Nachos and Dark Warriors War: Day 2 of Battles

Following the battle of Aurora which took place today for some people, the war between DW and the Nachos continued with two more battles today.  The Nachos defended two servers, Blizzard and Bobsled, from DW.  Who won the battles?  How will it affect the war?

Both armies had one victory and one loss from yesterday’s battles, while the other two battles remain disputed.

Battle of Blizzard

The first of the today’s two battles and the fifth battle overall took place this morning.  The Nachos had sizes of 15+ and also had the assistance of ACP.  DW claimed to have maxed 25+ and also had the help of a few Pirates and SWAT, according to their site.

Below, the Nachos do the E+9 tactic while DW does the E+2 tactic in the Town.


Below, DW does the E+2 tactic while the Nachos do a joke bomb on the Ice Berg.

Both armies claimed to have won the battle.  Each army believed to have had better sizes and tactics, so Blizzard currently remains disputed between DW and the Nachos.

Battle of Bobsled

At 3:00 p.m. EST, DW invaded the server Bobsled from the Nachos.  Both armies averaged 25-35 troops.

Below, the Nachos do the E+5 tactic while DW does the E+9 tactic on the Ice Berg.


Below, DW does a joke bomb in the Mine.

This battle drummed up some controversy.  Nachos leader Puckley claimed to have discussed with DW leader Khimo that the Nachos would be outside the Mine and DW would be at the Pool, and at 3:05 EST both armies would charge into the Mine.  However, DW were claimed to have been inside the Mine before that time.  This resulted in a few Nachos troops being locked out of the Mine.  Afterwards, Puckley and Khimo agreed to move to a different room.  Puckley claimed that there was a set time to move to the Ice Berg, and that the Nachos got there first and that DW refused to go there.  DW was convinced to go the Ice Berg but left shortly after.

The Nachos claimed that they were told by DW that if they did not go to the Town, then DW would claim victory.  Puckley claims that some troops were disconnected, but by the time they regrouped in the Snow Forts, DW had logged off.

DW claimed that they had agreed to end the battle at 3:30 EST, and that they logged off after that time.  They also claimed the Nachos multi-logged on Club Penguin.

As of now, the standings in the war are as follows:

1 (Nachos)- 1 (Dark Warriors)- 4 (Disputed)

Six battles have occurred so far, and there are many more to come, with three battles taking place tomorrow.

Comment with YOUR opinion on the battles.  Did either army have valid arguments?  Who won the battles?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter

14 Responses

  1. just another war where neither sides are going to admit defeat…


  2. I love how every time DW loses they say that Nachos multi-logged. Lol


  3. We won, it was past 3:30. You do, Edd multi-logs on San Chivas.


  4. Puf, I don’t even own San Chivas, that is Dj Dan Diaz.


  5. Everutime DW needs some excuse, they claim a multi-login. It’s funny really. I say first be a tie, and second be Nacho victory. But hey, just my opinion.


  6. Now ive been on dw for a while and even if i was on the nachos i would admit we lost.Reason: the nachos saw on our homepage that the bobsled battle would be thirty minutes. It had been 40 minutes. In fact we said we won serveral times to the nachos that we won, but they didnt take that into reason. Since bobsled is the only battle i went to i dont know about blizzard but (being honest here) nachos won. SEE NACHOS I ADMIT DEAFET AND U DONT,CREEPS!


  7. PS when about 4 people admits your whole warrior team loses..


  8. Nachos will probably be victorious in the end.


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