. It just goes to show, there’s more behind the fame and glory that others see and I have truly learned this past year. I hope other people read this to actually take in consideration what was meant to be put across, even if it was a long comment. 😛


  6. I doubt he’s puklling a Juju, because Juju actually said that she died but Ant is saying he is ill. It seems legit as Ant will be back in the ACP.


  7. Those pictures are from when ant retired, meaning the opposite, ant generally sucks and Funks does better without him.


  8. No matter how you say it, if you make a post saying your sick and have to take time out of CP Armies, people are immediately going to think you are faking it. Maybe he’s sitting at his computer fighting to even stand up, or he could be sitting watching TV with his feet up perfectly healthy but we just don’t know.


  9. If I said I was sick and I had to retire, no one would care. But an ACP leader says he is sick and has to retire, and he already gets 2 posts.


  10. What if I told you Ant came out of nowhere and had no chance at being a good leader?


  11. Juju “died” in July 2011


  12. It’s all confusing, he’s leaving the army with a blank stare. ACP isn’t exactly sure if he’s fully retired or not, for he still gives orders (example, telling us not to go to SWAT’s Mammoth invasion). He is an owner on chat and routinely gives orders.


  13. This never answered the question you promised to answer. Why I care.


  14. I added Rex’s post to this original one because it was more of an update than news worthy.


  15. Ant is not pulling a juju nor his is sick. Ant was in ACP and said he was sick. Today HE JOINED AR AND IW! Did ACP make him sick?? Lolwut if someone is REALLY SICK shouldn’t they be resting up? Not join other armies? I think he lied to get out of ACP.


  16. Stories like these are why I still do this job. Nice reporting to all, keep following this.


  17. What so does he have the flu or something ??? It honestly can’t be that bad unless he gets diagnosed with something horrible like waterkid fever


    • Lmao.. Water kid fever..

      Anyways, in my humble opinion, I believe that we shouldnt trouble ourselves with this issue. It doesn’t matter if he is I’ll, or just not on his computer anymore, or in ACP, but what we do need to think about is the fact that is unable to be ignored, which is HE HAS left ACP even if only for a short time. People in ACP need to think about the implications of his potentially temporary leave and work out how to deal with them, rather than thinking about why he has taken leave.

      Anyway, dats wut I think.


  18. First of all, I’ve had a very deep powerful discussion with Antant during these screen shots that were meant for Funks so he could see the damage and thus were intercepted by the traitorous Galaxie. Antant did NOT rage at me. Not at all. Yes he was upset about the rank thing though as one could understand. I have talked personally with a family member of Antant’s and he is indeed very ill, this is no JuJu. He’s not faking anything and is not crumbling under pressure. He is very strong willed, but battling a fierce enemy inside. He’s not coming back to cp armies. This is a fun game, yes, but Antant is a real person with a real health threat and I pray for his recovery and for his family as well.


  19. I’ve known Ant for a while now, and I worked closely with him whilst he was ACPTR leader – this may not sound much but this was basically Ant’s first leadership of anything and chance at power.

    Throughout his time in the ACPTR and ACP over Summer 2012 he regularly considered retiring, because he believed that he could not handle High School and armies, he would be utterly too busy. The ACP eventually convinced him to stay, he did, he was still very active. He became ACP leader.

    Flash forward 3 months. Ant believes he has a very serious illness. So he tells the ACP what is going on, and retires (which is probably fairer than taking a long break). I believe after this Ant realized he had made a mistake and wished to rejoin.

    Quite obviously though, there’s a large anti-Ant sentiment in the ACP, after the botting scandals and a general dislike of him, so Funks refused. Fair enough to Funks, but Ant also has a right to ask for a good rank back. He did only leave, 3 or 4 days ago.

    This is what I hope to know of Ant. Deleting the ACP Secret Service sites and taking files – it is certainly a childish reaction especially for a situation he has got himself – out of all good intentions – into by his own actions.

    I don’t believe the illness was a fake, just an overreaction. And I’ve never liked the anti-Ant sentiment in the ACP. But if Ant really isn’t ill and was doing this for his own means (and I hope this isn’t the case), he’s a lying little [removed].


  20. He deleted ACP property. Luckily I took him off the secret sites before he could try and do worse.


  21. Thought something like this would happen months ago, not when I began to think Ant was a good leader… I never had much faith in him, but when I began to have a lot of it in his leading he just threw it. Does he honestly think that because he was a former leader he instantly gets 3ic after officially retiring, and more to the point he’ll still get a good rank after sabotaging ACP? Looks like he isn’t a good owner, after all.

    Well, no-one cares about my opinion anyway, but I’m bored and feel like commenting ^^


  22. >pulling a juju
    time for a new expression


  23. He threatens them by joining AR… but aren’t they allies?


  24. Howdy! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could get a captcha plugin for my comment form?
    I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having trouble finding
    one? Thanks a lot!


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