Antant98 Goes on Leave from the ACP

You’ve heard it here, folks. ACP Leader, Antant98, has announced he is leaving the Army of Club Penguin. What does this mean for the preoccupied ACP?


The ACP have been occupied with war from the Black Alliance as of late, and the worst thing that could have happened was anything that would change their way of operation. However, earlier today, Antant98 announced he would be leaving ACP due to illness, and will not return until early spring. How will this affect ACP? Antant has been a vital part of the ACP organization, and things will be different without him. But more importantly, what will become of Kingfunks4? If you remember, the last time he led ACP alone, he supposedly drove ACP into the ground and brought them lower than ever before. However, considering ACP’s current state, could that be the case anymore?

ACP has been doing considerably better than they have been as of late, being able to get sizes of 30+ on a good day. After ACP’s huge fall, other armies took an opportunity to take Number 1, from the Nachos, to the Ice Warriors, to the Dark Warriors. We’ve come to terms with ACP not being Number 1, as they’ve been out of the Number 1 spot for over 6 months. However, all of us have wondered why they fell in the first place. Most blame the constant wars. But if you look at their current war performance, it’s not much less of what they had beforehand. So have they eliminated their hindrance?

The outcome of their war could easily depend on the leaders and the decisions they make. How will Antant leaving ACP change the status of ACP? In the past, USA Leaders have been a vital component to the ACP. With the threat of the Black Alliance as well, this retirement could affect ACP much more than anticipated. However, could ACP find a way around it? Yes, quite easily, by finding someone to lead the USA troops capable of it. But what will be the road they take? We’ll find out.

Sorry for the short post, but hey, it’s news. Until next time,

Auf Wiedersehen,


32 Responses

  1. I couldn’t really lead ACP when I was on holiday js.


  2. “Antant has been a vital part of the ACP organization, and things will be different without him.”



  3. This post is crap because he’s already asked what rank he would get if he were to rejoin. It’s improbable that he will stay gone for too long.


  4. And…how is THIS “breaking news”?


  5. HE DID NOT LEAVE!!!!! HE IS JUST SICK! He is gone for short term.


  6. I honestly think he’s faking it, cause he never gave any indication previously as to what illness he’s suffering from. And if it’s something random like the flu, it shouldn’t take that long to cure….I think he might be pulling a Juju, No offense to Ana


  7. Hmm seems fishy.


  8. How is this breaking news? All we ever see now on CPAC is ACP retirements.


  9. And this is what you call ‘news’ nowadays when literally these type of ‘news’ are overused..


  10. Meh


  11. What does this mean for ACP?

    One less noob.


  12. 25 comments and no one hopes, oh, I don’t now, that he recovers?
    I for one hope he gets well soon.
    Also, it was announced that Kingfunks4 will remain the sole leader of ACP and Purple Slime4 was promoted to 3ic. There were also some mod promotions.


  13. Antant left ACP holy shet


  14. so acp should make me leader


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