Nachos and Dark Warriors War Ends

After fighting in many hard-fought battles this month, the Nachos and DW have finally ended their war.  What caused the war to end?  What was the outcome?  How did it affect both armies?

On January 10th, both the Nachos and DW agreed to end the war.  The leaders of both armies agreed on the terms to end the war.  The Treaty of Reconstruction was made with both armies agreeing on the following:

  • Nachos and DW exchange any conquered or claimed servers, so they return to the original owner.
  • DW receives a land grant to the server Deep Snow.
  • Both armies cannot attack each other until March 1st, 2013. If this is broken, the army who attacks will have to give their entire nation to the other.
  • Both armies must view the treaty as an agreement, not a win or loss.

In short, the servers were returned and both armies cannot attack each other.

Interview with Beeky128778 – Nachos Leader

How do you think the war went with DW?

Beeky128778: I think it went alright.

What prompted both armies to end the war?

Beeky128778: We had 13 battles over a span of five days, so the war got pretty boring.

How do you think the war would have went if it wasn’t ended?

Beeky128778: I believe that we’d both fall in sizes, and our tactics would probably be a bit sloppy.

What do you think was the highlight of the war?

Beeky128778: I believe that the highlight of the war was the first battle of Big Foot.

Any final thoughts?

Beeky128778: No.

With the war over, both armies have moved on to other things.  DW have started The Reconstruction Process in which they gave out demotion warnings and are working on recruiting.  The Nachos are having an important training session on Saturday.

In other news, DW was supposed to have a meeting to discuss the end of the war.  However, none of the leaders besides xiunknown showed up.  After becoming tired of the inactivity of some owners, xiunknown demoted all owners except for Percy, Nut, and Ace.  UPDATE: On the Dark Warriors’ website, the post was change so that it states that the owners are not demoted, but were told to get active ror they will be demoted.

Comment with YOUR opinion on the war?  How do you think it went?  In what ways will it effect the two armies?  What do you think of the demotions?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter

5 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. i wonder who wanted to have peace? DUN DUN DUUUN!


  3. CP Army Wars:
    Go to war, troops think it is fun.
    After a few battles, it gets boring,


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