Top Ten Armies: 01/06/13

Forword: I apologize if some of the stats are incorrect as far as rising and falling, the importing is not finished, and I cannot view old posts until it is. Bare with me.

As my first post on the newly restored CPA Central, it’s time to see how armies stack up in this week’s Top Ten.

Top Ten Armies


1T. Dark Warriors [+0] [94.75]

1T. Ice Warriors [+1] [94.75]

3. Army Republic [+0] [91.88]

4. Pirates [+5] [78.75]

5. Golden Troops [+1] [76.88]

6T. Nachos [-2] [72.75]

6T. Army of CP [-3] [72.75]

8. Metal Warriors [NEW!] [61.75]

9. Water Vikings [+1] [54.88]

10. Chaos Army [NEW!] [50.88]


Close to the Top Ten:

11. Underground Mafias Army [-4]

12. Puffle Warriors [NEW!]

13. Dark Defenders [-2]

14. Ninjas [-5]

15. N/A

1. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors have now been the Top Ten army for over a month, though their position is threatened as armies like IW and AR continue to rise. Nevertheless, the DW has had another spectacular week. The week began with the Dark Warriors holding a training session to prepare for the Christmas Chaos finals against the Ice Warriors. They averaged 30 at the training session. The next day came the Christmas Chaos finals. This was not only the best event DW had seen all month, it was also the best event armies have seen in awhile, due to spectacular performance from both the DW and IW. In the end, DW pulled out the win. On Thursday, the Dark Warriors had a UK Event, with sizes of 20. Next came a disputed Practice Battle between the Nachos and DW, that led to a war between the two armies. The first invasion is scheduled for today at 3PM Eastern Standard Time.

1T. Ice Warriors: The IW finally reclaim first, but not without a tie against the DW. However, this army has done truly amazing this week. The week began with a training session, where the army averaged 30 despite being raided by bots during it. Next came the Christmas Chaos finals against the DW. The Ice Warriors had great tactics and size throughout the event, however they lost to the Dark Warriors in a 3-2 vote. They had another training session, maxing 35. On Friday, they had one final training session, averaging 22.


3. Army Republic: The AR has had another fantastic week. They began the week with a training session, with sizes of around 30. The next, due to the DW not being able to show, the AR had a U-Lead session, where they averaged around 25. That same day, The Alliance returned, which would eventually be comprised of many armies, most notably the AR, ACP, Nachos, and Ice Warriors. The next came the official declaration of war on the Black Alliance, comprised of most notably DW, Pirates, and GT. The same day, AR claimed victory on Migrator against the Pirates, and a PB against the Nachos the same day, which they won. Two days later, the army raided Berg, averaging 25. They also claimed victory that same day during the Defence of Berg, while the battle was disputed.

4. Pirates: The CPPA has had yet another fantastic week, quite a rise from their former place. They began the week with a training session, where they had sizes of around 15. The next day, they had another training session, this time with about 20+. The day after, on the 31st, the Pirates/Dark Warriors taskforce claimed victory in the Battle of Beanie against the Army Republic. The next day, they claimed victory on Alaska as the war with AR continued. Following that, the Pirates claimed victory on Berg in a disputed battle. They would go on to claim victory on Crunch before Capncook and Waterkid reached a peace treaty and the war ended. On January 4th, they trained once again on the server of Chinook, and had their last hoorah of the week helping the Dark Warriors in their war against the Nachos.

5. Golden Troops: The Golden Troops have had a spectacular week this week, reaching sizes of up to 40. They started off with a Promotion Day, and had an event the next day with sizes of 22+. They then invaded Ascent with amazing sizes, reaching up to 40+. After that, they proceeded to claim Marshmallow with smaller sizes, but then claimed Yeti with sizes of 20+. They have planned to have constant events every day, scheduled and unscheduled. Their leader, Riotors, also said that “War is near.” But with who? They have an event later today, and are expecting large sizes.


6T. Nachos: The Nachos have been hard at work this week, getting great sizes of up to 30+. After releasing the results of the 2012 Nacho Awards, they had a practice battle with the Dark Warriors, and got spectacular sizes of up to 30+. They then had 2 recruiting sessions, both of which were short notice. They got sizes of 15-20 and then sizes of 25+. A few days later, they announced they were officially at war with the Dark Warriors, posting pictures to claim that the DW are cruel to their troops. The 3 events that ensued the next day held a DW Victory, a Nacho victory, and a disputed battle. Though the Nachos lost Fjord, they won on Big Foot and claimed they won on Frosty, while the DW also claim victory. They have events planned throughout the next 2 days.

6T. Army of Club Penguin: The ACP drop out of the Top 5 yet again, despite getting sizes of up to 30+. They started off 2013 with an unscheduled event that saw sizes of about 28, then had a training session with 15-20. Following this, the ACP intended to defend Mammoth from the Dark Warriors, but DW cancelled their war on ACP due to the war with Nachos. They still went on, and got sizes of 30+. They introduced the first ACP Austra-Asian division, a combination of Australia and Asia. They have a new war with SWAT now beginning, and have a training session scheduled for later today.

8. Metal Warriors: The Metal Warriors are back, despite a relatively slow week. They only had 1 event this week, and that was vs. the Night Divers, who did not show. Metal Warriors got sizes of 17 at the event. They have nothing planned this week so far.

9. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings finally change position in the Top Ten, after being 10th twice in a row. They started by defeating the Sky Troops in a tournament with sizes of 13, then defeated the Tacos in a practice battle with sizes of up to 15. They then got into a war with the Dark Defenders, and had defenses at only UK-Friendly times. The war ended yesterday. They invaded Frostbite with mediocre sizes of 9-10, but were able to bounce back during the invasion of Sled, which saw sizes of up to 15. The next day, they had a great event against Chaos, in which they were able to max up to 18, averaging around 15. The Pirates are invading their capital, and they have a Practice Battle with SWAT today.

10. Chaos Army: The Chaos Army makes their debut to the Top Ten at the very bottom. Their first event this week was an unscheduled Practice Battle with the Mysterious Raiders, where they got about 8. The next day, they had a recruiting session, and were able to max 15. They also had a battle against the Dark Defenders in which they won, getting sizes of 15+. After hiring new leader 78562cool, they lost in a tourney battle against the Water Vikings with sizes of 7-9. They have a new recruiting regiment established to help them get bigger sizes, and have an invasion on the Tacos scheduled for Friday.


Well, there’s the Top Ten, the first top ten of 2013. With yet another World War on the verge of forming, the next few weeks are gonna be quite the ride. Hopefully you’ll stick with CPAC, CP Warfare’s Number 1 News Site. Until next week.

Bluesockwa1, CPAC CEO

Zak, CPAC Editor In Chief

66 Responses

  1. Great job chaos!


  2. interesting top ten


  3. Armies are definitely back… We haven’t seen sizes like these in the top ten so 2010!


  4. It’s Riotors, not Rioters in the GT section.


  5. Pirates 4th, and people call me a ”horrible leader”


  6. Imma Say Pirates Belong 8th or 7th


  7. How is SWAT not in the Top 10…
    You know what… WHY is SWAT not even in the Top 15? This is bullcrap.


    • K I don’t just derp around on Google with nothing better to do than look for SWAT’s 500th generation. If you wish to be considered we need to know you exist. (I.E. a comment or a PC)


  8. where the hell is SWAT


  9. In Pirates picture I count 27 and in ACPs picture I count 30.


  10. These are pretty astonishing sizes considering the hole armies have been in.


  11. Says that IW maxed 32 and GT maxed 40, yet IW is tied for 1st and GT is 5th, big face palm.


  12. Go chaos


  13. Warriors of Club Penguin should be 15th :/ . We defeated UMA in a practice battle 10 – 0.


  14. Romans are back


  15. Lol, DW even said that Nachos won the pb and we’re still 6th? Lol, I guess beating the number 1 army like 4 times gets you 6th.


  16. 2013, the new 2009?


  17. Woah, the sizes.


  18. hey the real number 9 or 10 is right here fake much?


  19. Top 10 is decent I believe. In my opinion, GT maxed 40+ twice. IW maxed 35, Pirates (according to their post) maxed 20, AR (according to their post) maxed 30. How is GT behind all 3 of these armies? IW I can understand honestly. The others though?


  20. Great job DW 🙂


  21. What’s the formula used for these numbers?


  22. The Romans should be here.


  23. Based on the armies included:
    1. DW
    2. IW
    3. GT
    4. Army Republic
    5. ACP
    6. Pirates
    7. Nachos
    9. Chaos
    10. WV

    Although SWAT should be around 7th.


  24. Dark Warriors battled the Nachos for many reasons:

    1 They are the army that never admitsof never deafet. In the wars that are against dark warriors and nachos, nachos always say “we won we won!” and then leave the server thinking that dark warriors lost. Now even if i was on nachos i wouldve said we lost guys because of such and such.

    2 The sillies.
    Some things dont make sense like “cat tank is not amused,” which realy does no effect to the warriors. This also explains reason one too because the nachos the that people that are silly win.

    3 A disgrace to our team.
    Nachos have went on our xat and been racsim to our team. They called us negros! We never say anything like that, exept for puny but thats not that mean!

    This is why there in 6th place, they messed with the Dark Warriors!


  25. What’s funny is, DW keeps saying how the Nachos never admit defeat, yet the Nachos have admitted defeat more than DW.


  26. though about Ar’s and pirate’s war dw shouldn’t have been involved it was a no Allie war like most of our wars


  27. Nice top ten. It’s a little bad around the edges, but otherwise it’s pretty good to see armies rising.


  28. Nice top ten bro (y)


  29. Well ST practice battles chaos and there had maybe 10 at the most there 6 average…


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