The SWAT Scandal: Owners Using Multi-logging?

Hey CPAC, It’s me Paco your new Vice President. As this being my first post on CPAC as VP I feel excited but I wish the topic wasn’t as unfortunate as this one. The story was given to me to post after info was leaked and well, you have to see this for yourself. For any details concerning this scandal SWAT is being accused of, please feel free to click the “read more” button and enjoy the post! More info will be added when more info is given, until then this is it:

Now, many of you may be wondering why the SWAT Army of Club Penguin is being accused of this multi-logging deal. On the SWAT site a post was posted by SWAT Leader Ganger posted as private. An anonymous person has leaked the posts info that includes Ganger stating he would like the SWAT owners multi-login at all events. Volunteers were also welcome to do it but the owners had a MANDATORY requirement. Well this brings SWAT’s sizes and victories to a question if such things have been done in the past. Here is the print screen picture given to us by our anonymous resource given to us:


Well the picture isn’t so big  so try zooming in but what it says is basically what I explained earlier in the post. On xat it has also been confirmed that the SWAT of CP have had intentions of multi-logging further disproving this is a sick joke or an idiotic excuse of someone saying “Ganger’s WordPress was hacked” or anything of the sort, but unfair play by the army and violation of being “cool” as it is totally not cool… but anyways lol here is the picture given as well ensuring the attempt was indeed legit:


“Yet.” Very interesting don’t you think? What about the owners that are given mandatory orders to complete this task, have they done it “Yet.” Well CPAC viewers, what do you think? Is SWAT up to no good and will this continue despite the information leaked out? Could SWAT  have done this in previous battles and wars to ensure victory and double the size that they have? Is this not enough info for you? Will I ever stop asking these questions? Well I think I should, but either way, comment what you think! 😀

Developing News: Ganger claims they aren’t gonna do it to prevent any trouble.. I’m pretty sure it’s a bit too late for that. Anyone buying Ganger’s story?

Well that’s all I got, from my basement, this has been a post by..


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  1. A good first post. Read over for errors, especially the “you’re” in the introduction, that should be “your”. Other than that, a good first showing. Keep it up, Paco.


  2. I heard Paco has UMA multi-logging all the time.


  3. Ya I heard that too


  4. This is invalid.

    Ganger first discovered about multi-login like 2 weeks ago; he wrote this on to SWAT site so owners can use it.

    Although none of the owners agreed to use it.


    • Just because the other leaders don’t agree with it doesn’t change the fact that this post still exists and is an embarrassing example of a very desperate leader.


    • The post never said anything about SWAT owners multi-logging in, it was pretty much about Ganger actually having the idea of multi-logging, so everything on this post is valid. Although I think CPAC and Boomer did a crappy job of getting Ganger to admit he multi-logged, and by saying “do you multi-log is pretty pathetic, no offense Boomer. Maybe you were just trying to see Ganger’s funny excuse, but anyway you could have done a batter job (wary).


  5. Poor SWAT. Silly little them. Must they forget to have fun?


  6. It’d be pretty stupid of them to start using the multi-login thing now that CPAC has leaked it. However, you can’t doubt that they might have used it in the past. Whatever the case may be, it’ll be old news soon.


  7. This topic should of been put on Nachos, around a month ago. Me, Boomer, the Blue Brothers and several other CPAC staff caught Nachos multi logging in during a tourney battle with UMA.

    Look at the Nachos Chat-CP ratio, it doesn’t add up. Nachos have a lot retired people on their chat during events, which would make up to about 25-30 on their chat absolute max, and they get the exact same on CP, sometimes their numbers on CP are greater than that on their chat.

    When I have been leading SWAT, nothing like this ever occured, we were legit. We often had 40-45 on chat and 30-35 on CP.

    The fact that you have basically told people how the method is done, sums up this post really.


    • There are things called rouges and having retired people help at events, which Joker, Tan and Dash do sometimes. As being a leader of Nachos enemy, you actually think people would believe the rumours you created with no proof lol? Also, I am a retired Nacho, and someone that retired because he thought the Nachos were fucktards. So technically, I’m not a Nacho fan either unk.


      • There is a thing called Rogues, but it’s a completely different story when Nachos are on a 1 bar server, and those “rouges” are syncing with Nacho tactics

        Nachos never go on 3-4 bar servers


  8. I wonder if they did it at the WV PB…


  9. There’s proof of Edd owning and making several — in one pic of proof on chat, 15 Sombrero penguins for the Nachos. I’ve never multi-logged yet and decided not to.


  10. Nachos still being denial about using it towards DW ,Such pathetic scum bags i laugh at their fail


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