ACP beats Pirates on Mammoth

NOTE:  All results in my posts will be based on the Council’s decision, though I will note if there was a dispute or not.


For the second time this week, ACP has defended Mammoth, this time against the Pirates.  On Sunday, the Pirates once again waged war on there long time enemies the Army of Club Penguin.  This is the first of four invasions schedule against them, with ACP preparing to defend Klondike tomorrow (bla bla bla it happened today bla bla bla).


Last Saturday SWAT invaded Mammoth, which ACP successfully defended.  ACP maxed about 30 and averaged 25 for pretty much the whole battle.  But over the past few months ACP has been inconsistent, whether that be from previous wars or from turmoil in leadership.  There has been a steady decline in sizes of all Club Penguin armies, but this was most noticeable in ACP.  Now weaker than in the past, and with upstart armies on the rise, they are more vulnerable to constant attacks.  One of the main targets in armies over the past few years has been Mammoth.  Once a war zone under ACP’s command, it became neutral back in 2008.  Along with Club Penguin’s server reform, the demise of Mammoth began, and now one of the most popular servers in Club Penguin history is an afterthought in many penguins’ minds.  Though ACP’s secret re-invasion (thanks, Boomer) on Christmas brought it back under ACP’s control, it was never the same.  Rouges weren’t constantly on it anymore, people thought about the new Top 10 more than their armies history.  Though there have been many attempts at making Mammoth neutral again, or even having another army take it under control of their own or for an alliance, it’s stayed under ACP’s control for the most part over the past few years.  Mammoth is like a toy that you and your sibling are arguing over.  You want it just for the sake of having it, not for its value.  It’s not nearly as valuable as, but now armies are chasing after it just to say “We have it and you don’t.”  That makes many of us ask Is it even worth invading?

But inconsistency prevailed for the Army of Club Penguin once again.  They logged on Mammoth with sizes of about 12-15.  Seeing this, they brought in IW to try to assure a victory against their larger opponents, the Pirates, who had around 15-20.  The Pirates reacted quickly and called in their allies the Dark Warriors to help fight alongside them.  But according to new rules put in place by the Army Council, allies must schedule an invasion 24 hours prior aswell.  This made the Pirates invasion invalid and illegal, and handed ACP an easy, yet not so easy victory.

The battle was fought in three rooms:  the Mine, the Ice Berg, and the Town.  The Pirates size appeared to go up throughout the battle, though this could have been from the help of a few DW soldiers.  Kingfunks rated his soldiers tactics as an “A+”, but gave them an overall “C”, probably because of the lack of size.  In his followup post, Funks said,

Overall this was decent and we did what we needed to do to defend our birth
server, Mammoth. I am happy with this defense but we need to get around the 20
mark in future UK events. If we do this, we will be able to defend against the
Pirates at all European events. Well done today, we were on for about 50 minutes
and you deserve reward.

In Waterkid’s post on the Pirates website, he said,

Once again, ACP was small and had to get their [butt]licking buddies Ice Warriors. We WOULD’VE defeated them both (according to Boomer) but I got the Dark Warriors and according to some new gay [butt] rule it’s ”illegal” so ‘no one won the battle and Mammoth remains to ACP’. Knowing the fact Ice Warriors are neutral in the war and Pirates can beat IW and ACP combined in UK battles, I know we will win from Wednesday to friday.

Here’s the Council’s official take on the battle:

  • Server: Mammoth
  • Invading Army: Pirates
  • Defending Army: ACP (Army of Club Penguin)
  • Result: Invalid – Illegal Ally
  • Notes: Combination of ACP and IW were a stronger force than Pirates prior to DW’s arrival; Pirates illegally aided by DW (Did Not Schedule)

Here are some pictures from the battle (Taken from ACP and Pirates sites).








What do you think of the battle and the war?  Comment your opinions bellow!


p.s. To all you Celtics fans out there:


14 Responses

  1. Yep


  2. What’s with all the pictures?


  3. Technically it isn’t a new rule, it’s just never been an issue since people typically fight their own defenses or at least plan out their invasions well in advance. Nowadays we’re seeing a lot of multiple-invasions-per-day type wars and people are underprepared. As a result we’re discussing the idea of requiring defending armies to schedule defenses 12 hours in advance to avoid these last-minute ally discrepancies.


  4. Know what? The rule has flaws. I can see this happening again. Weaker army scared that a medium army will crush them and begs a large ally to help out. How about we make it so defending armies cannot ask for help 5 minutes before the battle and must ask help, if needed, a minimum of 6 hours before.

    Boomer: Check my comment above you 😛


  5. Hmm. ACP’s got this, for sure!


  6. ACP just lost Klondike with sizes of 5, plus no one won on Mammoth, it was ”illegal”


  7. Wait.. does that mean you can use allies to defend but you cant use allies to attack and have to give a 24 hour notice?


  8. in my opinion i would say acp won


  9. why is it that when some guy who thinks he’s cool says that anything he hates is gay? *looks at waterkid* I mean come on! Just say you think the rules are stupid! Not gay! If a rule was gay. Then it would say “you must be dating a guy (or girl if your a girl) to win this battle”. Know that would be a gay rule!


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