Nachos and Dark Warriors War: Day 1 of Battles

After the Nachos and DW went to war when neither army admitted defeat in a practice battle, the two armies went to war.  On Saturday, January 5th, the Nachos and DW had four battles, though some of the battles took place on Sunday for some time zones.  Who won the battles?  How will this effect the current war?

Battle of Frosty

The first battle took place at 2:00 p.m. EST where the Nachos invaded the server Frosty.  The Nachos claimed to have reached sizes of 30+ while DW claimed to have maxed 27.

Below, the Nachos do the E+9 tactic in the Snow Forts.


Below, DW does the E+K tactic in the Forest.


In the end, both armies claimed victory.  The Nachos claimed that DW used Pirates.  DW simply claimed to have superior sizes and tactics.  This battle remains disputed. 

Battle of Fjord

An hour later, DW invaded the Nacho capital Fjord.  The Nachos claimed to have started with 25+ and dropped down to 15.  DW claimed to have averaged 35. 

Below, the Nachos chant “Cat Tank is not Amused” in capital letters while DW do a joke bomb in the Ice Rink.


Below, the DW chant “This is Easy” in capital letters in the Ice Rink.


In the end, the Nachos admitted defeat, claiming many troops had to leave early.  The Nachos have claimed they will invade back Fjord at a later date.

Battle of Big Foot

The next battle took place at 8:00 p.m. EST.  DW invaded the Nachos’ server Big Foot.  The Nachos claimed to have sizes of 20-25, while DW didn’t post any results. 

Below, the Nachos chant “Why so small?” while DW does a joke bomb on the Ice Berg.


The Nachos claimed victory after the battle.  Take it that DW claimed victory in the other three battles and posted their record as 3-1, it was assumed they admitted defeat for this battle.  This was confirmed by soldiers of DW on their chat.

Battle of Aurora

This battle was posted as an Australian invasion of the Nachos’ server Aurora.  It took place at 5:00 p.m. in Sydney, Australia, which translates to 1:00 a.m. EST.  Both armies showed decent sizes at the battle, despite the late times. 

Below, the Nachos do the E+9 tactic while DW does the E+8 tactic in the Snow Forts.


Below, DW does the E+Q tactic while the Nachos begin to do an E+M bomb in the Mine.

Both armies claimed victory.  DW claimed that the Nachos used AR leaders and also claimed that Nacho 2ic Edd multi-logged in.  This battle remains disputed.

So far, the record for this war is as follows:

1 (Nachos)-1 (Dark Warriors)-2 (Disputed)

There have been four battles so far, and there are many more to come.

Comment with YOUR opinion on these battles.  Who won the disputed battles?  How long will this war last?  And who will come out victorious in the end?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter

10 Responses

  1. Nice post. *thumb up*


  2. Lets GO NACHOS!!!!!!


  3. Nachos won them all but lost Fjord


  4. Dark Warriors won all


  5. No Biased =D


  6. Wow, looking at these pics, DW sucks…


  7. Great post, but there is more news then just DW vs Nachos people!


  8. I be live the score is 3 to 1 with DW winning


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