Dark Warriors and Nachos Controversy

Hello CPAC views, today I’ll be talking of a very interesting situation between Nachos and DW.  Today I’ll take a look at the pictures of a battle between them and some posts made the DW and Nachos. This one practice battle has lead to invasion of seven Nachos servers!  Stay tuned, this war has heated up.

Update:The DW owner that was fired is now part of DW once again, sorry for the misunderstanding.

As you may know, DW and Nachos have had a recent practice battle, the leaders of both armies have been refusing to admit defeat.  A DW owner was fired for admitting defeat to the Nachos.  SaW believes that DW had bigger sizes and better tactics, while we are still awaiting DW to post their pictures.  DW’s other leader, Unk, wasn’t at the event, but he questions DW because of their lack of pictures.  For the Nachos, all leaders claim to be victorious, and they also have multiple pictures posted on their site of the event.  As said before, DW is invading every Nacho server, all seven.  On the other hand, The Nachos are invading only two DW servers, as they’re busy with seven different defenses.  To sum it all up, this is a heated war caused by anger, both armies being fairly agressive with invasions.  I find this war to be very exciting, some of the top armies fighting it out because of anger, this is what I like to see.  Here are some photos of the practice battle leading up to this war.




I understand these photos could be biased, considering they were on Nachos site, but they’re the only photos posted for the event.

Next I have a photo showing the owner who was fired for admitting defeat:

Heres a poll to get the viewers opinion:

So there you have it, I understand once again that the photos shown were posted on Nachos site, and could very well be biased.  Who do you guys think will win this war?

16 Responses

  1. Thank you very much, appreciate it.


  2. Nice post. Getting fired for admitting defeat and being the bigger man is completely idiotic.


  3. Thanks, yeah I agree I figured I’d put that fact in there to show the entire story.


  4. LMAO why would you fire a perfectly competent owner for admitting defeat


  5. Apparently, the information about Joey being fired is incorrect. I spoke with Saw, and when I asked him if Joey was fired, he said no. He also stated “Joey is in DW still”.


  6. After the battle the owner came to claiming to be fired, I guess he was taken back, the post has been updated


  7. Nice post, only suggestion is maybe some more writing. Maybe an interview or something else.


  8. http://prntscr.com/o5arl Look at how sad DW is.


  9. Omg, DW loses one PB then they declare war on the army and fight until they die


    • DW never lost the Practice Battle retard. Look at these pictures, DW is bigger than the Nachos lol.. And, Nachos are the ones who declared war first.


  10. This is going to be nachos theme song in this war


  11. I assume you’re DW, Dark Warriors never posted any pictures, and all of Nachos pics showed them destroying DW


  12. DW won the practice battle


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