Happy Holidays from Club Penguin!

Happy Holidays everyone! Since it is that time of year, what else to do besides create a holiday party on club penguin? This party is Decent in my eyes, I have seen better than this one but it still is a good party. Wanna know why? continue reading and see.

Ladies, Gentlemen, Pain. The Holiday party! This one uses up all the excess snow from the last party to build snow forts at the beach! What this party has is the thing I hate most. Lag! But let’s get on with the party. I logged on Club penguin to be at the beach. Looks like a beach party with Christmas lights. I head to the Forest and I see Forrest Gump in there for no reason with a bunch of reindeer puffles and cars. Nothing exciting there. Only thing they did for the Mine Shack is a big bulb and Christmas lights. Well what is so good about the party? First three rooms I see are boring! Heading down underground all the rooms are undecorated and boring, what the heck? Well it turns out all the work they did for this was focusing on cookies, ice monsters, and 5 days of presents. You had a brilliant idea last year with 12 days of presents and you decided to go “Nah, that was too much. We are just gonna do 5 days of presents, give 3 bulbs on the sleigh, a Background for people who care about that, Rockhopper will give a new item, and a couple member items were released for nonmembers. Wait a minute… Nine free items, and 6 items for us nonmembers to buy…

Anyways, those guys at club penguin must always have a gimmick*!

*In marketing language, a gimmick is a unique or quirky special feature that makes something “stand out” from its contemporaries.

So what is the Gimmick for the holiday party? The Ice Warriors thought Ice thanks to frost-bites but in reality it would be Magic Cookies. Magic cookies, who comes up with these ideas.  Anyway these magic cookies cost $100 and will turn you from a penguin to a car, a Reindeer Puffle (don’t be fooled, they are just puffles dyed brown with antlers glued on), or a Frost Bite which can only do one thing. Throw really big ice balls. So these ICE monsters throw ICE balls, makes me wonder why IW is 3rd instead of first. As usual for these parties nowadays we need a mascot there! Every Party needs at least one mascot for some reason whether as the dictator, A traveler, a reporter or who knows. Though I am getting kinda sick and tired of the twilight/night themes of parties. We’ve had 3 months of it. Please change it to warm colors. I know, how about a party about Armies!

So what next in my list of things I must mentioned or I will be forced to drink the Coffee… Minor Room Changes! For those of you who are asking what I mean by Minor Room Changes would be the rooms we never use for battling. Those rooms are the rooms inside buildings. Sadly only 6 rooms have changes. Pizza Shop, The Coffee Shop Woton owns, the Pet Shop, the Beacon, the Ski Lodge and the Lodge Attic. By the way, The Nonmember Gifts are The red, yellow and blue bulbs for working the sleigh, a background on Santa’s Chair, RC car control, a Bear, Hot Chocolate which I substituted for some of CPAC’s fine alcohol, a Rockhopper plush, a Green Bulb, and…

Arctic White

-Happy Holidays

5 Responses

  1. white penguins gonna be racist


  2. Tap Dancer, aren’t you that noob who got hacked by Vect0r?


  3. Vect0r are threatening SMAC


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