Upcoming World War?

As you can see, there’s been some conflict happening between armies in the Black Alliance, and armies in The Alliance. The Pirates [Black Alliance] was at war with Army Republic, which ended with a peace treaty. The Dark Warriors [Black Alliance] was declared war on by the Nachos [The Alliance] and scheduled 9 invasions on their entire nation. Also, SWAT [Black Alliance] has officially declared war on the ACP [The Alliance]. It is also said that Shadow Troops, Golden Troops, Dark Defenders, Pirates and the Assault Forces are soon to post their invasions on The Alliance.

There has been  a lot of signs that the Black Alliance is planning on something big, as they have stated their meeting publicly. However, The Alliance haven’t made any public meetings, maybe secret ones which only the leaders of The Alliance must know about.

There has also been a war similar to this in November, some name is ”World War 6”. It was the Pirates, SWAT, UMA and the Light Troops against ACP, Ice Warriors and the Army Republic. The Pirates, LT and SWAT were representing the Black Alliance, when ACP, IW and AR were representing The Alliance. However it was a victory for The Alliance when Waterkid left the Pirates and SWAT coming close to death and the UMA leaving the Black Alliance.

However, the Black Alliance returns as their new moto ”Unfinished Business” (Their old moto was ‘we’re coming for you’ when they were planning on their return) and here is currently the armies in each alliance.

The Alliance:

  • Army Republic
  • Army of Club Penguin
  • Ice Warriors
  • Nachos
  • Ninjas
  • Warriors

Black Alliance:

  • Pirates
  • SWAT
  • Golden Troops
  • Dark Warriors
  • Shadow Troops
  • Dark Defenders
  • Assault Forces

It looks like a heated World War is coming up to me, but what do you think? and who do you think will win this war? The Alliance or the Black Alliance?

black alliance sign                     VS

Who will win? Comment!

25 Responses



  2. Like

  3. BA has more armies… but the Alliance is just stronger.


  4. i think BA im in The Alliance but BA has GT, Pirates, DD is rising,DW is doing great, ST rising. Assault Forces idk… The Alliance has AR is doing good IW too Nachos are doing good Ninjas yea there good there is 2 maybe 3 more in the alliance Chaos, Warroirs, and Red UMA.


  5. 1st this maybe a good WW


  6. the black alliance, ACP was , but their size has decreased ever since SWAT beat them, and SWAT will beat them again.


  7. Black Alliance will win.


  8. Black Alliance.


  9. I like the old site design, looks alot more CPAC’ish 😀


  10. War will never happen.




  12. black alliance is full of people who take this way too seriously.. but then again everyone takes this way too seriously.


  13. Water Vikings and Puffle Warriors are in the Alliance..


  14. Another big war? Well, at least that creates fun battles, but hopefully there won’t be any more disputes over who won what… hopefully.

    Good post, btw.


  15. I honestly don’t see why the BA would want to take down ACP. Waters just trying to make CP Army History, like he did with Order 67.


  16. I, Agent Titty, leader/Special Person of UMA, would like to comment two points.

    The Red and Blue UMA Controversy is past us, Red UMA is now the one and only UMA, so please stop calling us by seperate names. In a way that old UMA went to form the remake of the Romans, which by Order 66 was not allowed but that’s a different story.

    Now, UMA is sided with the Nachos, and only the Nachos. If the BA attacks the Nachos, UMA is there for them like if BA attacks UMA, Nachos are there for them. Do not include The Alliance with UMA, but more or less add the Nachos and UMA are best friends.

    “The day the Nachos/UMA backstab the UMA/Nachos is the day Oagal beats up Chuck Norris”

    -Paraphrased from Person1233




  18. whatever the light troops leader (gone iouiouk) thinks i follow him


  19. ba will win


  20. DW might not be in the BA


  21. AND the Black Alliance wins.


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