Is The New War The Dark Warrior’s True Test?

Hello CPAC! It is Buritodaily again, here with another one of my random occasional posts I am privileged to make as a Semi-Reporter! 😉 In this post, I am going to be looking into the Dark Warriors, but not just into their leaders, troops, and events. I am going to look into their reign of dominance over the past month, and ask the question, will it last? Read more to see the facts and opinions of the Dark Warriors, and their reign as first!

❗ Note ❗ There is both opinion, and fact related writing in this. If facts are incorrect, please notify me in a comment below. If you do not agree with my opinions, please feel free to leave yours, but do not offend or flame mine. Thank you. 

The Dark Warriors have been 1st for about the last 4 top tens, or a month. In this time they have shown incredible dominance only seen by the big 3 which typically includes ACP, The Nachos, and IW. They have beaten IW in the Christmas Chaos finals maxing sizes of 50-60+. A huge milestone in today’s world of armies. Most would say, they are here to stay and are truly the new world power. Now, they are faced with arguably he toughest challenge of their recent re-creation, a true war. They have had arguments and conflicts with the Nachos for quite a while this generation of theirs, starting from when they aided ACP against the Nachos, to when they had their recent practice battle where no one could decide the winner. All this has resulted in SaW, DW Leader, declaring war. Now, if you didn’t already know all of this, you know now and are officially caught up in the recent history of the Dark Warriors. I can now begin what I really want to share with the readers.

In my personal opinion, this war between DW and The Nachos will be DW’s toughest challenge yet. Why? Because this is their first true war with an army that is here to stay. Perhaps the only time armies like the Nachos are beaten is when they face other legendary immortal armies such as their classic rivalry with ACP, or if they were to fight IW. It is rare, although it has happened, when an army outside these 2 armies beat the Nachos in a head to head war. Armies have done it before I am sure, or at least given them a run for their money, but I am not sure if they have done it under this circumstances. There is a lot of hatred towards each other coming from both armies as they enter this war. Both leaders and troops have had a wide range of disagreements and anger towards each other for quite a while now. In a meeting that took place a few weeks ago, armies in the widely known force, The Alliance, gathered for a meeting on some news of the reformation of The Black Alliance. When the idea was presented to have DW join the participating armies in the meeting, the Nachos basically denied it. It is not clear if this is simply out of suspicion of the DW’s actions as for quite a  while rumors have been going around that the DW is involved with the BA. DW was angered by the Nachos decision and reported they were declaring war, only to again report that they were simply joking and never had any actual intentions of doing so. DW is aided by the Pirates in this war, which has supposedly given the Nachos reason to claim they are truly a part of the BA. Possible, but not positive. The Nachos are only officially aided by the Ninjas right now, but have reportedly reached out for help from AR, ACP, and the IW. Although not all of this may be true, they are expecting answers from at least ACP and AR when meetings between leaders are held. If at least two of those 3 armies accept, this will likely resolve in being, yet another, The Alliance against The Black Alliance war. Only with different targets and enemies. Now, lets look at the real reason I posted this. Is this the true test for DW?

DW has proven themselves to be formidable forces in the course of army history, and there isn’t an army today who challenges their sizes without doubt of defeat, but can they defeat an army of as legendary per portions as the Nachos? In my opinion, this will be DW’s true test. To see if they are truly ready to join the legends such as ACP, IW, and the Nachos. They have only been a live for a few months now, certainly not enough time to be considered practically immortal as these 3 are, but their sizes and for the most part consistency has just stunned many. If they can beat an army as large as the Nachos, they just may be able to prove they are ready to create “The Big 4.” Of course, that is not for sure. They could beat the Nachos, and still die out not much long after. In fact, that is quite likely, as shown in histories past when armies accomplish incredible goals only to die and fizzle out a short time later.

One thing is for sure in my mind, if DW win’s, it will only result in more recruits and power into the DW nation. If they lose, the troops will lose motivation and start slowly quitting and leaving the DW. We have to remember, DW’s recruits are almost all chat recruits recruited by their leaders. Chat recruits have a reputation of being un-loyal and un-patient. This means that really anything could cause them to quit DW, or CP Armies, or even join the Nachos mid-war. The Nachos have some chat recruits, but are mainly made of recruits who have found their way into the Nachos on their own. This has shown to cause more loyalty and dedication to armies. The Nachos have had quite the success in recent wars. Beating the ACP in a war that is sure to go down in history as one of the finest CP armies has had to offer. I believe it is safe to say on the other hand, that DW has been bigger in size in recent events. I will be showing pictures of both DW and the Nachos most recent events later in the post to give the readers a clear comparism. I do also think it is safe to say that the Nachos have shown more advanced tactics as they are known for doing so. They make impressive line formations with nearly all the troops doing the orders that are commanded with little confusion and at a face paste. If both armies continue into this war with this much intensity, this war is sure to be interesting. You can count on me watching it intensely. If I am not forced in it. 😛

Before I end this post, I want to add some pictures of both armies as I promised earlier. I feel it is good to add pictures in post as it gives something for readers to look at and help better understand the two armies if they already don’t.

I apologize if the pictures are smaller than you would like them, the new CPAC media tools aren’t allowing me to make them any bigger. 😦 

DW’s Recent Events 

DW Training Session, July 4th

DW UK Training Event

Christmas Chaos Finals Against IW 1 Week Ago,

Now onto the Nachos most recent events.

Nacho’s Recent Events 

Nacho Recruiting Session, January 3rd

Nacho Practice Battle With DW

Nacho Patrol Of Fjord, December 28th


I only chose three pictures from each army to keep it both fair, and at a moderated size. I apologize, as I cannot say this was one of my “Highest Quality Posts,” but I am writing this late at night due to the fact I felt bad about not posting in a while, even though I am only a Semi Reporter. I really do hope you enjoyed reading this post, if you in fact read all of it. Please leave your opinions in a respected manner in the comments below. Leave any corrections you feel I should know in a comment as well. Thank you for reading!

~Buritodaily, CPAC Semi – Reporter



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